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  1. What a fascinating thread. Slarty, you have clearly outdone yourself. At first I thought that I would have pun with this, but the meticulous manner with which you consider each word is more compelling that I remain sane. I am particularly impressed by your dissertatio1`n regarding the McDonalds Coffee Caper. Much of that information was not disclosed at the the time. Too many people jumping up and down try to attract attention to their particular cause` de jour. And now for your rating pleasure I submit my list of words: The White Rabbit, The March Hare, The Jackalope,
  2. ADOS, I have finally gotten around to looking at those broken links mentioned, and found there is no way that you could fix two of them. I fixed them today by reaching into my hidden vault , which I made visible,
  3. Hey folks , Harehunter here. I found myself in a rare idle moment checking on my website "harehunter.info" when I noticed the link to the Exile II maps was broken. The link was supposed to point to Olly Clarks page, which seems to have finally been discontinued. Many years ago I noticed just how transient web sites are. Being an Archivist as well as a Cartographer, I have downloaded many websites for just the eventuality of another site going offline. Soooo... I have added a section to my harehunter.info called The Vault. I have uploaded Olly's page in it's entirety. It was a real
  4. Slarty, my dear friend. Thank you for standing sentinel for me. Much has happened this past few years. I have been unable to update you because I had somehow got my account locked in such a way that I needed Mariann's help. And she is a very busy person, as I am sure you know quite well. Today we got connected and I am now able to log in as me. In 2000 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Up until 2014 I was able to work as a Data Base Administrator, Oracle and Universe. At that point I had lost enough cognitive function I was unable to perform my duties. I was put on
  5. ADoS, I suspect there is a <base> tag somewhere in your "awos" section. This effects all relative links to begin their relative addressing from that point. I think if you add a line like this <base href="http://www.almightyw...e.com/awos/hhh/" target="_blank"> to the <Head> section of the HHH page It might fix the problem. You should have sent me PM. I would have responded sooner.
  6. i mean what could be more gruesome, being killed by a ravenous bear, or not dieing, doomed to a living hell.
  7. A mis-understanding, ADoS. I am quite well and responding well to the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) I was just describing my Fear of Pakinson's before having been diagnosed with it..
  8. ADoS, You intrigue me. How about this little twist; I don't die, but my body is completely paralyzed, while my mind is still lucid, active ... ... ... and isolated. Like being buried alive ... ... ... inside your own skin.
  9. Wait a minute ... I don't have any hands ... just ... ( Pause) ... Paws !! I'll leave for now, but you never know when I may hop in again. ( that's because I'll never know.)
  10. My apologies Lilith. You have always been a thorn in my hand, That is what has made you so memorable. I did not intend to creep you out. Did you like the song?
  11. You guys are going to find it weird to see me comment on a topic, but then after you read my comment you'll think "Now that guy is >>really<< out there. I also have an imaginary friend, who I actively peddle up and down the pages of Linked In. He is a donkey. Yes, that's right, a donkey. His name is Hotay. He is the ass kicking ass from La Mancha. Now there are quite a few who know how he came by his name from what I have just written. For you who are still young ( Slarty, even though you may feel young at heart, you are still in the first group.) If I tell you that he
  12. Lord Preserve me, I had forgotten just how hideous HareHaunter had been. Do I smell formaldehyde???
  13. I solved the problem with the broken link Harpy Thymes. I have another one titled Punnished Prose which points to ... Harpy Thymes.
  14. I just linked to your serve ADoS. http://www.almightywebsite.com/hhh/ That feels comfortably weird. To see my own website on someone elses domain. Glad to see that you got it working.
  15. ADoS -- DId the uploads I put up there today fix your problems. Or did they add to them. Or have you had a chance to look at them. I apologize for the delay, but life is getting pretty hectic.
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