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  1. Hey everyone! I don’t want to get us off topic here. However, when I absorb my creations, I imagine their essence(and hence all their personality, intelligence, mindset) being sucked into the creator. Which means the creator has all the genetic information and he can choose what genetic info goes into his creations at will. If he wants an identical mind from a lower-tier creation to go into a higher-tier creation, sure. If it’s a matter of whether the “old” creation is gone forever, in this aspect, I don’t think so. The “old” creation is still very much alive, except its DNA is deeply embedded into the creator’s being. I don’t know if my thinking makes sense, but I just wanted to add a little personal perspective.
  2. Ir’s so astonishing reading everyone’s posts! I get lost in the conversation about absorbing the rest of the creation and “keeping” the brain, then transferring it over to the more advanced, or developed creation. I have no doubt that it is possible, but it would take a prestigious, top-of-the-line shaper, in my opinion. Congrats to Ess for bringing this up! It should really be looked into, probably for future Geneforge remakes...
  3. Vinlie, I find it so interesting that you rename your characters based on rank. Do you do the same thing with your creations? I like the name you gave for Greta in chapter 1 of G3, which was “Private Greta.” I don’t know about you, but renaming the characters can also give the game comical relief, so it’s not so serious all the time.
  4. Hi Vinlie! That’s awesome! I never thought about “evolving” my fyoras or any other creation for that matter. Yharon and Yharim are such interesting names. I haven’t played Terraria or the Calamity expansion either, so I don’t have too much background knowledge on those characters, but the way you named them is so cool. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thriceborn, I second, IBeast is so clever, and funny at the same time. Hz So Good is a good fit for a Kyshakk! I also absolutely enjoy your Vlish trio!
  6. Hi Vinlie, That’s so funny! I impulse-quick-save because I feel like that will prevent me from being killed often and will give me the best progress. Not so in Shaila’s cavern, unless you know where everything is in the map already. I don’t know why. I knew there was an electrical field there but one mistake and I walk right into my death. Good thing that I fixed it! Yes, TheKian brought up a good tip in one of his posts. If you spam the escape key while walking through an electric field, you’ll stay alive. However, if you are surrounded by rogues, survival would be very low even if you spammed the escape key to walk through an electric field.
  7. Hi alhoon! I will do that. I will verify it first. Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Thanks, alhoon! I will give your give your mini-mod a try! Your efforts are very much appreciated.
  9. I have a question: Is it possible to mod creations so that they don't decay or is that not possible? For example, I'm trying to make the "Elemental-Rune Thahd," which I made from the "Unstable Thahd" not decay unless it's killed. I can't find anything in the gf4itemschars text file that allows you to let a creation live indefinitely until it gets killed by someone or something. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you!
  10. Hi alhoon, Here are the edits I made to the Moseh's bunker dialogue text file as you've suggested. I'm pretty sure it's right, but you can always correct me if I'm wrong. Here it is: http://m.uploadedit.com/busd/1593981367592.txt Thanks, Andrew
  11. Hi alhoon, I plan on giving this mod a try. I am still going to apply the edits, like pressing enter after the “;”. I’ve actually not attempted killing Moseh yet, because like I said, I felt bad that Khur died in the process. However, I enjoy how you added this script to have another servile join my team. I will give it a try and let you know if it works. Thank you, alhoon!
  12. Oops, I think I misread your post, alhoon. Sorry. I will press “enter” after the semicolon, which is between the “;” and “text4” instead of a couple of presses on the spacebar. I was kind of in a rush, so I hope you understand. Thanks.
  13. Okay, alhoon, thanks. I received your update where you said to add a space after the semicolon, otherwise the code wouldn’t be recognized. I will add those changes in tonight. Thank you again!
  14. Hi alhoon, Just to play it safe, could you upload the original file of Moseh's Bunker dialogue text file? I believe I might have messed it up a bit. Thanks! I'll work on reformatting the text file as you suggested to add the new servile character tonight. Thanks!
  15. Okay, alhoon, I'll format the text file accordingly. Do you mean add a space after the semicolon? So instead ";text4" it should be "; text4"? Anyways, thanks for bringing it up!
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