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  1. where in fort emergence is level 3 move mountains? behind the magical barrier that level 3 dispel barrier won't bring down?
  2. Hello, I have killed everything in the Tower of Barriers, talked to Helen and Ellen to understand that I need to drink 3 times from the fountain, done the Khoth ritual to get through the barriers and walked all over the ?$% tower and no entrance into the fountain, am I missing something? Thanks for your help!
  3. Maybe I am missing it in Khoth's lair? where exactly is it? I have found all of the secret passages I think and none of them had DB in it?
  4. Having trouble locating the Dispel Barrier Level 3. The spell I got in Khoth's Lair was Blink from the hidden room. Is Dispel Barrier one of the spells that Khoth can teach to you after you return the scroll?
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