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  1. Probably worth mentioning that Frozen Blade scales with INT instead of STR. Hit chance is also affected by INT (my mage had 95% vs giants at level 20). Damage with 35 INT and a few % magic damage bonuses is 75-270. While Steel Broadsword on my Warrior does 73-292 damage (with 39 STR).Overall a decent weapon for mages if you are fighting in melee for some reason and want to conserve mana (damage is slightly lower than icy rain, comparable to fireblast). Good vs fire immune enemies. But if you don't have problems with mana better use something defensive in weapon slot.
  2. Important notice: Drath's Knowledge DOES NOT work like Sage Lore. Even though every party member gets the trait, it decreases total requirement by 1, not 4. So the best way probably is getting 8 sage lore with skill points, 1 from Drath Knowledge and 3 from 1 Sage Lore trait. Drath Knowledge can be recieved rather early (level 12 or so) as long as you have 1 piercing crystal/Dispell barrier spell. But I'd advice to wait till ~ level 16, because fights can be very long if you go there earlier. Also, Fireblast in game says it needs Sage Lore 9, but it needs 10 actually, as described in
  3. Well, it's legit point about damage, but bows also have higher bass damage and shot more attacks. But I can see how magic will deal more damage nevertheless. As for min-maxing, you can min-max different classes, melee, mage or archer. I think everyone will agree that full mage party is the strongest, but warrior is still included into recommend setup for some reason. You can min-max archer party just as well, and it will be a good one.
  4. Well, I can see why you wouldn't like gymnastics or sniper, but calling them useless or bad is unjustified on my opinion. Naturally it's very hard to compare single target and AoE damage, because it heavily depends on environment. If you are fighting several equally dangerous foes, AoE is much better, because you can wipe them all at the same time. If you are fighting boss and a few minions, single target damage might be better, because you can either qucikly kill the minions and focus on boss or just ignore the minions and kill the boss. Unless you can wipe most enemies with spells before the
  5. Well, first of all, reload strategy is much easier to implement when you have 95% chance of success than when you have 55% chance, because you will rarely ever need to reload. Without Sniper you will have to reload ~50% of the time, and even more if you want extra attack for everyone. Well, the average damage increase is indeed only 9% or so, but it's much more consistent. So if you are not using reload strategy without Sniper, you get almost guaranteed extra action. So you will always get 5 actions while without Sniper only 33% of the times (because as you've said, using anything but AR on tu
  6. Well, it's indeed a bit different than I though, but the part where I was talking about Battle Frenzy and NO Adrenaline Rush covers it. Basically, with Sniper AND Haste, chance that one of the 2 procs in 2 attacks is 96+%, so It's pretty reliable (fail is comparable to miss chance). In the worst case scenario you will indeed fail to activate AR at first turn, but you will still be able to do it on 2nd turn or reload save and try again, because it's critical fail with very low chance at the very beginning of the battle, no real reason to not use reload. So it will basically guarantee an extra a
  7. Well, all my math was based on the assumption that Haste and battle Frenzy are active, but didn't include adrenaline rush since it's a one time bonus. With Frenzy and adrenaline Rush you get 8+5+11=24 AP, 3 attacks with haste proc need 5+9+9=23 AP, so you should be able to do 4 attacks 70% of the time. While with Sniper and Haste basically 100% of the time, so the advantage is not that big. Without AR (but with BF) you get 13 AP, so for 3 attacks you need 5+9=14, thus extra 2 AP either from items or gymnastics. With Sniper and Haste chance to get reduced att
  8. Yep, I was writing this post at 3 AM and forgot to clear old statements after I learned how AP works. Majority of analysis is done without assuming that AP carry over. Also I took into account that Sniper and Haste don't stack additively (though they still stack multiplicatively, resulting in wooping 1-(0.67*0.2)^2=98.2% chance to trigger AP cost reduction once per 2 attacks (if Sniper level is 16). At Sniper level 14, the chance is 96%, still quite good. So 2 attacks will cost 14 AP in total, and if we get at least 15+ AP, it means you will attack 3 times with 96-98% chance. While Haste alone
  9. Sorry for necroposting, but I have some questions about game mechanics. 1. First of all, is Lethal Strike actually 3%/level or 5%/level? Because the difference in usefulness is huge. If you indeed get around 25% crit chance in late game as Hume said, 3% is only 1.33 increase in overall damage with 1st point invested (or less, depending on how it works with Flame Blade on hit effects). And it goes all the way down to 1.16% increase in damage from 9 to 10 points invested+2 purchased. Which is worse than Dual Wielding (~1.33% overall damage increase at 150% modifier). But 5% varies from
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