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Torment Builds

Shaper - Cheap

Shaper - Missile/Creations

Guardian - Missile/Creations ( More )

Guardian - Missile ( Endgame )

Guardian - Melee ( More )

Agent - Melee/Daze

Agent - Battle Magic ( More )

Agent - Dodge/Missile

Agent - as Shaper

Guardian - as Shaper (plus walkthrough)

Technical data not in FAQ

Creation Stats

Item Enhancements ( Update )


Items in the Game

Parry vs. Endurance for a Guardian



Editor Information


Ending Guide

Basic Tactics for the Geneforge Series


There's a lot of good discussion spread out around this forum, and I got tired of looking things up. I figure somebody else might appreciate having these links around, too. Et voici!

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I am thinking of writing a detailed guide on how to survive torment with any character.


Edit, so as to not double post...


And being overwhelmed, I burned a couple of Madness Gems. The resulting charms, dazes, and general disorder and confusion was all I needed to remedy the situation, take control, and trim that thrice damned shady shaper's infernal topiaries of torment.
It was fun going back and reading that. Try saying it three times fast.
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Look in one of the G3 FAQs at GameFAQs. There's probably one there, or you can just control-F for them. This thread is five years old, G3 is older, and I doubt anyone's going to generate that information at this point if it isn't out there already.

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Blademaster Charm - Darkstone Core (Kill the Golem)

Clawbug Charm - Keep West Gate (Finish Gob's Quest)

Cryoa Claw Charm - Stonespire (Shaper Agatha's Quest & loyalist only)

Essence Charm - Benerii-Eo Vat Core (Southeast)

Gruesome Charm - Creator's Hall (In the room with the creator)

Infiltrator's Charm - Tower Gates (On a body)

Lucky charm - Sea Caves (In a nest in the NW)

Mental Focus Charm - Inner Keep (NW) & Recipe (Madness Gem + Demon Bile + Glaahk Eye + Rotghroth)

Omnicharm - Monastery Caves (Kill the creator in the NW)

Physician's charm - Madness Mire (Behind a Spawner)

Puresteel Charm - Benerii-Eo Labs (NE with a Golem)

Skein of Wisdom - Dhonal Docks (Vlish drops on death, need Finn's quest)

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My agent had 16 parry by the end of the game. It was just as maxed out as the Guardian's would be. I saved skill points by purchasing lots of points in numerous skills first and keeping blessing magic rather low. When I needed buffs, I put on items. I think, because of the kill spell, the advantage because of distance, and the aura of flames ability, my agent would be more powerful than a well built guardian.

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I've never played as a shaper before in these games and am currently playing G3 as one.


I don't fully understand how player skills affect the power of creations. If you, for example, increase either you "magic shaping" skill or increase your "create Vlish" spell a level, does this mean that all of your current Vlish will be affected by this? Or do you have to absorb and recreate your current creations to see the benefits of the stat increases?

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When you shape a new creation, it gets one extra level per point in the appropriate shaping skill. That's all the skill does. It has no effect on existing creations. It does not work differently from letting creations gain experience.


—Alorael, who cites this as the reason why boosting your creating skills as fast as possible can be important. You want to get to the point where you make powerful creations soon enough that then they can gain more levels from killing stuff.

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Right. Once you settle on your final roster, the only reason to keep boosting Magic Shaping is if you're concerned about your creations getting killed and having to replace them. You do need to raise the stat a bit at the beginning to make that roster you want, but then you're done.


—Alorael, who will note that the killer build for G3 is the shaper with vlishes. When you've made your vlish horde, you no longer need to shape, and it's not terribly hard to make that horde quite early, and the experience your minions gain over the course of the game far outweighs whatever levels you can get from the skill. Plus those levels are free!

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