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  1. Recently finished In the Company of Soldiers by Rick Atkinson. It follows the 101st Airborne division's first few months during the invasion of Iraq, specifically following General Petraeus and his staff. It's a very fascinating look at the logistical difficulties of launching a modern-era military movement of a huge scale and tactical choices that come with being in command during a war like Iraq, with all of the legitimacy issues analyzed in excellent objective detail. It takes a very armchair view of the war, so don't expect to get into the grittier parts of combat. Atkinson himself has an exceptional talent of military history as well, and it shows in his descriptions and observations of the entire operation. I would definitely recommend it to any military enthusiasts out there if you haven't picked it up already.
  2. Hi SW. Long time no see. In the last month I've been revisiting a lot of Spiderwebs games and I got around to picking up Avadon 2 about a week ago. In predicable fashion of me, I binged through the game in about 3 days. Overal I did enjoy the game well enough. Of the two Avadon's I prefer The Black Fortress, but Avadon 2 was still a solid game on the whole. My biggest problem though is the writing...which is definitely a first for a SW game. Did anyone else feel like Jeff over did the humor in this game? It's not one little piece, it's more like a hundred or more dialogs throughout the game that seemingly exhibit an attitude of self-depreciation to the games own plot and backstory, and even a bit to fantasy as a genre. It became over-saturating after a while. I'm not sure if Jeff was rushing on this one, but it feels like it. I'm not saying I don't enjoy humor. I do, quite a bit. Jeff has always had humor and little jokes nestled in his games. But here it felt way too much. I can't think of any specific examples at the moment, but the whole time playing this game, I kept getting the feeling that the writing had regressed a bit. Anybody else feel like this at all, or am I just a horribly mean nitpicker?
  3. I'm anticipating that the PC and your party will remain loyal to Redbeard. From my experience the option to rebel felt a bit tacked on, never really as fleshed out as it could have been. I remember reading Jeff plans on improving this. I'd also wager that we're going to get a new ending that takes from the events you can make from the first game, And, the actual ending to Avadon is pretty much the same. The only significant difference is whether your in charge of Avadon or not; everything else is more or less reduced to how strong Avadon's enemies are. But other than that, there isn't a ton of variation. The Pact is still in turmoil no matter way, the Kellem and Holklanda are on the brink of war, the Farlanders are getting more aggressive. In retrospect, only the Kva seems to be significantly different depending on whether or not you end up killing Zepherine (Zephrine? Zephrene? The blue thing). From all indications Jeff is planning on expanding this, which is what I'm most excited about. As for the PC/Party returning, I would wager so. I personally predict Jenall and possible Sevelin are going to defect, while Shima and Nathalie will decide to remain in Avadon. The PC..hard to say. I'm hoping he/she doesn't just disappear. Perhaps take him/her off screen, still working for Avadon, just not participating in the same missions as you. Hell, if Jeff goes that route, I'd really love it if the first PC ties back into the story, helping the second PC in more roundabout ways.
  4. SOoooooooooooooooo happy there's going to be a simultaneous release. Good luck Jeff, you've only been getting better in your cranky old age.
  5. Happy holidays and whatnot! Or just happy December 25th, whichever you prefer.
  6. I always assumed that the Drayk-Boats were heavily modified to the point of no longer retaining any intelligence, to the point where it's more like a big, floating Fyora. Reptiles is a good a guess as any. It seems like Reptiles have a high chance of developing intelligence in the Geneforge universe. Plus they totally look like frogs.
  7. Heel young one. Despite the empty rumors of malcontents, I can positively guarentee you that there is nothing of interest outside your front door. Should you feel the need to exit said door, follow up on said feelings by slapping yourself with an exceptionally large, wet flounder.
  8. Since Geneforge remains my favorite game series by SW (although that might change to Avadon depending on how the next two games go), I would recommend starting there. As mentioned before, A:EFTP is a remake of Avernum 1. Avernum 2 and 3 have not yet been recreated, so unless you want to start with an older system (thus buying an additional two games), I would suggest playing through EFTP first and just waiting until the next remakes get released. A4-6 is very self-contained from the first trilogy, so you shouldn't worry about ruining your experience if you want to start with them. There will be a few spoilers, but the experience should be largely intact. Generally speaking however, most people consider the second Avernum trilogy to be inferior to the first. Avadon and N:R are currently standalone games, with Avadon getting a sequel next year. Both are great games which are worth your attention.
  9. Avadon's the new kid on the yard. He needs to spend some time on the monkey bars before he gets recommended.
  10. Really? Completely missed that. Do you remember who mentions it by any chance?
  11. Acky


    Jeff said he plans to do a Geneforge remake at some point, at least the first one. I would not expect it until after the Avernum remakes are completed however.
  12. To be fair, unless you edited the scripts, you can't have more than 3 classes with you on a mission. I'd rather have male/female graphics for the current classes then new classes altogether.
  13. Just to reiterate, Jeff said the date for beta testing was around June. It may end up being mid-late spring too. Hopefully this means he's taking the time to expand the world and making it beefer. I liked the returning idea in the first Avadon but I didn't have to do it everyone time. On a slightly related note, I wonder how Jeff's going to address the fact that there was only 4 portals in Avadon to begin with, but one would certainly think they would have at least a half dozen more to get to the other area's in Lynaeus. Complete speculation, but the bluebeard play Jeff got Avadon from had 7 portal-doors in Bluebeards castle; maybe he's planning on mirroring that.
  14. I'd like to co-sign a Winter's Voices playthrough. I'm about half-way through the second episode and really enjoying it thusfar. The atmosphere of the game, particularly in the writing, is excellent. I would recommend trying the first episode at least, you may very well enjoy yourself. If you want to experiment a little bit, I would also recommend trying out To The Moon. No combat to speak of, so it's also story-based. You're a pair of scientists entering a dying man's dreams, trying to relive his life. It gets extremely deep at points and is very immersing. The graphics are pretty eastern-inspired. It is linear though, not much exploration involved. Still, a great game for a weekend.
  15. I actually emailed Jeff an inquiry about this about two weeks ago. He said that he wants to get beta-testing for Avadon 2 up by at least June, although the date is tenuous. No word on A2CS. I wouldn't expect that until well into 2014.
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