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  1. QnD trainer, like basically all "trainers", inserts info directly into memory and many AV or IS programs give a false positive as many viruses exhibit similar behavior. If Q&D has not been altered in the last few years a lot of people have used Q&D with much fun and success. No bad behavior.
  2. Originally Posted By: Codec Seraphinianus Jeff has been using SDFs since BoE at least, since they're the way scenario designers handle, well, everything. He's probably been using that nomenclature and variable structure since E1. —Alorael, who is a bit curious as to why Jeff still puts them in that format. It's an odd way to set up what could just as easily be a named variable. Does he still use SDF's in Avadon?
  3. Originally Posted By: Thirsting Gemstone (Answering Warlord) Item editing. Here: begindefineitem 12; it_name = "Coated Cloak"; begindefineitem 12; had to reduce to 99 to prevent lockup. begindefineitem 36; had to reduce to 400 to prevent lockup. Reset 0 to 10 ok. begindefineitem 168; had to reduce to 400 to prevent lockup. Lockups only occurred during combat at my characters turn. At first I wondered why you didn't buff some higher items, then realized that the ones you used were readily available fairly early in game without further scripting signs and such to get them. Good ideas here... I like it! Note: Running Win XP SP3 AMD Phenom II x4 with other game mods removed, after getting these to work ok I put other toys back, no conflict. Possible future conflicts as character levels up? Mainly concerned about raising Quick Action from 10 to higher than 37 when leveling. With some other mods back in it's at 37 but can't be raised as lvl 11. May not matter, my character is only level 11, what level was your character when you boosted 600's?
  4. it_value = 10000;//10000 coins Does indeed give 10000 coins. (I lowered it from earlier amounts because of potential probs mentioned below.) The giveasnack cheat is in most, if not all, Avernum and Geneforge games. The mod varies in effect from one game to another. In one of them if you went over a max of 40000 coins it would zero out your coins. Some it would simply cap at 30 or 40000 and I think I've heard of it leaving just a few coins under certain circumstances. A clean install cures most ills. And hang on to your savegames. Unless they are corrupted. Was "two coins" in addition to your original amount? Or was 2 all you had left after trying cheat? Was your original amount fairly high to start with? What version of game are you running? What computer and OS? Again, I don't have the games installed. I'll take a peak at other threads where I posted this cheat and see if I've missed something. You could try in the meantime to make: it_value = 1000;//1000 coins and see if you see a change in results. Always save before modding. Surprisingly for as long as this has been posted (nearly 2 years) no one else mentioned a problem. Sooo... I re-installed GF5 and tested it. There is no problem I could reproduce. Try some of the above suggestions and see if you get different results. Try re-installing. Another possible fix is copying and pasting modded items 253-54 directly from post to gf5itemschars.txt. Also, If you've used other mods that may conflict somehow. A small, incomplete change can easily effect 100's of lines of following content. With a fresh install I went from game start training area with 100 coins to 10100 coins. Ran it again 20100. Ran it again 30000. Ran it again 0. Ran it again 10000. I can't fix it if it ain't broke! (grin) There may be over hundreds of thousands of variations of machine composition and OS's so it may just not work for you. That would be sad because in other threads I have variations on this theme that allow you to "conjure" nearly any desired item.
  5. Originally Posted By: Warlord Aidan Hey Microphage are there any codes like the alwans SDF codes for taygan and the others? Yes. You need to create them from the "dlg"'s associated with those characters. I've had a series of problems with hard drive crashes in my game machine(s) (and have decided to not use a certain brand ever again) and so have lost appr 4 re-installs of my SpidWeb game collection. I will eventually get back to them but am currently totally immersed in another game. I consistently get more active with SpidWeb forums when the latest Windows release is available. Meanwhile, there's no reason why you or some of the others here can't make some SDF's. Originally Posted By: Thirsting Gemstone Question: are the "Spore Batons" used at all in G5? They were used in G4 for those minefields I hated, but do they come into play in G5? Because if not there are roughly 22 lines of editing free. That's a good question. Due to the above I'm not qualified to answer it. However, I recall thinking I could free up some lines regarding "melted sand" or somesuch. As it turns out, it WAS used! So I suspect the lines you are referring to are not artifacts. Anyone?
