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  1. Thank you, and of course! I remember how hard I worked making this editor as complete and versatile as possible, so I was pretty sad when I came back after a few years to see that all my links were down. Glad I can just use my google drive to host the file now, makes hosting a link for it much easier.
  2. Okay great. I just posted the thread with it, so if there's any problem just let me know.
  3. Here's a link to my Geneforge 5 editor that I had previously uploaded in my older, dead thread. The files are compressed into a .rar file, so I'd recommend getting winrar or some program that can work with .rar files The instructions in this thread are also included in the README.txt file included with the editor. ***Before using this editor, you need to BACK UP your Geneforge 5 SCRIPTS folder before you replace any of the original files with mine.*** ***Also, this editor is not supported by Spiderweb Software and if you decide to use this editor you are doing so at your own risk.*** Here's the link: Ganduv's Geneforge 5 Editor *INSTRUCTIONS* First, find where your Geneforge 5 scripts folder is. Look for a folder called "Geneforge 5" and open it, you should then see a folder called "Data" in there somewhere. Open that, and then a folder named "Scripts" should be in there. You should back up that folder before you do anything else. Also, remember the path/location of that folder because you'll need that for the next steps. After downloading the zip file, go ahead and extract it somewhere.(you can create a new folder in your Documents directory, extract it to a folder on your desktop, doesn't really matter as long as you know how to navigate to wherever you're extracting the files to) THE EASIEST WAY to "install" my editor is to simply right click the zip file, choose the Extract files... option (assuming you're using winrar to extract) and navigate to your Geneforge 5 scripts folder. After choosing to extract to the scripts folder, a box will appear asking if you'd like to replace the existing file. Assuming you already backed up your scripts folder, go ahead and choose "Yes to All". If you used this method, you can skip the part below. |SKIP IF YOU EXTRACTED TO YOUR SCRIPTS FOLDER USING THE ABOVE MENTIONED METHOD| After you save the files for the editor, go to your Geneforge 5 Scripts folder, and simply replace the gf5itemschars, z0pacificdlg, and z1Tminahdlg text files with the ones from my editor. One way to do so is by selecting the editor's gf5itemschars.txt z0pacificdlg.txt and z1Tminahdlg.txt files(hold the CTRL key to select multiple files at once), right click on one of the selected files (so the other files stay selected as well) and clicking on the copy option. Then, navigate to your Geneforge 5/data/scripts folder, right click somewhere in there, and click the paste option. After doing so, a dialog box will appear telling you the destination already has files with the same name. Assuming you backed your script files up, (you really should've) go ahead and choose to replace the files in the destination. Assuming you followed my instructions correctly, you can go ahead and launch Geneforge 5. To use the first part of the editor go interact with the Pacification Pylon's crystal spire in the Pacification Fields. This part is used for increasing skills, spells, shaping abilities, and gaining experience. To use the second part interact with the first sign you see after you enter Minallah from the Pacification Fields. This part is for gear and item creation. Also, in the gf5itemschars.txt file, at the very bottom are the god-mode type items I added and you can change the values on those as you like. So, there you go. Glad I was able to find my files for this editor so I could re-post it. Hope you all enjoy!
  4. If anyone knows about forum rules regarding links to download shared zip files from a google drive, let me know. If it's allowed then I could just upload the editor to my drive and post a link to it, so the link won't go down like on my last thread. I'm open to other ideas as well, if anyone has any.
