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Originally Posted By: Velzan
Then they would instinctively go there

Considering how often people fail to read the Code of Conduct despite the fact that it's hard to miss and considering how often people fail to follow the instructions in the Tech Support Forum header depite the fact that it's right there, Dikiyoba thinks it's safe to say that there will be plenty of people who wouldn't go to an Introduction Forum ever. It's also probably fairly safe to say that people who would go there are the exact people who already post here without ever causing too much of a problem.
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Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba
Still wouldn't work. Some people would still ignore it, and it would be rather annoying for everyone involved as well.


Originally Posted By: Velzan

Realist actually.

Noticed "Velzan" is now "Velzan's". It would be more informative if it said "Velzan's Creations Archive". As is, it's kind of like a "mystery gift" in FarmVille. (You don't know what it is till you open it.) Most of us who've been here a while know what to expect from "Synergy" and others. But new people have no idea what any of this is about without a more descriptive link title...

Would it be possible to add:
Microphage's Scripting and SDF Codes.
under "Editors and Information:"?
I'm in Strategy Central for other Geneforge and Avernum games (mostly Editors). Thanks!
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Originally Posted By: ItwasTed
Thanks for the great info. On a personal note, I try to read the huge, flashing "please read" portions of any thread. Being the new person, I thought I'd throw that out there. The problem stems from 14 things being flashing, important "you must read!!!" messages. Then you give up.

My bad. Sorry.

Oh, those "flamey things". They indicate a hot topic. There is a lot to read when you first arrive. Was not having a good week and I took something personal that wasn't mean't that way. The fact is - it was in a thread I started and when I backtracked I came to an old "correction" from *i, added 2 + 2 and got 5. Since I've gotten some sleep and fever is down I'm seeing more clearly. When you feel crappy sometimes you say/do things you regret.

@ ItwasTed: Welcome, and check you're sanity at the door... (sheepish grin)
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Whoa, Microphage, please cool down.


First of all, maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't sound like ItwasTed was talking about you in the first place. It sounds like he was talking about the Code of Conduct, since earlier in the thread, Dikiyoba and Velzan were discussing the fact that people don't always read it when they register.


Secondly, even if he HAD been talking about you, there's nothing even remotely rude about his post. He said thanks for all the info in Strategy Central (presumably including yours) and then he gave some feedback about what happens when too much important information is jammed into one place. And frankly, it was worded pretty politely.


You sound very upset in your reply. It's clear that you feel attacked. I don't really understand why, but again, I may be missing something. If that's the case, please PM me and I will try to help you resolve things. However, making posts that mock the original post (your use in quotes of phrases from ItwasTed's post) and that deliver up bitterness ("... criticize me while offering no valuable input to the thread, please feel free to ignore any posts by me") is not constructive, particularly not in this thread which a lot of players turn to for tactical help.


Please refrain from making more angry posts here. Thanks.


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Study of Magic creations, missing from the first post (and an outdated link in the third): http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=183146Post183146


Originally Posted By: Mechanics and Leadership
Mera-Tev needs 9 leadership and 11 mechanics to reach the quest area that blocks you way to the south map section.

You only need 7 leadership to get there and 8 to control the thing at the end. 9 gets you hints (might be a bug: <9 "...but you aren't able to get anything else out of her," but then you get everything else out of her with 7 anyway) and redundant info about the fen bandits.


The Storm Plains <snip> Leadership 11 is a must here.

What am I missing with 10? 10 has also seemed sufficient in the Dera Reaches so far. The highest leadership check I'm aware of is 13 in Control Core B (if you want to save all three minds). 12 is useful in the endgame and shortly before it.


Originally Posted By: "Synergy Style Item List"
(NE) repository C - Volcanic Fetish (3% armor, +1 Battle Shaping, +1 Fire Shaping), platinum ring

+1 Battle Magic, +1 Fire Shaping, sadly.


Right/wrogn, essence-infused iron/essence infused iron, Podling Crossroads/Podling Crossing (spelling and searchability).


Originally Posted By: "Trainers"
Advance training for Astoria faction - (Expensive)

Utterly Ridiculous, drops to Expensive after Find Gorash-Kel quest.


Ellek'Sss to Rebel factions

Should be rebel reputation (fixed, but only in the spells post).


Figured I'd post everything here rather than resurrect three non-stickies.

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Originally Posted By: Juan Carlo
Anyone know what affects magic hit chance? I'm playing as an agent and find that my magic missles are missing a lot. Does dex affect this, or is it strictly battle magic/spellcraft?

Spells have different base to hit chances just like weapons. Then spellcraft and battle magic increase the to hit chance. Intelligence works like strength and dexterity. This works against the monster's defense percentage.
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Looking at the replies to this thread, I guess apparently there was a Study of Magic creations as well, which was not posted in the Strategy central. Ackrovan posted the link to the thread, but it seems dead. So I am re posting it. Here it is:



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Yes, that happens any time people post stuff off-site rather than on the forum if they don't maintain that offsite site (say, putting an editor in a file and hosting it somewhere rather than putting all the text into a spoiler-ed forum post), and it sometimes happened in the great forum update several years back.


But you know, if you wanted to be helpful and not just make a pointless sad post, you could identify which links are broken so they could be fixed (if possible?) or pruned. :D

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