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  1. I'm going to give Gad the bag of sugar from Grah-Hoth. We'll see what that does for my reputation.
  2. Interesting. I'm starting a replay trying to build a legit archer. I noticed before that Sniper lists damage at +4% compared to Melee at +3%. Combine that with a shortcut to Lethal blow and I wonder if an archer might do at high levels. Especially with all the great gear that was sale fodder in 1st run. I'm looking forward to it
  3. I'd like to see a future version of Adrenaline Rush, or any turn where if you have a certain # of action points left you can still move. Say if you have 6+ AP remaining you can still move. Enemy slows still apply of course, but if I fire of an AR and wipe out all adjacent opponents I'd like to step one to the left to get a whack on the next guy. I mean when I think of AR I think of a bezerk axe wielding maniac leveling foes all over the field, or an archer leaping around firing shot after shot, then ducking for cover. Of course it would be particularly deadly for casters to lay down overl
  4. I'm going to see how many iron/meal I can collect in my second playthrough. I got pretty high the first time. Like 78 meal I turned in at once and sold them all! Might make the early game tough, but I think it will be much easier now that I know where to go when/etc. Anyone sneak in 2-3 steals early on? I mean batant right under their nose take a Steel Shield or iron crude broadsword, something that would be a significant upgrade at the time? I never did until I found out most friendly towns allow 4 steals. Might give that a try
  5. I've read the forums pretty thoroughly and am at the end of a pretty epic first playthrough. I started on torment and was getting crushed, so I knocked it down to hard, and aside from the middle levels when I spent a long time wandering trying to find a place I could hack it it was pretty smooth sailing. On to the questions. "Hostile effect" = does this include all non-physical damage types and attacks? Mental/Magic/Fire/Poison/Acid/Cold? Or is it just things that a curing potion interact with? Haste rebuffs against slow, yes? But I noticed unshackle mind also cures slow? M
  6. After I finish Hawthorne I'm planning an epic killing spree. I'm going to train everything I can buy and then lay waste to the underworld. Grah-Hoth ain't got nothin' on me!
  7. I know this info exists elsehwhere, but I think it would be great to have it here for one stop shopping. Graymold at headwaters near Kyass. (x2) Healing herbs north of monastery (extreme north, center of map) x2 Spiritual herbs near Mertis (and Magi) x2 Energetic herbs just south of Homeycomb, north of wandering merchants. x2 Mandrake south of giant fortress x1 Not sure of the cave lore reqs.
  8. Sounds like you've already rebalanced missiles quite a bit, but the elite archers in some of the late game empire/bandit battles have some very nice abilities which include cleaving arrows (not sure about that one), an a rapid shot/rain of arrows hitting 3+? or a chance of doing lower safe to every opponent? Dunno. The animation is pretty intimidating. Empire got a gattling bow.
  9. Is the 45 bars of iron a misprint? I've been lugging around dozens of these things for months now, and while if I swing my pack hard enough they make a decent weapon, it does slow me down when running from drakes. I cashed in a handful in Silvar a long time ago. Am I missing something or is there some grand bargain in the end-game where Boutell melts down 40 bars for a hudraulic drill to tunnel back to the surface? Thanks
  10. The book west of fort remote giving Remove Barrier L1 only also does not respect sage lore. Thanks for all the great info, registered to post this. Now I'm going to see if I can forage some sanity, as I seem to be fresh out.
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