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  1. Ishad Nha, thanks for the tip. Now it works. Guys, i said before everything seems OK but it wasn't. Thanks to Ishad Nha, i took new screenshot. Here it is : https://i.hizliresim.com/ajQmTz.png If you check the screenshot you can see there are errors in textbox. (Thanks Ess-Eschas) So, Solution is verifying your steam files. After verifying the files, gate is open now. Thanks everyone for contributing. Verify Integrity of Game Files Restart your computer and launch Steam. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select
  2. - I spoke with them and i got four parts of the password. - I've already spoken with him. - I've already joined the Scimitar. - I brought Silver Circlet and Onyx Scepter to Sulfras. Alternatively, i killed Sulfras. In spite of the actions above, gate is still closed. 1. I lost the track actually. I guess, I once entered the Final Gauntlet before obtaining the four parts of the password. Nevertheless, if you once go in to road of Final Gauntlet which is occupied with Gazers, you can not go back using Sulfras' place (road is blocked by a wall). So, i got stuck
  3. Thanks for suggestions. There is not a switch on lead’s guy left btw. I will start again from Sulfras’ place.
  4. https://hizliresim.com/QSkW8p Sorry for the low resolution photo. But when i try to take screenshot i just take black screen. This where i stuck. There is a switch other side of the bars. But i cannot use it.
  5. First of all, thank you for the welcoming. I really enjoyed the first game. Long scripts was scary first, but then im absorbed by the world of avernum. I guess, im talking about the atrium which is a strange green field. Iron bars are closed although i have four parts of the password. Also i didnt see a switch on the walls (i always smash “u” button when i was walking, so pretty sure i couldnt miss that.)
  6. I killed the Alternate Giant and have four parts of the password . But the gate is closed. I killed Grah-Hoth btw. Pls help me.
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