  6. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES Whoa, Microphage, please cool down. Please refrain from making more angry posts here. Thanks. Slarty Am now cooler by appr 3.2 degrees. Literally! Again, apologies to all.
  7. Originally Posted By: ItwasTed Thanks for the great info. On a personal note, I try to read the huge, flashing "please read" portions of any thread. Being the new person, I thought I'd throw that out there. The problem stems from 14 things being flashing, important "you must read!!!" messages. Then you give up. My bad. Sorry. Oh, those "flamey things". They indicate a hot topic. There is a lot to read when you first arrive. Was not having a good week and I took something personal that wasn't mean't that way. The fact is - it was in a thread I started and when I backtracked I came to an old "correction" from *i, added 2 + 2 and got 5. Since I've gotten some sleep and fever is down I'm seeing more clearly. When you feel crappy sometimes you say/do things you regret. @ ItwasTed: Welcome, and check you're sanity at the door... (sheepish grin)
  8. Originally Posted By: Andraste Originally Posted By: Drew I've been reading "A Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin Crazy. Sporefrog and I are reading it too. Good, but too much incest. I'm halfway through it now! "A Clash of Kings" is waiting (book 2 in the series) next. I've looked for the thread about Doug Adam's "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and remembered some new author was supposed to write more since Adam's passing. Couldn't find the thread I wanted, but here goes anyhow... I just finished reading "The Hitchhikers Trilogy" which is all 5 (yes, a 5 volume trilogy) volumes in 1 hardcover book. I've read and re-read all 5 but this is my 1st re-read of all 5 from start to finish in about a week. Adam's definately finished the whole HHG2TG series. Over. Done. Wonderful! Loved them all! But he FINISHED it! Maybe there was some slight undocumented editing (in the compilation), but there are no loose ends to hang another series on. It would be an insult. The "Adam's Universe" is still out there but if someone did try to soil it by new books I think I'd be offended. Did any new ones get written or did Adam's fans squash them? DON'T PANIC! MK2 PANIC! New author?: GAG Oops. This from wikipedia: And Another Thing... Main article: And Another Thing... (novel) It was announced on 17 September 2008 that Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer had been commissioned to write the sixth installment entitled And Another Thing... with Jane Belson, Adams' widow.[17][18] The story begins as death rays bear down on Earth, and the characters awaken from a virtual reality. Zaphod picks them up shortly before they're killed, but completely fails to escape the death beams. They are then saved by Bowerick Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged, who they agree to help kill. Zaphod travels to Asgard to get Thor's help. In the meantime, the Vogons are heading to destroy a colony of people who also escaped Earth's destruction, on the planet Nano. Arthur, Wowbagger, Trillian and Random head to Nano to try to stop the Vogons, and on the journey, Wowbagger and Trillian fall in love, making Wowbagger question whether or not he wants to be killed. Zaphod arrives with Thor, who then signs up to be the planet's God. He almost kills Wowbagger, but thanks to Random, he only loses his immortality, and gets married to Trillian. Thor then stops the first Vogon attack, and apparently dies. Meanwhile, Constant Mown, son of Prostetnic Jeltz, convinces his father that the people on the planet are not citizens of Earth, but are, in fact, citizens of Nano, which means that it would be illegal to kill them. As the book draws to a close, Arthur is on his way to check out a possible university for Random, when, during a hyperspace jump, he is flung across alternate universes, has a brief encounter with Fenchurch, and ends up exactly where he'd want to be. And then the Vogons turn up again. The book was published by Penguin Books in the UK and Hyperion in the US on October 12, 2009. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hitchhiker's_Guide_to_the_Galaxy They actually did it. Has anyone read this? Opinion?
