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  1. The gloves work great for single targets, but crowd control has always needed the spray baton or daze which isn't that effective in those zones. Raise missile weapons is the cheapest way to get through the remaining areas where melee isn't effective.
  2. Discipline Blade is the only item that gives that much of a bonus for fighter skills. Others are only +1 or +2 to a single skill. Having Adrenaline Rush is extremely useful for quick fights where you can cast several area effect spells in one round to take out groups. It is usually recommended since you can wait out the cool down period between those fights.
  3. Lair of Khoth has the level 3 spell book for Dispel Barrier. There are trainers that sell the spell at very high costs in Dellston and Calloc.
  4. As near as I can remember and looking at some maps, there were no fake walls. You can always check the Annotated Maps in Strategy Central to see if you missed an area, but some require keys that you don't get until later in the game. Avernum 5 and 6 used the hidden switches on walls to open hidden doors with some switches being fake and some walls not opening to rooms seen in world map data. Good luck.
  5. The Sprite in the north cell wants Ghukbar dead. The Job Board quest doesn't appear until you did the Drayd's Hair quest so it may not have appeared.
  6. The "Big List" wasn't compiled by an addict. Since a player might have killed the cheaper source beck in Dharmon, this provided at new dealer. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. During the current pandemic it will make life easier.
  7. There wasn't a specific Linux-OS versions because sales were poor for previous games written for Linux. There was a bigger market to make Avernum 6 available on iPads so that is why some game are made for them. Sorry, Exile 3 was the only real attempt.
  8. Avernum 2 and especially 5 both hove going sown river with 5 making you keep going through new territory to reach the endgame goal. Geneforge 4 and 5 both forced opening up new area before you could decide on the ending although 4 you could force yourself into a corner that you really couldn't do one ending.
  9. It's what happens because of the boats.You have all this equipment and items that you are carrying around for crafting, extra pods and spores, etc. that you might want later in the game, but are too heavy to carry around and occupy too many slots to shift between docks in one trip. It's true you don't need to go back to earlier islands once you reach certain places where you can buy things, but those items.
  10. Jeff has moved away from cursed type items even if they have useful bonus powers. Even if they are funny the first time.
  11. My mistake Rivergate Keep near Dillame: "When you find this Shaper, he is adjusting a piece of equipment, using a living tool to carefully bend a piece of piping in place. The tentacles of the tool shape the metal, while the creature squeaks in annoyance." "The job done, he sets aside the tool (which tries to drag itself away) and says, _I am Shaper Duncan, keeper of this place. Greetings. I was told that you might be stopping in._"
  12. There was a Shaper lab on the southeast side where the Shaper was using a living tool when you start talking to him. I forgot the task he was using it for that wasn't a normal use so when he puts it down you see the irritated tool's reaction. One of Jeff's more interesting a funny bits.
  13. I always liked in GF4, the living tool reaction to being misused in Dillame Keep. I could see the revolt of living tools. Maybe a quest to hunt down the ring leader of their revolt.
  14. No that should be in the demo, but I know some quests require a certain chain of dialogue choices. Start with checking if you have the quest in your quest list. Then just try all the choices with Chief Tilla, because I remember he has a request for giving that information. Edit - I can't remember if you also need to talk to the shaman in the western building,
  15. Exile games had invisible monsters that appeared in town walls. I forgot their names, I think was a black shade. You could only hit them by area effect spells and walking into them with a melee attack.
  16. All I can remember was using the blink scarab to jump past his continually spawning minions to concentrate damage on that demon.
  17. Italsing a level increases the creation's health so damage as percentage of current health drops at the same timeR
  18. Shaping skills increase the level of that creation class including existing ones. At higher levels you get better control over them so they are less likely to go rogue.
  19. Fire Shaping is the cheapest and easiest Shaping class since you get those canisters earliest in the game. Negative is the damage for fyoras is lower and they are most likely to turn against you if they take damage. I usually upgrade to cryoas and you can use them throughout the game although they lack innate haste, you can still get the spell later to haste them and they have a frost aura that will do damage even if they don't act. Magic shaping isn't unlil you do the Ruined Schoo to get an artila. Slightly more expensive they do acid attacks and spam those as a area attack. Sligh
  20. Get Leadership to 4 early in the game lets you get some easy experience talking to NPCs in the early game. Next is Mechanics to 5 to unlock doors without using too many living tools and some more experience. Otherwise pick a Shaping skill and Essence Mastery to get more minions and make then more powerful than you opponents.
  21. It's a status icon hold over from getting your creations dominated by a foe to attack you. It's easy for Jeff to reuse that status icon rather than add another one.
  22. A1:EftP remake is the only one where an all spell casting party has trouble on torment because of monsters that can primarily take physical damage and had 95% magic resistance. It might take you some time to get used to not hitting your party, but at the start the only problem is going back to town to regain spell energy. I've done it as a solo character so it is possible.
  23. from Singleton PC run "7 Tool Use, alongside Tinker’s Gloves and 2 Nimble Fingers, will let you open all the staggeringly common lv 10 doors and traps. While there is unlockable loot up to lv 15, those include no quest items or useful spells, so there is no point bothering." More help to get into more places.
  24. Quaq Keep was a poor attempt at a D&D novel so it didn't have any of what you mentioned, I mean characters wearing charm bracelets with multisided dice that spun whenever an initiative roll was needed to warn them was ridiculous. The plot took place in a swamp so they were used instead of orcs and goblins. Lozard men were a generic race that appeared out of the water to attack with tines spears. They weren't fleshed out to the detail Jeff did in his games. However he would have been aware of them from his gaming days.
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