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  1. Glad you made it through. Another trick you can use if you get stuck in those sorts of situations is switching the combat mode before you step on the tiles. It makes it so you can cover more ground, and you only need to get the "leader" of your party through the gate, then you can 'end combat', and your other party members teleport to the "leader". Edit: Didn't see that Tri already said that. Disregard this post. I needs to read more good.
  2. I played through this for the first time twice a couple months ago. Here would be my suggestions - Speak with Erika, Aimee, Patrick, and Athron to get the password, which you said you already have. - Speak to Aydin if you haven't already - Join the scrimitar - Have the Silver Circlet (it's in Spire) - Have the Onyx Scepter If that doesn't work try killing Sulfras... if you can. I couldn't understand what I needed to do just to get past her (until later), so I ended up killing her and all doors opened. Make sure you backup your save before you go trying crazy
  3. I finally completed A2:CS, and am about to start my A3:RW playthrough. Does anyone have an certain suggestions for areas/town I should be near on certain days?
  4. @Ess-Eschas This is fantastic. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to post this. Thanks for the links :). ^ That is a splendid. I could understand how an overlap like that could translate to "flowing liquid" in some such way.
  5. @Sealing Librarian That most certainly does make Kyass' departure from the trilogy that much more sorrowful. Though he was kind of a dick, it would have been interesting to see how an adolescent nation progressed with the invasion of the empire. I wasn't necessarily looking for a guide for character building, but I read through your post and it just seems like I need to get rid of my tank. (Party = Tank, Priest, Mage, Mage/Priest). Thanks for the link. @Randomizer I understand that light CAN be used, I just never figured out anything BENEFICIAL from their use. If I understand your
  6. Was hoping to do this after I completed the game, but I have unfortunately come to an impasse. Again, as with my other forum topic, I'd rather not look things up since I encountered a huge spoiler the last time I did that. So, please, bear with me... spoilers may follow, if that is necessary. Thoughts thus far: - I felt like the aesthetic cohesion of the world in A2:CS as opposed to A:EFTP is greatly improved. - Does light from candles, lanterns, etc. have any real usefulness/purpose ? I've been collecting things that produce light since A:EFTP and I have no idea why.
  7. Good lord... Poor independent developers. Well, I haven't played Morrowind in a while, and Cyberpunk is coming soon. So, I should have plenty of time. I just started A2:CS about 15 minutes ago so I'll be back in a few days with more b****in and moanin.
  8. I read some more about it, and am only wary of the leveling system atm. I'll probably hop-on-over to the Avadon trilogy after Avernum, then perhaps the Geneforge remaster will be out, then do Queen's Wish. I ordered the entire Geneforge series, but just saw the remaster on kickstarter a few days ago. Such is life.
  9. Hm. Nothing like that occurred. I murdered the King, and left and nothing happened. I remembered being able to finish the quests for Kyass afterwards and everything. Also, yes, I do hate the empire. Yeah, I knew it was being punished, but I remember it saying I should come back after I killed G-H. I'll have to go back and see if it's in G-H's old stomping grounds now or something. I remember there being some Imp somewhere during that quest... I don't know. I've been hesitant to get that one because it appeared to universally be, of all the Spiderweb games, the lea
  10. Okay. Appreciate it. I don't believe it will, but this post could get lengthy; not certain. I'm sure I won't recall everything I'd like to address, and I don't have access to Avernum from this computer so I can't refer to my journal. Also, some of these questions may be frustrating to answer because they might be something I could simply look up online. I tried that once, and I was confronted with a pretty solid spoiler for A2: CS. So, until I complete A3: RW, I won't be looking too many things up online. Anyways, spoilers for A: EFTP follow - 1.) Somewhere NW of the Tower of Magi
  11. Well, I finished all 3. Went with Hawthorne, then Grah-Hoth, then surface. There are things I wish to scream about, and I have many questions, but I think I have to play the other 2 games before I ask to much here, so I will return. Thanks again for the warnings;
  12. @TriRodent: Thanks for the heads up. That is greatly appreciated, and thanks for the warm, if ambiguous, welcome :). I'm pretty exciting about coming across these gems. @Triumph: I knew I should not have clicked that hidden message, yet I could not help myself. Such is life, and that was the path I was heading down anyways, so thanks :).
  13. Minor Spoilers Follow. I have been unable to find answers to these online. All of these questions apply to Avernum: Escape From the Pit. 1.) POINT OF NO RETURN: I just started playing the trilogy a week ago, and was wondering if there is a point of no return that I need to be concerned about. I've been doing quests and tasks around Micah's Castle, but have been hesitant about entering yet because I'm concerned that will send me down a path I don't want. I seek revenge against the Empire, and everyone seems to think that getting in touch with Ericka or Kyass are my best options. I h
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