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  1. I think I was, and if I recall correctly, I liked it even though there were a couple of things that did not change the way that you wanted them to.
  2. Slartibus, didn't you do one for Avadon 2 or am I misremembering since that was a while ago.
  3. Edgwyn

    Nintendo Switch

    None of us on these forums represent Spiderweb software. With that said, Spiderweb is a two person operation and the effort of porting the game over onto an unfamiliar platform is not a priority to them (because they do not see a likely return). They briefly, as Earth Empires mentioned, used a 3rd party for making some ports of their games. I do not believe that they are doing that any more. TLDR, A port to the Switch is extremely unlikely.
  4. I have planned on doing both A:EFTP and A:RW, but real life and the death of my laptop have gotten in the way. It is possible that I might get back into A:EFTP this fall. A:RW would be a year or more after that. My concern with A:RW is that I will not be providing the maps of the cities after the disasters happen, I will only be providing the maps if you stay on schedule.
  5. It is in a room in the very bottom very right part of the map. You have to defeat an opponent and press a hidden switch with tool use nine.
  6. I always play on the normal difficulty level, because my goal is to have fun and enjoy the story.
  7. If you are going to play on torment then you really must optimize your party. The strategy central post has a lot of good advice about how to make the most powerful possible party. You also need to be prepared to attack and retreat a lot.
  8. For question 1, I think that you just need Arcane Lore level 5 to read it. For question 2, I believe that the percent bonuses are applied after all of the dice and level modifiers. Ultimately, very few weapons use that mechanic in the game.
  9. It seems to have to do with a long bow, no matter how bad being better than the best short bow. In this case, the lemonwood bow is a good short bow, but there is a distinct advantage to long bows
  10. While I am certainly biased towards the traditional RPG and the Avernum series, I do not feel that it is as hard as stilltim has laid out. Build matters in Avadon, Avernum ad Queen's Wish as well (I have not played Geneforge). It seems like a lot of the complaints in the forums over the years on Avernum's difficulty level have been by people playing on one of the two harder difficulty levels. The answer is simple, play on normal or casual. Your party does not need to be nearly as optimized on those levels and the whole point is to have fun.
  11. Without more details on what types of games you like, it is hard to make a good recommendation. I personally would suggest starting with either A:EFTP or Avadon 1. They are both modern enough to not be annoying and represent two similar, but different, approaches to RPG development with A:EFTP being substantially more open than Avadon. In either case, both of these games are closer to the traditional swords and sorcery, explore, kill things and profit, standard.
  12. Harehunter does have the Cartogarpher title. He created in several cases (A2, A4, A5, A6) and kept alive/made accessible in other cases (E1-3, A1, A3) huge amounts of map and hint data. I do not think that Harehunter is active, but he worked with Jeff on a transition plan and Jeff hosts Harehunter's maps on his ironycentral.com website with a link from his Spiderweb Software site.
  13. Slartibus, there used to be a way (may still be, I just don't know how) to see a list of users and their post counts. From what I remember there were very few people with post counts above 1,000 and most of them were no longer active. If you are going to update the regular post count titles again (something that now that I think about it is probably over due), it might be worth increasing the number of different titles in the 25 to 200 range. I don't see the Post Master General title being achieved again soon.
  14. 511. Absolutely Drab Work about a traditional mother-daughter relationship Absolutely Fabulous was a BBC focusing on a mother-daughter relationship, developed from a book "Modern Mother ad Daughter". A traditional mother-daughter relationship would certainly be drab and boring in comparison.
  15. I tried doing a guess via PM, and it came up that neither Shapley Trance nor Slartifer can receive messages. So just to get things restarted 536 Bring it Off -- Cheerleader Burlesque Bring it On was a cheerleader move and Burlesque typically involves taking it off
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