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  1. Really enjoying the game so far, it's been quite a departure from the usual SW style. I'm still constantly looking for items on the floor.... Just wondering if anyone knows if the + to healing bonus augmentation adds to the healing the character casts, or the healing that the character receives? Thanks!
  2. Great, thank you so much, Randomizer! I may not be leaving my sanity at the door after all, haha.
  3. Can you not finish the game before day 160? Or do you just miss out on something cool if you do? Thank you for the response!
  4. When I play open world games, I love mucking around, trying to poke into harder areas early, exploring every corner of the map, checking back to see if I can pick that lock yet, etc. etc. etc. I'm not a crazy min-maxer when it comes to stats, but I AM the loon that picked up every single piece of paper in G5. So what I need to know is - how likely am I to run my clock down/get a lot of negative effects? I'm so stressed about it right now that I save when I go into a town, I'll save, do my wandering, then reload, and re-do only the bits that were fruitful. It's not as much fun as
  5. I've been playing too much Geneforge lately, hoarding my cash for skills. I can't remember what I spent my money on in Avadon 1, but I don't remember paying skill trainers. What kinds of things do you guys save for? Lockpicks? The better potions/scrolls? Farms?
  6. I'm kind of with Lilith, were I to choose on a pure personality/interaction basis I would definitly use Khalida and Alcander. I've been using Yannick instead, since I really, really enjoy having a sorceror/ess on my team, but he and Alcander don't really fight, they are just so opposite that they seem to baffle each other so far. Hmm. >.>
  7. I'm having a hell of a time deciding who to take with me these days! I play mostly for the story rather than the gameplay so my plan/challenge is to make the party with the most interesting clash of personalities work out strategically. Sadly no one is sharply catching my interest, though right away I enjoyed Alcander's blatant malcontent. Maybe I'll bring him and someone who will probably be horribly offended by him. Have you guys found any fun pairs of characters, interaction-wise? Or particularly enjoyed anyone's dialogue?
  8. Hey, this is pretty cool! Wish I'd been around when you guys had started
  9. I used it to bring my dead healer back to life, then managed to win the fight after a few tries. Thanks! Besides not liking to cheat, I was always scared to use the character editor, didn't realize it would be so user friendly.
  10. Yeah that's what I thought. I've played enough spiderweb games that I *really do* know better... just got caught up in playing and clicking save and forgot to make another file. Thanks for the quick response!
  11. I've been messing around with the Nethergate demo lately... Unused to the different save method, I just made a big mistake... upon getting into a fight I had no chance of winning, I went to reload my game and clicked save instead... I haven't another file for quite some time. Any chance of using editors to get myself out of this fight, or do I have to start over?
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