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  1. Originally Posted By: Hand Ackrovan Charged Vlish are worthless. Worthless, worthless, worthless. At a whooping 75 essence points (that's more then half of the 3rd tier creations!), its just a regular Vlish with a slowing effect, and even that isn't the best. So skip this loser. No really. Don't even waste your time finding out why I hate this creation. It does have a redeeming quality: 100 cold resistance (practically (but not theoretically) 100% since the game never throws enough Cryoas at you to overcome a regeneration aura). Meaning they're useful in about three places in the whole gam
  2. The group of four golems in Kayar's Spire Cells kills me in one round with just their auras (they kill my party if I get out of the way). The Thuggish Tralls on Sammann's Isle would have killed some of my Eyebeasts if I hadn't meatshielded for them. I'd have done the same with the Wormhost Rotghroth, but it acted before me. My whole (uncontrolled) party dealt fire damage, so I went to melee with the Charged Drakon (99% fire resist even after you disable his protection) and took hits from the Gazer who cleverly hid behind a wall to escape the Eyebeasts.
  3. Originally Posted By: Micawber (For Shapers it should make no difference, as your creations take all the damage anyway.) You're doing it wrong. A Lifecrafter can get 90% armor, making him invulnerable to physical damage as long as he doesn't get stunlocked. A Shaper can get 94% armor and 90% resistances (80% for stun and acid, less for poison) A Shaper is not an army. A Shaper is Chuck Norris: what's Torment for everyone else is Casual for him.
  4. Talisman of Might = Gold Necklace + Purification Elixir + Rotghroth Fang (4% armor, +4 Strength, +5 Vampiric Touch) Inspired by this thread about the mental focus charm. I wonder if there are recipes that could never be found in-game in any of G3-G5?
  5. Study of Magic creations, missing from the first post (and an outdated link in the third): http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=183146Post183146 Originally Posted By: Mechanics and Leadership Mera-Tev needs 9 leadership and 11 mechanics to reach the quest area that blocks you way to the south map section. You only need 7 leadership to get there and 8 to control the thing at the end. 9 gets you hints (might be a bug: <9 "...but you aren't able to get anything else out of her," but then you get everything else out of her with 7 anyway) and redu
  6. Originally Posted By: Roentgenium Also, how far can you go with powergaming the sects? You can get multiple people (everyone but Taygen?) to the point where they ask you to go to the Shaper Council meeting, IIRC. But since you want to end up with Alwan, you'll have to leave Litalia early, too. Start with Taygen since everyone else has a quest to ruin his plans. Then Astoria, as releasing the Shredbugs would alienate her. Then Litalia so you can destroy Trakovite Haven for the Drakons afterwards. Hmm, Astoria + Litalia + Ghaldring might lower your reputation dangerously much. I never had
  7. Kyshakks are impossible, as G1-3 lack the 'Surrounded by lightning' status effect. The Wingbolt is just a weaker Gazer with a different melee attack and fewer resistances. Adding its attacks and replacing an existing creation should work. I think Ornks would be the most fun to replace. Or Pyroroamers.
  8. The FB has better stats IIRC.
  9. Or add Acid to the Frozen Blade.
  10. I was talking about the one shredbug that escapes when you get close enough.
  11. Originally Posted By: "A few posts up" All we mean by permanent creations is creations that are carefully protected and not absorbed or readily used as disposable cannon fodder.
  12. Define "obnoxious pop up". Do whatever the link in the readme says to do. (How do I make the above look more like a link and less like regular bolded text?)
  13. Originally Posted By: Untamed Banana Slug I wonder if you can still destroy/release the Purity Agent if you helped Taygen create it? Yes, but only before you report it to Taygen IIRC.
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