  5. Hey everyone. It's been a very long time since I've been on these forums, but after coming back to check on my previous (VERY OLD) thread where i posted a link for my G5 editor files, I noticed the file was taken down and I saw a few replies asking if I could re-upload it. I looked around my main computer to see if I had any copies, but alas, I did not. However, I've recently found that I had a copy of it saved to my laptop, and if there's still a demand for it I'm perfectly fine with posting the files again (this time I might just post the text in the thread with a spoiler cover on it so the editor will stay alive on the thread). But I'm not sure how many people are currently involved with playing G5 since it is a pretty old game, albeit, in my opinion, a very good one I thoroughly enjoyed during my formative years. I'm also not sure if a better editor has been made by anyone else since the link for mine went down. I also don't have a G5 full version installed currently (I lost my CD for it) so I won't really be able to test it myself and make sure it works 100% as intended from a simple copy and paste, although I'm certain it's the same zip file I uploaded for those previous links. All of that being said, I will be checking the editor's files (aka the modified zone files) to make sure the format in them is correct. I'll be including a read me file with some modified installation instructions I had on my last thread as well. Anyway, feel free to comment and let me know if there's any demand for it.
  6. Also if you'd like help for creating Blades of Geneforge I'd be happy to help with creating any scripts
  7. Here's the code I've come up with as a basis for coding the other editors. Feel free to use it if you'd like to redesign it and make it fit for the other games in the series, I've been busy dealing with being on probation and getting put on drug court so I've yet to get around to fine-tuning it for the other games in the series.
  8. Hey everyone, Ganduv here again. I'm contemplating creating editors for the rest of the Geneforge games, once I'm done polishing my Geneforge 5 editor a little bit more. There are just two things I'd like to be answered before I begin this (slightly overwhelming) project. - I'd like to know the number of talknodes that are allowed for each area in the other games in the series. I believe that G1 and G2 have a limit of 199 talknodes, and in G5 I was able to label the talknodes past 200, but I don't know if it's the same in G3 or G4. - If someone could list the changes in spells and their names between the games in the series, it'd make creating the individual editors for each game a bit faster. Also, since I plan to make item editors in addition to the skill editors, if someone could give me a list for useful or special items (i.e. puresteel for canisters in G4 and artifact items in G5) that would be useful to be vendored in the games, that'd be a huge help as well. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know of a way you could possibly edit a certain file to edit the shop menus that open up after you select shaping or spell training from a NPC? I know the code that the zone scripts use to open certain shop menus, I'm just curious if you'd be able to alter the shop menus themselves, like to add things such as other creations you could train at that trainer. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks. -Ganduv
  10. Ah, fantastic. I'm gonna put out another release of the editor soon. I've recently redone both zones, making the first zone object solely for editing your character's abilities, and the second zone object for creating items.
  11. They'll probably put a link for it in the Strategy Central or something when they get around to it. By the way, thanks for the reminder to include how to use the parts of the editor in-game, it slipped my mind to include that when I originally typed up the post. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for something you'd like added in the editor feel free to let me know. I've been thinking about expanding the editor into a third zone but I'm not sure what I'd use it for yet.
  12. This editor has the artifacts vendor scripted into it, so I'd say it's a replacement/merging of it.
  13. Thanks Nightwatcher, the script codes are all in my other thread nowhttp://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/20269-ganduvs-new-and-improved-g5-editor-beta/
  14. ***Before using this editor, you need to BACK UP your Geneforge 5 SCRIPTS folder before you replace any of the original files with mine.*** ***Also, this editor is not supported by Spiderweb Software and if you decide to use this editor you are doing so at your own risk.*** *INSTRUCTIONS* Right click on the file links provided in the spoilers, click on 'save link as' and make sure the file is saved as a .txt file. After you save the files for the editor, go to your Geneforge 5 SCRIPTS folder, and replace the gf5itemschars, z0pacificdlg, and z1Tminahdlg text files with mine. Then launch Geneforge 5, and to use the first part of the editor go interact with the Pacification Pylon's crystal spire in the Pacification Fields, and to use the second part interact with the first sign you see after you enter Minallah from the Pacification Fields. *****Remember, BACK UP YOUR ENTIRE SCRIPTS FOLDER BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT ANY OF THIS, especially if you aren't particularly skilled with altering files.***** That all being said, enjoy! V1.0.2 files gf5itemschars file download z0pacificdlg file download z1Tminahdlg file download New Features/Changes V1.0.2 Changes The power spiral used for the first part of the editor in the Pacification Fields is now solely for increasing skills, spells, shaping abilities, and gaining experiece. The sign in Minallah is now used for gear and item creation. I will expand the variety of items it can create such as charms and other items in the future. V1.0.1 Changes Options to individually max out strength, dexterity, intelligence, endurance, leadership, or mechanics skills Options to create individual special items, like crystalline fibers or purifying elixir Options to create individual magic anvil enhancement items The custom items have had some of their bonuses decreased to make them slightly less overpowered
  15. I'm not sure if I'm gonna put a download for it. For now (once I'm done completing the scripts) I'm just gonna put spoiler buttons with the script codes for each file inside.