  9. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Still wouldn't work. Some people would still ignore it, and it would be rather annoying for everyone involved as well. Dikiyoba. Originally Posted By: Velzan Pessimist. Realist actually. Noticed "Velzan" is now "Velzan's". It would be more informative if it said "Velzan's Creations Archive". As is, it's kind of like a "mystery gift" in FarmVille. (You don't know what it is till you open it.) Most of us who've been here a while know what to expect from "Synergy" and others. But new people have no idea what any of this is about without a more descriptive link title... Would it be possible to add: Microphage's Scripting and SDF Codes. under "Editors and Information:"? I'm in Strategy Central for other Geneforge and Avernum games (mostly Editors). Thanks!
  10. Actually Slarty's froze upside down within 24 hours of the general ban. I, after 2 years of having a tacky avatar was courteously requested in a PM to change it. I readily agreed and complied. (In my defense I must say I and others thought it funny. Playing game at torment level and cartoonishly bashing my head to pulp on keyboard.) On my machine it played through so fast that until I saw it on a "brand x" dialup machine where it was essentially r e a l l y s l l o o w w I agreed with it being tacky. Comparing SpidWeb forum leadership to Nazism is absurd. I, was a 'bad guy' avatar wise. I had a 'static' one for years and was encouraged by other members to spice it up with an animated one. At least make it glow or something. I started with a wind breaking smiley, then a cartoon of head smacking keyboard frustration. Until it was pointed out I thought nothing of it. Acts far exceeding cartoon violence are involved in all SpidWeb games. BUT, no gore splashes/decals. Yes, occult activities, but the triumph of good over evil. (At least the way I play it.) Sooo. I'm content without the splashymessness, somewhat competitive attitude of animated avatars. I think the 'throttling back' was done rather well and agree with it. I even agree that some avatars (other than mine) were actually irritating.
  11. Originally Posted By: Master Ackrovan i hate being showed up by a reptile Heheh. Been there, done that. Actually it's a compliment since Dikiyoba is a rarified genius and a very fine person. (for a lizard)
  12. Sorry, no. No way I can find anyhow. Not with full party. New game worked for me... It doesn't take that long to catch up and on 1st play through it's well worth it. I'm not saying it's not possible. The scripts show XP ups, maybe negatives work. Doubt it though. Probably parsed wrong.
  13. I like it! With some minor scripting you can also get specific items* such as: begindefineitem 485; import = 120; it_name = "Scroll - Return Life"; or any other item that way. Very good one. *Note: See my A5 thread for details. Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Cockroach, welcome to Spiderweb, check your sanity at the door...
  14. BACKUP then open av6itemschars.txt copy and paste the following: begindefineitem 210; it_name = "Tools"; it_graphic_sheet = 2; it_which_icon_ground = 10; it_which_icon_inven = 11; it_extra_description = 26; it_value = 20; it_charges = 1;// stax line added begindefineitem 211; it_name = "Basket"; it_graphic_sheet = 8; it_which_icon_ground = 0; it_which_icon_inven = 1; it_extra_description = -1; it_value = 1 it_charges = 0;// no stax line added begindefineitem 212; it_name = "Research Notes"; it_graphic_template = 52; it_graphic_sheet = 0; it_which_icon_ground = 8; it_which_icon_inven = 9; it_charges = 1;// restore stax it_value = 50; it_extra_description = 6; begindefineitem 213; it_name = "Incense"; it_graphic_sheet = 2; it_which_icon_ground = 10; it_which_icon_inven = 11; // it_charges = 0; stax it_value = 30; it_extra_description = -1; begindefineitem 214; import = 5;// added mod crystal it_name = "Flawless Crystal"; // it_graphic_sheet = 3; // it_which_icon_ground = 4; // it_which_icon_inven = 5; // it_charges = 1; it_value = 200; // it_extra_description = 5; it_graphic_coloradj = 8;// 8 clear added mod crystal begindefineitem 215; import = 213;// added to restore it_name = "Lab Equipment"; it_graphic_sheet = 1; it_which_icon_ground = 6; it_which_icon_inven = 7; it_charges = 1; it_value = 70; it_extra_description = 27; it_weight = 30; it_charges = 1;// stax line added it_graphic_coloradj = 3;// makes greens blues vs reds greens of alchemical begindefineitem 216; it_which_icon_ground = 4; it_which_icon_inven = 5; begindefineitem 217; it_name = "Lamp"; it_graphic_sheet = 0; it_which_icon_ground = 2; it_which_icon_inven = 3; it_value = 3; it_ability = 238; it_level = 20; it_extra_description = -1; it_graphic_coloradj = 0;// restore color As noted in the remarks this does a color change between alchemical and lab items. They use the same icons and colors so this seems to compliment differences and doesn't make you wonder what's the difference. Also makes stackable to save slots in inventory. Makes Flawless Crystal look like a crystal, but clear. ''Flawless...''
