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  1. As a new arrival I might as well start posting in a poll, by saying I like this board and expect to be in the "I spend too much time on Spiderweb Software Message Board!" category soon. Especially since I plan to start playing the Geneforge series the moment I finish my thesis (hopefully not before that, or it will be a major procrastination factor, something the avernum games where always good at).
  2. Where in the Sulfur Cavern can I find the book for Cloak of Bolts? I have walked around in those caverns for ages it seems (procrastinating on my mission to kill the Emperor) to find all the level 3 spells, but I can't find where I can learn this spell to level 3. I'm hoping it works the same way with me as with Milla, in that I'll find it in less then a minute after I post this EDIT: And indeed it did. Unbelievable!
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