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Ganduv's Geneforge 5 Editor (Re-uploaded)

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Here's a link to my Geneforge 5 editor that I had previously uploaded in my older, dead thread. The files are compressed into a .rar file, so I'd recommend getting winrar or some program that can work with .rar files

The instructions in this thread are also included in the README.txt file included with the editor. 


***Before using this editor, you need to BACK UP your Geneforge 5 SCRIPTS folder before you replace any of the original files with mine.***



***Also, this editor is not supported by Spiderweb Software and if you decide to use this editor you are doing so at your own risk.***





  1. First, find where your Geneforge 5 scripts folder is. Look for a folder called "Geneforge 5" and open it, you should then see a folder called "Data" in there somewhere. Open that, and then a folder named "Scripts" should be in there. You should back up that folder before you do anything else. Also, remember the path/location of that folder because you'll need that for the next steps.
  2. After downloading the zip file, go ahead and extract it somewhere.(you can create a new folder in your Documents directory, extract it to a folder on your desktop, doesn't really matter as long as you know how to navigate to wherever you're extracting the files to)
  3. THE EASIEST WAY to "install" my editor is to simply right click the zip file, choose the Extract files... option (assuming you're using winrar to extract) and navigate to your Geneforge 5 scripts folder. After choosing to extract to the scripts folder, a box will appear asking if you'd like to replace the existing file. Assuming you already backed up your scripts folder, go ahead and choose "Yes to All". If you used this method, you can skip the part below.



After you save the files for the editor, go to your Geneforge 5 Scripts folder, and simply replace the gf5itemschars, z0pacificdlg, and z1Tminahdlg text files with the ones from my editor.

One way to do so is by selecting the editor's gf5itemschars.txt z0pacificdlg.txt and z1Tminahdlg.txt files(hold the CTRL key to select multiple files at once), right click on one of the selected files (so the other files stay selected as well) and clicking on the copy option. Then, navigate to your Geneforge 5/data/scripts folder, right click somewhere in there, and click the paste option.

After doing so, a dialog box will appear telling you the destination already has files with the same name. Assuming you backed your script files up, (you really should've) go ahead and choose to replace the files in the destination.


Assuming you followed my instructions correctly, you can go ahead and launch Geneforge 5.


  • To use the first part of the editor go interact with the Pacification Pylon's crystal spire in the Pacification Fields. This part is used for increasing skills, spells, shaping abilities, and gaining experience.
  • To use the second part interact with the first sign you see after you enter Minallah from the Pacification Fields. This part is for gear and item creation.


Also, in the gf5itemschars.txt file, at the very bottom are the god-mode type items I added and you can change the values on those as you like.


So, there you go. Glad I was able to find my files for this editor so I could re-post it.

Hope you all enjoy!

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Thank you, and of course! I remember how hard I worked making this editor as complete and versatile as possible, so I was pretty sad when I came back after a few years to see that all my links were down. Glad I can just use my google drive to host the file now, makes hosting a link for it much easier.

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I just wanted to let you know that this is still getting use, all these years later. I love geneforge, the games all give me a unique experience from any other RPG, and this helps with my frustration at not being able to make some creations unless you take very specific paths ❤️

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Thank you for the editor.  I was able to upgrade my gear, but couldn't increase spells, skills, and etc.  I went to the first spiral after leaving the building and entering the fields.  I got a message the 2nd spire was inactive the the third gave me a message.   Am I looking in the wrong place?

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