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Level 3 Spell Book Locations - Avernum: Escape from the Pit (SPOILERS)

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AL is the total Arcane Lore in the party including the sage lore trait to understand the spell book.





3 Bolt of Fire - Nephilim Fortress Upper Floor

4 Call Beast - Brigand Fort

5 Cloak of Curses - Cotra when reputation is Well-Liked

8 Daze - Foul Cavern

7 Haste - Tower of Magi

4 Slow - Lair of Athron - Athron

5 Icy Rain - Bandit Lair

10 Spray Acid - Almaria - living statue

7 Cloak of Bolts - Sulfur Caves

7 Minor Summon - Ogre Cave

7 Lighting Spray - Gremlin Cave

8 Blink - Hidden Island Tower

8 Cloak of Blades - Southern Abyss quest reward from Zavlek

8 Dispel Barrier - Lair of Khoth

5 Summon Aid - Hidden Aranea Lair - Aranea Cave

9 Howl of Terror - Bahssikava Deeps

10 Fireblast - Stagnant Tunnels

11 Arcane Summon - The Castle - Destroy Grah-Hoth reward

11 Cloak of the Arcane - Erika's Tower - Escape the Underworld quest reward

12 Arcane Blow - Erika''s Tower -Kill Hawthorne reward





3 Minor Heal - Nephilim Fortress Upper Floor

5 Curing - Underground Fort

5 Smite - Hidden Tower

0 Protection - Tower of Magi - quest reward

6 War Blessing - Swamp City

7 Call the Storm - Fort Avernum

7 Summon Shade - Dharmon - quest reward

8 Ward of Thoughts - Crypt of Drath Level 3

8 Unshackle Mind - Formello - quest reward

8 Heal - Ancient Crypt

7 Mass Healing - Leith's quest reward at Shaynee's Bazaar

7 Mass Curing - Slith Fortress

9 Steelward - Bat Cave

8 Divine Fire - Slith Castle Upper Level

10 Domination - Swamp Temple Upper Level

10 Ward of Elements - Freehold of Kyass

10 Return Life - Gremlin's Gold

11 Divine Retribution - The Castle - Destroy Grah-Hoth reward

11 Divine Restoration - Erika's Tower - Escape the Underworld quest reward

12 Divine Host - Erika's Tower - Kill Hawthorne reward


Lower level spell books


Stagnant Tunnels

First 7 Mage spells - AL 8 without sage lore and one level of mage spells

First 7 Priest spells - AL 8 without sage lore and one level of priest spells


West of Fort Remote

Dispel Barrier (level 1) - AL 8

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Originally Posted By: Cala
Or will I be able to buy level 3 if I've found and used the book for level 1 or 2?

Yes. To get to level 3 in a spell, you need to both buy two levels and find one level, but you can do those things in any order. I think the achievements for learning level 3 spells might be bugged if you don't save the found spellbooks for last, but that doesn't actually affect gameplay.
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Originally Posted By: Lilith
I think the achievements for learning level 3 spells might be bugged if you don't save the found spellbooks for last, but that doesn't actually affect gameplay.

I thought this too at first, but I seem to have the right achievements for the number of third level spells I have, and I've been getting them out of order.
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Literally the ONLY spellbooks Sage Lore does not work on are the two Stagnant Tunnels spellbooks that give you both bought levels, but not the third level, of the first 7 mage and priest spells.


See the ANALYSIS topic for an analysis of whether this makes going the Arcane Lore route worth it. The short version is it's close, but Sage Lore is probably a little better.

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Where in the Sulfur Cavern can I find the book for Cloak of Bolts? I have walked around in those caverns for ages it seems (procrastinating on my mission to kill the Emperor) to find all the level 3 spells, but I can't find where I can learn this spell to level 3.

I'm hoping it works the same way with me as with Milla, in that I'll find it in less then a minute after I post this smile


EDIT: And indeed it did. Unbelievable!

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Hi. I have a problem with L3 acess to spell Spray Acid. I already spoke to Erika, also spoke to Aydin, find path to the surface, receive quest to kill Hawthorne, but ... i haven´t any chance to speak with Erika about her statues. There´s no dialogue opinion about it. I try to speak again with Aydin, use all possible dialogue opinion, but nothing happens - Erika is silent about her spies and statues don´t want talk to me. And yes, I´m member of Scimitar too ... anyone help me? Please? Thanks :) PS: excuse my english, this is no my mother tongue, sorry.

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You might have skipped a dialogue option since you can get the password for the statues before you get the brooches and talk to Aydin. Go back and try all the choices.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Why do so many new members wait until it's too late. :)

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A already talked to Aimee ... now she is in trans ... In fact, I (probably) spoke to Aydin before I meet Erika, maybe this is the problem ... but i´m sure that now i pass all possible dialogue options in Aydin and Erika. Well, no one need to use all spells, and Spray Acid isn´t my favorite spell :) I reach surface, kicking ass to Grah-Hoth, clearing out all quests and now is time to meet one mad emperor .. :)

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I hope Iisha can help me. I'm playing the ipad version of Escape from the Pit, on an iPad mini, which sometime makes hidden things difficult to find. I've wandered around the Sulfur Caverns in circles looking for the Cloak of Bolts book. I saw on some old maps that there is a lava lake near the river that's supposed to have some islands that you have to Orb on to. I've found the lake, but in this version there are no islands there. Help! What am I doing wrong?

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The cloak of bolts location isn't really an island. You have to find a concealed passage then move through a passage flying from dirt spot to dirt spot separated by lava. It is almost exactly due West of Bargha. It is on the West side of the river, but you have to approach the concealed door to the lava area from the North. It is East of the lava formation that is in the shape of a "b" rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.

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Important notice: Drath's Knowledge DOES NOT work like Sage Lore. Even though every party member gets the trait, it decreases total requirement by 1, not 4.

So the best way probably is getting 8 sage lore with skill points, 1 from Drath Knowledge and 3 from 1 Sage Lore trait.

Drath Knowledge can be recieved rather early (level 12 or so) as long as you have 1 piercing crystal/Dispell barrier spell. But I'd advice to wait till ~ level 16, because fights can be very long if you go there earlier.

Also, Fireblast in game says it needs Sage Lore 9, but it needs 10 actually, as described in this thread.

As for Stagnant Caverns, you can get spellbooks as early as level 20. I deliberately avoided buying any spells to check if I can take lich on. With lots of reloads I won on Hard difficulty at level 19, but one member died anyway.

Edited by Derael
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Spray Acid L3 is not attainable in the latest Windows version (1.0.1):

	state = 33;
	nextstate = -1;
	question = "_Go ahead._";
	text1 = "The statue recites, with great care and precision, a long string of magical syllables. You struggle to memorize them. They're very complicated. When the statue is done, it closes its eyes. It has nothing more to say.";
	action = END_TALK;
	code = run_hardcode(68);

The run_hardcode(68) part was commented out. After restoring it, it says you need Arcane Lore 14, but the game freezes whether you have it or not.

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