  15. You can always use leetbuffz. Several great buffs for entire party.
  16. Hmm. I kill all rats. Just not lizards, bats or wolves I've "tamed". (except doing quicksave first ) I have to admit I'm tempted when I re-enter a zone, sometimes days later, and spend time checking out the blue dots (showmeall minimap) and it's just something I didn't kill. They never have new loot either. What the heck, kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out! Whatever makes your socks roll up and down (and gives xp)...
  17. @The Turtle Moves: Thanks again for a very cool idea! I made a subfolder on my desktop, did a search for dlg.txt and copied them all to that folder. (helpful if I get stuck like I did with Nociduas. I put a warning with the cheat code dbugkill. Big sigh of relief for having done a quicksave!) This works well for me. (old eyes) It also effects the sacs on the ground making them a slightly different shade. Not glaringly obvious, but helpful for spotting. I think I collected about 26 and though quest giver needed less (5) he bought them all. So, a little coin boost as well... Turn live Chitrach Egg Sacs pale green, leave empty (broken husk) sacs pale tan (script edit av6itemschars.txt): begindefineitem 481; import = 260; it_name = "Chitrach Egg Sac"; it_graphic_template = 51; it_graphic_sheet = 5; it_which_icon_ground = 7; it_which_icon_inven = 8; it_charges = 1; it_graphic_coloradj = 4;// change color pale green begindefineitem 482; it_name = "Broken Bit of Husk"; it_graphic_coloradj = 0;// restore color pale tan
  18. You can't help but wonder what's in those nests... Seems silly maybe but I don't like to kill critters that aren't attacking me. But what are they hiding? Could be valuable or rare. So, Hit F3 for quick save, kill however many you have to, check nest and if it's not worth killing critters who trust you, hit F4 twice to reload. Never happened...
  19. Very good script edit idea! Totally cool! I see what you mean by patience. The only scripts with begin_shop_mode all have ...dlg.txt at end of file name. That gives you 140 possible scripts for trainers. Many are not in towns so while z69Tcastledlg.txt is helpful for Correlea in the Castle, not so good for a hermit combat trainer in the wilds. z69Tcastledlg.txt breaks down as: z]one 69 T]own castle dlg] dialog .txt Example of what you are referring to: begin_shop_mode("Correlea's Spells", "Correlea describes a range of simpler magical incantations that might be of value to you.", 2,3,0); break; Change 2,3,0 to 2,0,0 for "extremely cheap"... begintalknode 192; state = 175; nextstate = -1; condition = gf(170,0) >= 2; <======================<< 2 = Lieutenant rank question = "I would like to learn advanced magic."; text1 = "You conclude your training."; code = begin_shop_mode("Correlea's Spells", "Correlea describes a range of more powerful magical incantations that might be of value to you.", 3,4,0); break; And 3,4,0 to 3,0,0 for "extremely cheap". Awesome! I tend to use SDF's as opposed to script editing because many people aren't comfortable with editing script files. You can get in a mess either way, script editing or SDF's. I lean toward careful use of SDF's because they are easier (once someones done all the hard stuff of finding where and how to make them, where to use them and how to reset original values when applicable and documenting clearly). If you think you messed up with an SDF just quit game without saving. Never happened! I haven't played through game yet, but what I've seen so far leads me to think one script edit for money, and SDF codes (no editing) to juggle rank as needed may get me through with least effort as far as training cheats go. Plus, I've noticed the script #'s don't follow game chronology so I don't want to "spoiler" myself either! Thanks! Excellent!
