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  1. It's been a while, have you played more, or finished the game yet? If so please share your current opinion, I'm curious if it has changed at all, because I had the same problems with QW as you. I'm wondering if it's worth going back to the game for the story at least.
  2. Hi all, I bought the game yesterday but have yet to play it. My question is do avernum games still have no background music? If so can anyone suggest some tracks to listen to while playing this game? Something like "50s hits" for fallout 3, only appropriate for Avernum. Thanks very much
  3. Well it's about time! Can't wait. Gives me an excuse to play Avernum 1 and 2 again
  4. Hi all I am getting the following error when I try to install exile on windows 10: Tried running in compatibility mode windows xp and 95, running as admin, nada. Any help? Thanks in advance
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