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  1. For some reason I cannot play Avernum 5 on Steam. It will tell me that it can only play in 16 bit at 1024 X 768 and to change it by right clicking on the desktop and selecting 'properties' which does not appear on my system (And the equivalent of it won't let me go to 16 bit manually). Then it says that it is recommended that I change it through the game. Which I can't actually do. The thing is both Avernum 4 and 6 work fine on Steam. Avernum 4 is set to auto change the resolution and Avernum 6 shows the change resolution menu before opening. Avernum 5 is doing neither. I will try reinstalling and see if there is any joy. If not is this happening to anyone else? Edit: No joy have a picture of message Edit 2: By changing compatibility mode on windows 7 I can enter the game but the screen is ridiculously small and the change resolution options are no help. Edit 3: Hmm I can enter the game now without the compatibility mode but the change resolution options are broken and with each exit it reverts to change on start up. Edit 4: Ok selecting 640 X 800 option make the game play nicely in full screen mode but the fact is the resolution options are not really working.
  2. In this game he refers to them all as brother but then mentions that some are female and that is just what he refers to them as. Also in the remake he isn't related to them but sees them as younger peers.
  3. I was checking out Relle's Item Guide when I noticed that number 55 of the special items was a Grimore of Thren. But I don't remember that in the game. I even checked the walkthrough for a mention. Does anyone know what this was? Was it something that got cut from the game for release?
  4. I found the gremlins were still spawning even after wiping them out. Perhaps I missed one.
  5. Someone did have a problem with Sss Thsss. They killed him before the castle quest and apparently did not get the torc as proof of death.
  6. For when I did the Lord Chuckles quest (Only appears if you have it) I first found him on the right side the the left. Third time was Click to reveal.. at the entrance.
  7. Which scenario has more interesting characters: Bahssikava or Avatar?
  8. Originally Posted By: MMXPERT Quote: Vlish and Artila base materials are unknown. Squid and worm? Personally, I always thought the Artila is/was based on an expy of the Mongolian death worm. Anway from G1, vlish and fyora seem to be some of the oldest creations.
  9. Just doing some testing with this (As I had the same problem). If using windows 7, I found it only saved when you also set the editors as "Run as Admin". Also I set the compatibility to xp service pack 3
  10. Just found this in Exile 2: ...Joyously, you succumb to evil. Soon, all of Exile will knuckle under to your vicious rule. None of that wussy Ultima moral stuff here.
  11. Really? So what happened? I don't check Shadow Vale that often and that was the newest post.
  12. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Originally Posted By: Lilith I think there are giant rats in some Geneforge games that are supposed to be natural creatures, unless my memory's failing me. G2 says that giant rats were regular rats that were experimented on and then escaped into the wild. Additionally, G4 says roamers were created by modifying dogs. One of the games might mention something about clawbugs being modified desert scorpions or something too. Dikiyoba imagines that the presence of creations on Terrestia probably drove a lot of non-creation organisms into extinction over time. New diseases, rogues changing the ecosystem and eating everything in sight, leftover toxins and magical pollution dumped into the environment, even perhaps Shapers trying to control the crops and livestock that non-Shapers are allowed to raise. Clawbugs confirmed for scorpions. (The diagram from G3 -base material) It's implied at some point that dogs are the base (albeit heavily modified) for roamers. Vlish and Artila base materials are unknown.
  13. http://forum.nethergate.net/index.php?p=index.phpQUERYshowtopic=1693 Announced by Tyranicus: Quote: I have come to the conclusion that I really do not use my webspace enough to justify the cost anymore. I am going to shut it down. nethergate.net and all of its subdomains, including SV, will no longer be accessible as of July 9, 2011. It has been a fun ride, but all good things must come to an end, and this good thing really came to an end years ago and has been running on life support ever sense. Tyran
  14. Well there is evidence of humans being in the caves before the first visitation. Such as the first-of-the-month crypt and in A5 a lich/wizard claiming to have come down there centuries before. Who is to say groups of nephilim could have not found a way down through one of passages before they were blocked?
  15. Originally Posted By: Click friend and enter Originally Posted By: Milla And so just happens that all player characters have this skill? Yes. It's a trait with a number of other advantages without which you really just can't make it as an adventurer. There are others, of course, but you don't play as them; their lives are nasty, brutish, and short without save/reloads. —Alorael, who doesn't think the world is ready for realistic depiction of life as people who charge overwhelming numbers of enemies with swords. That means true the true heroes are from Nethack and ADOM who finish the game.
  16. I didn't find that really annoying (First time doing the gauntlet in any game). I was a high enough level that the monster went down in a round or two. Honestly when I didn't know the path through the portals in the Crypt of Drath, that was really frustrating.
  17. Yes, I bought the steam version and it used my save from the demo.
  18. ^Yes, yes I was. Thank you very much now I find the correct file with the dialogue much more easily.
  19. Follow the river west from Fort Dranlon. You will eventually hit the Warrens. Cave which has the orb is in the rightmost set of waterfalls.
  20. ^ A4 does mention ruins in the same area and they are used as bandit HQ.
  21. Recovery or a sufficiently leveled up healing shaman thing. They can remove bad conditions.
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