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  1. My reading tends to be lighter. I am currently reading David Drake and Eric Flint's Bellisarius series. David Drake really likes ancient Mediterranean cultures and it is interesting so far.
  2. Slartibus, I had forgotten about the Sleeths from Gamma World. I had a fair amount of the original Gamma World material (not the even older Metamorphosis Alpha), but didn't really ever play it. Thinking back now, I think that there was a lizardish race in Star Frontiers as well which came out 3-5 years later, but again, my memory of that is not as good as it is of the AD&D 1st edition. In any case, Lizard men were not nearly as omni-present in fantasy or gaming as were Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Orcs and Goblins and choosing the Sliths did indeed help set Jeff apart. He also created a lot of back story and culture for them which was pretty much lacking in almost every source except Tolkien (who did not have Lizard men at all).
  3. Mercuric plate might be at two locations. I would check the North West portion of the Lair of Athron in addition to the crafter at the Lava Peninsula near Erika's tower. According to my notes, Balorus at the Lava Peninsula sells it for 5400c.
  4. AD&D module I2, published in the early 1980s did a little better job with the Lizardmen then most sources from that era. While they were certainly not identical to the Sliths, I do feel that there was some definite influence there, but I may be mis-remembering since it has been over 30 years since I have looked at the module last.
  5. I had forgotten that, but Bruce Lee was the actor that I was thinking of, and who I believe had more of a cultural influence on the teens of the 1980s. Certainly to my friends and I at the time, Bruce Li and Jackie Chan were not the original. Not trying to take anything away from Jackie Chan's fantastic career and abilities.
  6. I don't remember clothing styles being that well described in LOTR to determine if people were dressing in Elvish styles. In the real world, I am sure that we can all come up with examples from at least the last 150 years or so of Europeans and Americans adopting art, architecture and to some extent dress from other cultures and those other cultures adopting European and American dress and pop culture. With that said, I think that the difference in Exile/Avernum is that we are dealing with a group of people who have been cut off from their home society and put into a giant cave with minimal resources. Vahnatai styles are a way to survive: "If the Vahnatai have made it down here for the past 2000 years, maybe we can too. Oh wait, they hibernate for 1000 years at a time, well that is awkward." That Vahnatai cloak is warmer than my cave mushroom cloak and keeps the cave fleas off better so I am going to wear it.
  7. Like Tri-Rodent I am very close in age to Jeff. From what I remember, there was generally less participation in/appreciation for Japanese pop culture, we were worried about economic domination. Animae and Manga were mostly in specialty stores, not Barnes and Noble and J-pop was very hard to find. Some people had watched Speed Racer and Star Blazers, but even that was rare. Asian weapons were popular, but most depictions of them made absolutely zero distinction between Japanese and Chinese culture with the rest of East Asia being completely left out. Shurikens, Katanas and Nunchaku were popular from B martial art movies (whose most famous actor was Chinese, not Japanese), Kris swords were somewhat rare, and of course are mostly from South Asia not East Asia anyway. I think that the Japanese influence is very slight. The mysterious culture thing has been applied to every unfamiliar culture (from a US/European perspective: North Africa, Africa, East Asia, South Asia Central Asia and Western Asia were all inhabited by mysterious cultures). I think that Jeff was looking to making the Vahnatai "Alien" with the definition of different, and so equipping them with Elvish cloaks, Japanese missile weapons, South Asian swords, and very vaguely Arabic architecture provided a large visual break from his typical Northern/Western European theme.
  8. As your tank builds up their skills, you will be able to put that gear back on and still hit a reasonable amount of the time.
  9. I think I was, and if I recall correctly, I liked it even though there were a couple of things that did not change the way that you wanted them to.
  10. Slartibus, didn't you do one for Avadon 2 or am I misremembering since that was a while ago.
  11. Edgwyn

    Nintendo Switch

    None of us on these forums represent Spiderweb software. With that said, Spiderweb is a two person operation and the effort of porting the game over onto an unfamiliar platform is not a priority to them (because they do not see a likely return). They briefly, as Earth Empires mentioned, used a 3rd party for making some ports of their games. I do not believe that they are doing that any more. TLDR, A port to the Switch is extremely unlikely.
  12. I have planned on doing both A:EFTP and A:RW, but real life and the death of my laptop have gotten in the way. It is possible that I might get back into A:EFTP this fall. A:RW would be a year or more after that. My concern with A:RW is that I will not be providing the maps of the cities after the disasters happen, I will only be providing the maps if you stay on schedule.
  13. It is in a room in the very bottom very right part of the map. You have to defeat an opponent and press a hidden switch with tool use nine.
  14. I always play on the normal difficulty level, because my goal is to have fun and enjoy the story.
  15. If you are going to play on torment then you really must optimize your party. The strategy central post has a lot of good advice about how to make the most powerful possible party. You also need to be prepared to attack and retreat a lot.
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