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  1. Just checking to see what rank I have! I'm amazed there are still familiar faces here after so man years. :)
  2. I've been a member of this forum for a long, long time. I used to have member number 200 or so, after Jeff switched over from an older version of the forums, and I started the famous Nephilim vs. Slith topic (for those who remember; albeit under a different user name). I've never been much of active member, but I have dropped in from time to time through the last 15+ years. Any way, point is, I've seen this place be founded, grow and then, it seems, die a bit. My question to the members is—what happened here; why has the frequency of posts gone down so much? General used to be a hub of activity. And now, it seems, a handful of posts a month is a hard maximum. When did people stop using the forums to hang-out and chat, and why hasn't a new generation taken up where the last one left off? (Looking forward to Queen's Wish) 🥳
  3. I wonder how many years more Jeff wants to do this?
  4. This place has changed so much in the last century :) It's so inactive compared to the early days.
  5. My issue with all the custom quests being made by people is that the game may suffer a bit. I mean unless he directs the backers well, I don't see these random quests as being a huge bonus to game play. Also, who has $1,000 to put into this?—wow! He may end up with a serious amount of cash. I guess with that comes more and more pressure to make a great game.
  6. I prefer to put the stress on the last vowel—AvernUm. His way of saying it sounds quite amusing. But anyway, I guess I've been saying it wrong too.
  7. I'm very curious to see how his Kickstarter campaign will work out—if it happens at all. I wonder what he is planning to do with an enlarged budget.
  8. aw coolio, who doesn't want to have that neck and those gorgeous eyes. my god, it's like a torrent of pleasure looking at your birdie grandness, bro
  9. Yea, everything is much softer on the eyes. On a side note—no more member numbers. How will we live without it, ahhh...
  10. Nice to Hear. I've been here since the old old boards (whatever they were called). it's cool to see that old-timers are still kicking it. My god, I just looked at the date I joined-- 2001—16 years ago. Time marches on.
  11. Probably just buy an old computer))
  12. What does that mean? "Avernum remakes were somewhat better received by people who preferred Exile to Avernum" I'm missing the logic here. Why would somebody like something that the don't prefer?
  13. And what if I eat them all? Jeff seems to have overlooked that they can be used to heal characters.
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