  16. Hey guys, I've finally gotten back into playing Geneforge again and I'll be giving a gift to the community in the form of a better, more updated version of my previous Geneforge 5 editor. Currently the editor has these features: -Give experience -Increase individual character skills by 1 -Max all character skills -Give money (10,000 coins a pop) -Give living tools -Increase individual spells or shaping abilities by 1 or max them out -Recharge option to restore a large amount of essence, energy and health (faster than using rechargeme or re-entering a town) -Enhancement items vendor (for golden crystals etc.) -Give puresteel -Shaped gear vendor -Puresteel equipment vendor -Special ingredients vendor (Crystalline Fibers, Ur-Drakon Skin etc.) -Gear sets for Shaper, Guardian, and Agent classes (Agent gear set still needs finishing) -Custom items (4 charms and 1 godsword) The editor still has the same two parts, the pacification pylon control in the first zone, and then the sign in Minallah. If you have any suggestions for additional features you'd like to see, please let me know. Currently I'm working on adding options for maxing out individual skills, but I may have to limit it to only being able to max individual base and general skills, as I'm unsure if I'll have enough lines to code for the other skills. If you'd like to try out the current editor to try it out, just PM me and I'll send you the code for the zone and item files. I'll be creating another thread to post the code in once I've finished making sure all of the features work and making sure there aren't any bugs. Thanks.
  17. Can't wait til it comes out Sgt, I've been occupied learning how to mod a more complicated script (from a game called Fate) soon as I'm done I'l be ready to beta test like I've never beta tested before
  18. Dang, he must have put some kind of drug that you instead read through his chapters because you guys sure are hooked
  19. I just wish they had more books so instead of canisters you can increase them the old fashioned way, like they did (I think) in GF2 (or 3 I'm a lil rusty) I don't like sinking down to the rebels standard just to be able to create a battle beta or Drakon (I'm referring to Geneforge 5/4)
  20. Umm, I'm a little rusty on where I started because I started on GF3 in like 2005/04 (I can't remember) pretty sure it was on wild tanget games though, I tried it out and start my way up from G1 to G3, quit for a few years, came back, quit, and here I am now
  21. Yeah I tried what you tried one time Sssh and once I transformed into an eyebeast I freaked out I might fiddle with the scripts and troubleshoot a little later, but I'm more of a text scripter (and I'm tired), however if I find the time to troubleshoot I may. Last thing the healing spells probably made it crash because Drakons aren't supposed to be able to heal (so Jeff probably didn't put in a healing graphic). You may have to change some sort of ability to make a different animation in the healing script (i.e. the shocking rain graphic), that's all I can offer without looking closely at the script.
  22. Very nice Sgt, sounds like it's coming along great. I'd be happy to beta test it out once your pretty much done, I guess one day I'l get around to putting class gear on my editor
  23. Wow, the topics sure jumped along on this thread Anyway so as not to post an unnecessary post, could the guardian essence bug be fixed in the scripts manually? Or is it in the actual coding of the game or whatever they call it.
  24. @Thuryl, I'm not sure but Unbound might still give experience... but probably not a lot
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