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Found 4 results

  1. Minor Spoilers Follow. I have been unable to find answers to these online. All of these questions apply to Avernum: Escape From the Pit. 1.) POINT OF NO RETURN: I just started playing the trilogy a week ago, and was wondering if there is a point of no return that I need to be concerned about. I've been doing quests and tasks around Micah's Castle, but have been hesitant about entering yet because I'm concerned that will send me down a path I don't want. I seek revenge against the Empire, and everyone seems to think that getting in touch with Ericka or Kyass are my best options. I haven't entered the Abyss yet. If I do too many quest for King Micah, The Scimitar, or for "what's-er-face" in Formello ( the lady from the Empire), will I forfeit my chances of fulfilling my personal vendetta against this tyrannical and oppressive regime? 2.) LEVEL CAP: I've also reached a point where I'm afraid to put anymore points into my character builds. Would anyone be kind enough to let me know what the level caps is? I can then calculate and keep myself from putting to many points into useless end-game skills like 'cave lore', etc. This way, I am sufficiently powerful enough to bring sweet, destructive justice down upon the Empire. 3.) POST-END GAMEPLAY: Can you explore and complete unfinished quests after the final quest is done? This way, if there are any tasks or quests I missed to assist the Avernites in bringing their fury to fruition against that racist, genocidal, small- d***ed Empire, I can go back and complete them. This question is more wishful thinking. Thanks in advance for taking the time out of you busy pandemic existence to help me seek out a swift reckoning. Death to the Empire. LOVE this great game, and can't wait to play the other 2.
  2. How many of you guys really loved Avernum 3? The old version. My Uncle got me this game in 2010 with Windows XP AND Windows 7. I started playing it and completed it. WOW?! It was just a demo! So, I got the full version in 2015 or 2014, I think! And, I was in some province of the Troglodytes, but the game had a bug I don't remember. That's the reason for me to stop playing it. Now, when an update is out. I am just so excited! I hope it doesn't have a bug! The game was really stress free. OMG! I played it everyday whenever I got time. Not to mention, my pc was running whole day.
  3. I was exploring the Slith Cavern (north of the small island with the wandering pack of slithzerikai shamans) and Portage. I made my way to the laboratory in the northeastern corner of the cavern. There was an experiment that had gotten loose -- a Runewarded Infernal -- subdued by the slithzerikai chieftain, Darkcaller Nuassa and a handful of cronies. I managed to kill the Darkcaller, the chieftain, the warriors, and I managed to pick up the loot (including the Radiant Gauntlets), but with one character remaining alive I had to undertake a strategic retreat to the nearby Fort Dranlon. I came back with my party buffed and ready, only to find that the Runewarded Infernal was nowhere to be seen. Apparently he had escaped back into the Nether. My question is thus: does anyone know if the Runewarded Infernal drops any loot at all? I really wouldn't want to backpedal an hour's worth of gameplay to a previous save. I usually save like a madman but this time it somehow slipped from my mind. PS. I did try to search the forums in case this question had been answered or not. Moderators retain the rights to move this post to a relevant topic, or lock this thread, in case it's already answered elsewhere.
  4. Since doing the original review/look at Avernum, I've since figured out what I want my review style to be, and I wanted to take another look at Avernum: Escape from the Pit. My overall opinion hasn't changed, but I made a point of trying to present the game from a standpoint of "is it worth your money?" Let me know what you think, because I'm intending to do Crystal Souls and eventually Ruined World. https://youtu.be/8EXTRV5hvQc
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