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  1. This post has been censored by the evil censorship bureau. Move along, nothing to see here.
  2. Yeah, the maps are pretty nice...
  3. Its sad though, that site may not be there much longer
  4. O_O You forgot...I don't know these things, can you post a link?
  5. If the guardian has more essense then stop arguing, whether it a bug or...whatever Alorael called it...Be happy. USE the advantage.
  6. Yeah, Exile 2 was actually my LEAST favorite.
  7. ?? All these confuse me, anyone have a map? --
  8. Yeah, If there were self destruct buttons back then, the shapers woud have been stupid enough to put them on everything, then get drunk and push them....Of course the rebels would LOVE that.
  9. Originally Posted By: Earth2025 Originally Posted By: RC2112 What have I done? nothing. WRONG! What he has done is disrupt the chain of adding to the joke, AS HAVE YOU! >.< ......Sorry....Someone start a new joke? =)
  10. Or....ME! Lol,I just wanna see were I come in >
  11. lol, Now I cant find the side entrance to get in.
  12. ...Weres blackcrag? Is it near the footracer place?
  13. Weres the capitol/thing of Exile 3? Like, weres the empress, what city? Does anyone know?
  14. ...He's....Did you READ how many books he read and containers he used? He's almost lie, Superhuman.
  15. I'm not sure if it's just the scenario's probem pr what, but, My mage spell skill, The casting level, Is 258/7
  16. Ok, So I need to kill that guy in there but when I go below the castle the only way I can go is into the shaman territory, and The king says to avoid that, Do I HAVE to face them to get thru?
  17. AAAh, I'm such an idiot, nevermind, I found them...There somewere else....*headbang*
  18. I need to go to a town to get papers, The town is Fahl right? If so, Were are the papers?
  19. Oh...Yeah, Just restart then...
  20. WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAH. O_O I SOO did not expect THAT! WOW...I...Want...Moree...Please...lol...When do I COME IN! RAWR! I'LL SIC MY FYORAS ON YOU!!
  21. Yeah, I've seen Vlish log on every once in a while.
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