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  1. You shouldn't worry to much about the timed destruction thing on Avernum 3's remake. It is much more forgiving than the original. Heck, I was exploring the regions quite a lot as I was busy with the plagues.
  2. Mmm, BoE and BoA refers to Blades of Exile and Blades to Avernum respectively. They have scenario creators for your own campaigns.
  3. Mmm, it did kind of make me miss the 'special deaths' though. Like attacking people on Oglai(I think I butchered the name) in A2, and then the defenses of that Vahnatai city kicks in and effectively melts you. But yah, mmm, wiping out Fort Remote, and then watching as a survivor crawls into the throne room and declaring a demon horde wiped out the fort and killed everyone, kind of made me sad.
  4. Ah boo, no Blades option? But anyway, Blades of Avernum holds a special place in my heart. Both me and my friend got it on one of those shareware CDs back in grade 4 or 5, and that is how we discovered it(we could never buy it though. Parents didn't trust online transactions from small sites back then), so we were limited to that Vale scenario. Anyway, every school night we would play it, discovering more and more. During lunch breaks at school we would discuss any secrets or hidden items/weapons we discovered. It was pretty damn fun when once of us discovered a false wall leadi
  5. Mmmm, an old game I played in recent years was Siege of Avalon. I found it by chance as I was browsing for decent isometric CRPGs. It was pretty good, and I guess being released 19 years ago would qualify it as an old game. It was originally released in 6 chapters(with the first one being free and you having to buy the other 5). Eventually it got released as an anthology together so you didn't have to get them separately. Basically, the backstory is that 7 kingdoms are in an uneasy alliance, with the fortress/castle of Avalon being the central meeting place. The world also contains a massiv
  6. Mmm, I honestly do wonder what type of 'travel' system the game will use. Will it have an overworld like the first Exile/Avernum trilogy, will it have you traveling from area to area like Geneforge saga or Avadon trilogy, or will it have an openworld like the second Avernum trilogy. I honestly can't wait to find it.
  7. Mmm, Blades of Geneforge would be nice, but due to the issues Blades of Avernum caused spiderweb...yah. Though I guess what would be nice, would be if BoA someday got put on steam, and all the scenarios could be found on the Steam Workshop. Well, could probably be updated like how Nethergate was?
  8. Well, I am REALLY loving Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. It has all the good aspects that the original Avernum 2 has, plus the added bonus of improved gameplay and vastly improved graphics. I also enjoy how things like quickfire, salamanders making fire around them, etc. has made a return. And how some spells like the one to collapse walls and the one to sanctify altars also made a return. Two things bummed me though, though they are really minor things. Firstly, Hydra's being replaced by Hellhounds. Secondly, Chitrachs(I can never spell their name), now looking like scuttlers, even though i
  9. Anyone got a link to a working G4 editor download? Please and thankyou.
  10. ...Avernum 4-6 kinda does use this engine...though I do admit that some icons in avernum 4 could use spicing up.
  11. I am stuck on this quest. I have already found 5 of the triangles. The sixth is supposed to be at the undead past the hidden door in the Bahssikava tunnels area in a body, but I can't find it at alll. Any chance someone can help me?
  12. Well, even a few extra rounds might have been enough for the guards to swarm the throne room and kill you
  13. Superba, you mean similar to how you die in baldurs gate? Not just suddenly, but by being overwhelmed by Flaming Fists.
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