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  1. Anyone here play the alpha or beta for Antharion, the new turn-based RPG funded through Kickstarter a while back? Looks like it'll be officially released in a couple weeks and may be just what Valdain is looking for.
  2. Next time press U to highlight usable objects in your view. ;-)
  3. "I'd best you in a fair fight!" "Not much incentive for me to fight fair then, is there?"
  4. The best thing about that armor is that it does not encumber mages who didn't bother with the sword mage trait.
  5. Depending on the path your character takes throughout the rest of the game, it's easy enough to clear everything up to the barrier in the center of the Spiral Pit, report that to Commander Lynn, then get the second quest from the job board in Silvar to go back and get past the barrier and clear the rest of the Pit. When I've played, I generally don't have high enough Dispel Barrier to get to the center until later, so the routing makes sense. But the game is non-linear, anyway.
  6. Well, she is understandably doubtful about the Spiral Pit being clear of all undead influence. I mean, I think we have to clear it out in every iteration of the game, right? ;-)
  7. I remember when fighting Efreets once that they summoned demons that were not immune to the fire effects of the Efreets themselves. It was funny to watch them die of their summoners' damage.
  8. There are only a few hidden switches that are particularly hard to find, but pressing U will highlight any usable item (doors, chests, hidden switches) with a letter that you can select to use it.
  9. Would that make all of the merchants in Avernum buyers in cellars?
  10. Very nice list. Thanks, Slarti (and those who gave edits)! As I'm just starting on a two-character play through, this is good to have handy. Much better for juggling what I'll need to get when (which for the most part is whatever is available when it's available).
  11. I remembered that and was a little disappointed and a little relieved the first time I came up against one in A2:CS.
  12. Look VERY carefully, or use U to highlight usable stuff in Midori's room to find the button for the secret passage. Took me a good 20-30 minutes of running around trying to find before I finally spotted it (I'd forgotten about the keyboard shortcut).
  13. Or perhaps Garzahd hit him with something that inflicted a poisoned or lightning status, then banished him, then the status took effect and killed him on his turn.
  14. Until the time your tank gets charmed and one-shots your priest into oblivion... ;-)
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