  20. First thought: What/how? Second thought: Encounter trainers at lower levels?, Multi script edits? Third thought: Vivid interest. Method please? At least a hint? You know what zones involved? Betcha do and SDF's manifest themselves from there...
  21. Please note: Using these codes is recommended for game replays only. Why? To enjoy full effect of normal 1st play through! Also, trainers are expensive. You'd have to use above money cheat script edit and type 'giveasnack' for 30000 coins for each party member as full advanced training from Correlea alone costs over 115000 coins! The military rank codes combined with coin cheat should be effective with all trainers (unless they have chores for you or want bribes.) If I find anything new I'll update. Questions and ideas from anyone welcome and appreciated. (Flamers feel free to immerse themselves in nearest deep body of water.) Best way to do this: Save game first! If anything gets uncomfortable, reload saved game or quit without saving. Experiment till comfortable. Correlea at Castle training cheat (shift + D for cheat console): SDF 170 0 2 makes Lieutenant for advanced spells SDF 170 0 0 makes Private again (be sure to do this so you can earn promotions normally later!) Sergeant Kaye at Fort Remote combat trainer You're likely a Sergeant by now also so you can't order her to train you. But use SDF to be Lieutenant, (or even Captain)... SDF 170 0 2 (or 3) Don't forget to enter this SDF to return to Sergeant rank. SDF 170 0 1 Potential (mild) spoilers follow: SDF codes for rank - promotion given by: SDF 170 0 0 Private (game start rank) SDF 170 0 1 Sergeant (Meryhew, Castle) SDF 170 0 2 Lieutenant (Levitt, Castle Intel) SDF 170 0 3 Captain (Levitt, Castle Intel)
  22. MONEY CHEAT script edit of av6itemschars.txt: (When script editing ALWAYS make back up 1st!) begindefineitem 284; import = 250; it_name = "Cake"; it_graphic_template = 52; it_graphic_sheet = 6; it_which_icon_ground = 8; it_which_icon_inven = 9; it_variety = 14;// giveasnack cheat it_charges = 1;// . . now gives it_value = 30000;// 30000 coins begindefineitem 285; import = 250;// (restores normal kabob) it_name = "Kabob"; it_which_icon_ground = 10; it_which_icon_inven = 11; Easiest to copy/paste lines 284-285 to av6itemschars.txt Now can type giveasnack and receive 30000 coins any where! Windows path: C:\Program Files\Spiderweb Software\Avernum 6\Avernum 6 Files\Scripts
  23. I've seen 'cheat codes' all over the Exile, Blades, Nethergate, Geneforge and Avernum forums here for years. Many not in the hint books. Much of what is listed above is memories from playing the earlier games. If you ask for help/hints around here, you'll get them. Try googling Avernum 4, 5, or 6 cheats and see how many gamer sites have this information. Even walk throughs & trainers not found on SpidWeb. I've even seen people express concerns that "using cheats is wrong". The bottom line is that Jeff wrote them and left them accessable for those who wish to use them. And believe me, they can sure come in handy and bail you out of losing a lot of game progress! Rest assured that if anything inappropriate is posted - the members, the mods, global mods, and admins would be right on it! Thanks. -=microphage=-
  24. Hey Pyro! Now that A6 is out for Windows my interest in the forums has been rekindled. I realize there are no more Geneforge games, but was wondering if you were considering a trainer for A6? Anyhow, glad to see you're still here at SpidWeb... Later Dude, -=microphage=- Look here for latest activity: http://www.ironycentral.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=201393#Post201393
  25. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Totally excellent! Much appreciated. This helps me and others wander around looking for pylons a bit less aimlessly. Thanks! -=microphage=-
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