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  1. So let it be written. So let us write some more.
  2. Hey everyone. I just picked up this game, and I think it's awesome. However, in terms of class balance I'm really just used to soloing it as a Shaper and fighting with wave upon wave of expendable man- (vlish-) power. Now that, not only is there no adequate substitute class, but it doesn't look like I'll ever be able to have more than three of the four classes with me at one time, I want to ask who you recommend I leave out.
  3. I've been tweaking pages there for a while. It is rather deficient. Effort by the forum members to bring it up to speed would be really cool.
  4. Originally Posted By: MMXPERT That's what he was saying in the first place. What he said was this. Originally Posted By: Andras1444 The rebels are the ones who really remind me of communism. They hate the ones who have to work very hard to get their influence (the Shapers) and instead of trying to become better, richer, all they do is try to become equal by killing everyone who is better than them. And that's not how communism works.
  5. That's not how communism works.
  6. Interesting final point. I believe a society like that is called a technocracy. The rebellion, on the other hand, from what I've seen of them, seems to be a military dictatorship. This is a bit odd, considering that the rebels are supposed to be advocating egalitarianism. I still go Awakened every chance I get, though.
  7. Originally Posted By: no such thing as light artillery This is the sort of thing that can and probably should be discussed on the xkcd forums. Because with its readership here, we could easily just talk about every xkcd comic. Don't see what's wrong with that...
  8. I dunno...hi-tech is so hard to balance. It's one of the reasons why sci-fi Geneforge went out the window. If you want to see this in action, you can read The Eternity Artifact. It's patently obvious throughout the book just how much Modesitt had to stretch himself to make space combat seem like a fair proposition. Despite precedent, I'd still love to see a successful sci-fi RPG. If you have any more ideas on this topic, please share them (I hope I can speak for the community in this ).
  9. Seconded. Very strongly seconded. Read every word of everything. If this is a habit you need to train yourself out of, play "Spellbreaker" or "Planetfall" or "Blue Lacuna" - the last is legally available for no charge. Have fun!
  10. Of course, I'm stopping this before I end up on every FBI watchlist ever.
  11. Okay, so you have a combat-oriented Guardian with a Kyshakk whom you tend to put in front because of its health? And you shoot for the artillery before the front line? Great. What I don't see you mentioning, however, is maneuvers. Properly taking advantage of a wall or a door or even a dumb pillar can often mean the difference between life and death, as the blocked line of sight forces your enemies either to choose a different target or waste valuable action points trying to set up a clean shot. In Grosch, I recommend occupying one of the buildings and using the door as a chokepoint. My favo
  12. My response: Obvious troll is obvious.
  13. What you need...is tactics. Combat in Geneforge favors the cunning, which is why I rarely play Guardian: Guardian has too few options as it takes Action Points to swap weapons. Shaper is the best class, because having anywhere from one to seven expendable units is a huge strategic edge. Once you can get into the right strategic groove, you can pretty much take anything the game can throw at you, even on Torment...but yeah, you have to have enough patience to save-load until you know how the fight works. If you could say exactly where you're stuck, I'm sure there's a dozen people who could
  14. So...should they film a Quidditch tournament movie starring Russel Crowe?
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