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  1. Actaeon


    I enjoyed the one AIM chat I participated in, and visit CalRef primarily for that feature. I would likely pop into another chat system, particularly if there were specifically scheduled times to get folks together. There aren't many systems I'd rule out, but IRC would be my top choice.
  2. I'm falling behind! It may have something to do with me being all along in a whole time zone now, apparently. (Also, does anyone know how to easily change font with the new software? Serifs were starting to be, like, my thing.)
  3. Wait, I won? I am the champion! Of course, we all predicted the wrong overall result, so it's a bit of a lukewarm victory.
  4. Hopefully I'm in under the wire. http://www.270towin.com/maps/VgY76
  5. Obviously your primary goal should be to play G4 on your G4.
  6. Well, it looks like the departure of the Calref Commune hasn't left me completely alone on this side of the Mississippi. Who's up for a camping meet up for us rugged Westerners?
  7. The Southwest would cover those four plus probably Nevada and Texas. Or just The West, which would also include Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Really, I shouldn't be the one complaining (even though you told us to). I feel for the Spiderwebber in Oak Park trying to decide how broad your definition of Chicago is.
  8. I feel like Four Corners could have been replaced with a broader category. The way I usually hear that used applies to about a 100 mile radius from the quadripoint or, at most, the whole Colorado Plateau. I see Slarty sorted me there in the meetup thread, but it's probably not a label I would have applied to myself.
  9. As much as I'd like to connect with Nikki, I'm now half inclined to screw the whole thing up by meeting, like, Andra or Eph instead.
  10. This from the person who ran up and gave me a huge hug the moment I stepped out of my car.
  11. Actaeon


    If you look back, you'll find I celebrated at 256, 512, and 1024. What makes you think I'd break the trend for 2000?
  12. Actaeon

    2015 Movies

    To be fair, Snoke is a significant person at the start of the movie. He looks old enough to have been around in the original trilogy, so if he isn't someone we've seen before we have to wonder what he was up to. I like the Plagueis theory, though it's been flatly contradicted a couple times. I was also struck by the similarity of scars to Vader. Perhaps Anakin's redemption separated him into two entities? Obi Wan sort of treated him as such.
  13. Actaeon


    In other news, I missed my 10th and am nearly to 11.
  14. Actaeon

    2015 Movies

    I don't know what the statue of limitation is on Star Wars spoilers, so let's tread lightly there. In any case, there are plenty other movies from the last year worth discussing. What has everyone seen? Any must-see or must-avoids? I'm still hoping to catch The Hateful Eight, The Big Short, Room, Mustang, and Sicario. I'm on the fence about Spectre. Brief assessments of what I did see:
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