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  1. I think I would like to be eaten by a dragon. The only one eaten by a dragon. Why did the dragon eat that guy? Where did the dragon go?
  2. Well, For some reason the DNS provider for my college has decided that SW has too high of a likelyhood of giving my computer a virus and is blocking access. This has resulted in me not visiting the forums for about two or three weeks, and has made me realize that it is time for me to leave. I have been contributing less and less, and also felt that I don't have anything to add. Since being denied access has broken my habit of checking the forums several times a day I am going to take advantage of it and say goodbye. I may return when another game comes out (assuming I can gain access to the forums) but until then farewell. The_Ratt
  3. Originally Posted By: Triumph Your scenario includes references to which of the following? A. Richard White B. getting mauled by bears C. Benghazi D. nuclear war E. all of the above I don't know what scenario you're referring to, but B and C are obviously the answers.
  4. I didn't know Wesnoth had a giant rat monster, cool!
  5. The Ratt

    No, Seriously!

    Tree-umph? Hmmm... maybe not.
  6. The Ratt

    Good idea!

    You should provide a link to a template so we can make our own spiderweb memes.
  7. I'd suggest starting with Java or C++ rather than Python or Perl, simply because it's easier to transition from a low level language to a high level language rather than the other way around.
  8. Depths of Peril had an interesting balance of party vs. single. There were three classes, you could choose one for your main character, then you could recruit up to six randomly generated recruits. Only one could accompany you in the field, all the others stayed at your home base.
  9. I'd go with A or B. I think C is too interesting and flashy, it could distract, make the playing field seem cluttered, and/or be hard on the eyes if you have to look at it for a while (like this). Also have you considered putting a black border around the edges of all of the cards?
  10. I think many of the issues in America could be resolved if the American mentality was changed. Using the metaphor of climbing a slippery slope, the stereotypical American is focused on individually getting to the top, and it is possible because a few smart, talented, or lucky people got there, but, with everyone taking that mentality, the situation just ends up with everyone pulling each other down and climbing over each other. It would be great if we could change the mentality to helping each other up, so everyone benefits; if you slip someone will catch your hand, assuming that you would do the same thing. Basically people acting for the benefit of the collective whole, rather than themselves with the expectation that as the whole improves, they will be pulled up along with it. I understand that even if we did have this attitude of helping each other we would still have problems with deciding what is the best way to solve the problems of the collective whole, but, perhaps, politicians would be more willing to consider the thoughts of the other side instead of just condemning opposing thoughts. Other thoughts. The media sucks, from FOX news to NBC, all they care about is profits, viewers, and ratings, which means stories that will inflame or captivate the most number of people are shown and exaggerated, while other stories with comparative impact are pushed to the side because they might not be agreeable (particularly race related stuff).
  11. The Ratt


    Congrats on the 2000 posts! Your topic is quite original.
  12. For me, number 1 seems most like traditional card backs. Though if you are going for that, I would make the stars more organized.
  13. Originally Posted By: The Mystic Happened to me too, though the truck I hit was parked. And there was absolutely no visible damage to the truck, because its back bumper was replaced by (I think) a recycled section of an I-beam. o.O Wow, only in Michigan.
  14. Originally Posted By: Y? Bcaus, IDK he's on 3rd & IDC Last time that I did it genuinely here I got my head bitten off and my buttocks flayed, you have been warned. FYT It's been a day or two, since it happened; They're probably fine. Maybe the mods were in a bad mood that day?
  15. Well after a two week hiatus, I'm now restarting Week 2 column 3. For day 1, I managed all the sets except the max, which I only did 10 out of 15.
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