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  1. A already talked to Aimee ... now she is in trans ... In fact, I (probably) spoke to Aydin before I meet Erika, maybe this is the problem ... but i´m sure that now i pass all possible dialogue options in Aydin and Erika. Well, no one need to use all spells, and Spray Acid isn´t my favorite spell I reach surface, kicking ass to Grah-Hoth, clearing out all quests and now is time to meet one mad emperor ..
  2. Hi. I have a problem with L3 acess to spell Spray Acid. I already spoke to Erika, also spoke to Aydin, find path to the surface, receive quest to kill Hawthorne, but ... i haven´t any chance to speak with Erika about her statues. There´s no dialogue opinion about it. I try to speak again with Aydin, use all possible dialogue opinion, but nothing happens - Erika is silent about her spies and statues don´t want talk to me. And yes, I´m member of Scimitar too ... anyone help me? Please? Thanks PS: excuse my english, this is no my mother tongue, sorry.
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