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  1. Dug out my old copy of the Geneforge III Book of Answers to confirm. It says that if you're playing as rebel, you kill Khyryk, report it to Master Elek in Stonespire, and receive the key to reach the boat in Khor's Deeps. You don't need to do anything about Shapers at Maker's End.
  2. Earanhart, I've tried to fairly review this thread, and it looks to me like you're, well...getting mad about how Slarty phrased the changelog describing what his own mod does? Is that right? It's his mod, he should be allowed to describe it how he pleases, no? He seems to have explained the point you're asking pretty clearly already though. To quote from his changelog post, the part about the PC melee enhancement: "PC sword attacks now receive a small chance to crit based on the PC's Quick Action skill: 5% for every 2 points of QA, up to a maximum of 30%. (Note that crit is only a 1.5x multiplier in GF2, so this is only up to a +15% bonus on average.) As a side effect, QA also adds to die quantity for PC sword attacks. There are now at least 3 viable solo Guardian builds (melee QA; missile Dex; and Feisty Slap Strength)." It looks obvious to me that his change consists of upgrading Quick Action so it contributes to both melee crit chance and damage dice. I'm honestly not sure what more you're expecting from him? I'm gonna have to ask you to dial down the heat of your comments. You've been needlessly belligerent.
  3. "I shall defeat the Takers using these handy flaming rafts!"
  4. Doesn't the pattern kind of break down when you account for elements that hinge on player choice? E.g., the order in which you tackle the major quests of E1/A1. There's no reason Grah-Hoth has to be the endgame. You could defeat him first and still have the find-an-exit and kill-Hawthorne quest lines to tackle. Faction alignment in the Geneforge games can also change the endgame geography. Like in G3, yes, if you play as a Shaper, your path is a straightforward east-to-west trek, but if you play as a rebel, your route to the final boss (Rahul) goes eastern start-> all the way to the west-> back east to the middle for the endgame. I think the point about starting in the south and/or east is more compelling. There does seem to be a broad pattern of games starting in either the south or east. On that front, you could even add A6 to the list, since you start in the central south IIRC. Nethergate (the town) and Shadow Valley Fort are both in the east, and even Valley of Dying Things (the "beginning" of BoE) starts in the south.
  5. Please do not necro long-dead threads, and please do not multi-post. The first time you said it was enough.
  6. So when you're not trying to kill Ruby, you play RPGs, eh? How unexpected. 😉
  7. Triumph


    I'm kind of appalled to realize how just long it's been since I reguarly checked these forums. Hi, I'm actually supposed to be a mod, and I'll try to do better. I'm doing relatively well. Being history professor didn't work out, due to both the trash job market and my own emotional issues. However, for the past couple years I've been freelancing as a proofreader and editor of novels. Meaning I get paid to read books! It's pretty cool. I still need to ramp things up and take on more work (so I'll get paid more and mooch off my parents less), but I've definitely made progress in the last couple years. I hope you're all still alive, and if you're not, why are you wasting your afterlife haunting this forum?
  8. Ellhrah would leave us at one L, making him mutually exclusive with fellow Servile leader Rydell. But, based on the number of names vs. number of letters, I think we probably need some names with double-letter usage, I think Ellhrah (two L's and two H's) is the better contender. Oh, but wait! A Spiderwebber name especially relevant to this thread, and mutually exclusive with the aforementioned Serviles, is Alorael. Astoria would use up two more A's and bring us down to one S. Masha is probably not a "major" character...but maybe the fact that I even remember her is proof she's "major" enough to make this. LOL.
  9. One name the remaining letters can form, and a name which is so important to the series that I can't see leaving out, is Ghaldring. After that, another name the letters can make that I'd expect to see is Goettsch.
  10. IIRC, there is something of a temporary "point of no return" in connection to one of the game's three major questlines, to wit:
  11. "Multinational companies are unethically exploiting the plant genetic resources of developing countries." -- what is this even talking about??? I don't remember what I ultimately clicked, but I reserve the right to change my answer once I understand what it means. 😂 That aside, while you all are hanging out in the corner as a group, I'm supposedly on my own near the center of the room. Fascinating.
  12. Ess fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia," but only slightly less well known is this: "Never go in against a Slarty when math is on the line."
  13. I've been debating whether to post in this thread for the past month... This is a perfectly valid subjective, personal opinion regarding what makes games "easy" and what provides a "sense of adventure." If one person thinks map markers make a game less fun, and another appreciates map markers, they are both equally right insofar as their individual experience with a game is concerned. The quote is not, however, valid as a sweeping statement about game design. In the first place, we need to define "sense of adventure." The quote seems to equate "adventure" with "absence of map markers." But what about the story? The characters? The visuals? The audio? All the rest of the gameplay beyond from the map markers? If map markers alone can result in "no sense of adventure" for a person, then I can't help but wonder if they have an awfully narrow notion what constitutes "adventure." Second, we should talk about what it means to have an "easier" game, since the OP also links being "easier" with having less adventure. "Does anybody really know what time game difficulty it is? Does anybody really care? 🎶" The truth is that games be difficult in many ways. Game devs don't face a simplistic binary choice between making a challenging game or an easy game. They face a slew of choices regarding where and how to inject "difficulty" to their creations. The fact that a game users map markers to tell you where to go next proves absolutely NOTHING about whether the game is "easy" or "difficult." Indeed, devs don't normally try to make a game "difficult" along every conceivable dimension. Instead, they tend to focus the challenge in certain areas of their game, while going easier on the player in other areas. Like other creative arts, games are a collaborative process, where the creator's efforts and intentions can result in different experiences for different people, according to individual tastes, ability, personal history, etc. Not everyone is challenged by the same aspects of a game, and not everyone enjoys the same kinds of challenges. In the context of this discussion, some people have a great sense of direction, an aptitude for exploring and maintaining a mental map of where they've been / haven't been. And other people don't. Devs have significant influence over game difficulty in an abstract sense, but the difficulty level of each player's in-game experience is heavily shaped by players themselves. Just because one person finds a game "easier," that doesn't necessarily prove that the game actually is "easier" in some broad, general sense. Where are you getting this idea that people "pretend that they have limited time?" And why would anyone lie about that in the first place?! Also, about the "lot of other games to play" part: how would you know someone is pretending to have many games they want to play? And then there's that last bit, about how people rush through games instead of taking their time to enjoy it. How could you possibly be equipped to know how much time another person has available for playing a game and how much time they would need to spend playing it to actually "enjoy" it? You can't. The snide comment about how people don't read books is equally problematic. In this very forum, just a few topics down from this one, there's a 47-page thread about the books people have been reading. It was started in 2008, and the most recent post (as of the time I'm writing this) is YOURS, earlier this month. Who are these people you have in mind who don't read books? Or maybe they read books, but they don't read the kind of books you think they ought to read? Or do they, according your authoritative standard, read books too quickly to properly enjoy them? Look, maybe when you made these comments you had in mind specific people you've known. But without context, your comments come across as pretentious judgments against people who don't share your tastes.
  14. Just need to say this thread is amazing. A+, 10/10, would let Ess and Slarty argue again. ^ This is the best part, FYI. While I'm posting, I've been meaning to ask: is "TM Paladin" a reference to the most infamous TM of the Spiderweb forums?
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