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  1. Overall I really liked Avadon, but I have to agree. This final battle is frustrating for all the wrong reasons. Playing on Hard difficulty I got him to his last sliver of life when he goes into his "I'm immune unless you smash the soul jars and also I can act 3 times per turn" mode. At that point my party crumbled. After screaming at my screen I lowered the difficulty to Causal which is more or less the same a just pretending to have won the fight 😞
  2. Is it possible to actually finish those two quests? In the Avernum games there was always a limit of how many Bags of Flour or Bottles of Wine an NPCs would accept and after reach this threshold the quest would disappear from the journal. Can I expect something similar here?
  3. Ess-Eschas and Nothing-Left, thank you for your discussion :-) I think now I understand how resistances work and stack with each other. That really helps evaluating items for my characters :-) Than, of course, I do think the item descriptions are wrong or at least misleading: take the fire resistance shield. The effect is to provide an instance of 10% fire resistance. But he description would read "+10% fire resistance" and that is NOT the same. The + implies that the shield would increase your fire resistance by 10%. But the actual increase in fire resistance is anyth
  4. I'm not a math genius, but I'm also not an idiot having a degree in computer science and being a programmer and all that. But I can't figure out how skill effects are actually calculated. In some RPGs there is no transparency of effects of character abilities, skills etc. But in Avadon the skills suggest that their effects are communicated to the user. But when you raise one skill during level up the observed effects don't seem to line up with what the skill is advertising. Or maybe the skill effects are described in a very unintuitive way. For instance:
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