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  1. The link to my key decided to work this morning. I am beginning to realise that I'm in a kind of sad relationship with technology. It promises entertainment and convenience but delivers mostly disappointment and humiliation. And I fall for it. Every time...
  2. Thanks Lilith. I tried accessing it from my phone but that wasn't good either. If I can't sort it out I will email Spiderweb. Cheers.
  3. Hi. I've just tried to unlock the Avernum 2 game and am having no luck. I went to the purchase page which gave me an option of paypal or amazon so I signed up to paypal (and paid for the key) who then sent me a link to humble bundle. I followed the steps to retrieve my key but the page for the final step says 'Safari can't open page'. I even signed up to humble bundle but still no joy. I then filled out the form asking for help but they said their 'Ninjas' would take about 3 days to get back to me. I this right? Have I missed something? It used to be that players could send c/c details
  4. Thx Copernicus. I will investigate how to upgrade my clunky old beast.
  5. The demo I've just downloaded says 'You cannot use this version of A2-TC with this version of Mac OS X'. This is most unexpected. My MacBook is from 2008 and uses version 10.5.8. Is my computer really too old to play this game? Ta's. waterplant.
  6. We are all skeletons, deep down...
  7. Deserts contain unique, fragile and intrinsically valuable ecosystems. Although there is scope to use deserts for energy production or other economic benefit, humans have a track record of mismanaging resource collection at the environment &/or local community's expense. Energy wastage is an enormous issue globally which could be addressed parallel to energy efficiency endevours. The UN recently estimated 1/3 of food produced globally is not consumed - the amount of resources used to produce this 'landfill' is surely significant.
  8. Originally Posted By: Lilith what's all this fuss about baldur's gait anyway. did that thing of mistletoe hit him in the leg and make him all limpy or what An arrow to the knee...if ever there was one.
  9. Originally Posted By: The Ratt Why not Geneforge: Forge? good question.
  10. I'm disappointed to hear that someone has disrupted your work like this. How much better would the world be if everyone just left other people's stuff the hell alone. Hope you can sort it out quickly, Polaran.
  11. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity I like the idea of a time stopping power, where I could just stop time for everybody else, for as long as I wanted. Unfortunately I don't think it really even makes sense. Do I stop time for the air? If I do, I can't hear anything. Or even move. And what about the air I need to breathe? Do I stop time for light? If I do, then I can't see anything. Even if I say that light can still propagate, do I let other people absorb and emit light? If I do, then time is not totally frozen for them, but if I don't, I can't see them. Would the planet stop revolvi
  12. Originally Posted By: Harehunter ...it enrages me when I see legislation that would coerce them (the Catholic Church) into actions that are contrary to their beliefs. Is that what's happening in this particular piece of legislation, or just some political point-scoring? It would be up to the individual employee whether it would use any or all of the benefits covered by the insurance policy. Surely the Catholic Church would not impinge on a person's God-given (or Obama-given) free choice.
  13. Originally Posted By: Lilith Originally Posted By: Excalibur What do you mean by libertarian? it's a word for librarians named Bert yay - free books!
  14. Agreed. Enemies have staggered formations which makes some avoid AoE attacks. My party forms a nice orderly queue for spellcasters to hit.
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