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    #225484 - 03/15/11 07:03 PM #273122 - 54 minutes 54 seconds ago ... Post #IX of the challenge
  2. Just started reading The Third Option by Vince Flynn (it's a great series, by the way). Once I'm done with that book, I'm going to read The Bourne Imperative by Eric Van Lustbader.
  3. Originally Posted By: Master1 Originally Posted By: SamSniped In other news, I would also replace the American soldiers with 200 lifecrafters paired with 2 guardians and 1 agent each. Can you find a war they can't win? A nuclear one. True. Originally Posted By: Tirien, Master of Bacon Just noticed that one of my quotes is now a signature. I shall celebrate it by eating bacon! Or a deep-fried hobo. Tastes the same anyways. Nah. Hobos taste bad. Go with a fat guy that lost out on the stock market. Nice and tender. Originally Posted By: Ezrah, Kitty of Wonder. Nope, I would turn ev
  4. Originally Posted By: Tirien The only person/thing/creature who's gender seems to change is Sulfras, I think. Isn't Sulfras partially insane in AV3? While I'm on the topic, what province are the dragons in anyways? I cannot seem to find them. I have a couple questions. Is it even normal that my team beat 1 Haaki Demon when my team was between levels 17 and 23? I couldn't beat 2 of the demons when I had a party levels 30 through 40. WHERE THE [censored] IS "X"? Also, I'm doing great with my team. All are around level 30, with 2 master thief/archers, a mage/priest, and a packhorse abl
  5. I like the idea of making bacon flavored poor people. EVERYTHING should taste like bacon!!!!! In other news, I would also replace the American soldiers with 200 lifecrafters paired with 2 guardians and 1 agent each. Can you find a war they can't win? In other other news(and very off topic at that), Hurricane Danielle is either going to hit Halifax or where I am in New England. Or go out to sea. Hope for the third.
  6. Meh I only play AV3 and haven't reached the end. Until then I don't pay attention to her usually
  7. Oh. It works on my PC. Anyways, why not just buy an external mouse that u plug into a usb port?
  8. Choose the side that you get to, Quoting the trakov from GF4, "Kill people, steal their stuff, and repeat" or something like that. Also, follow my signature!
  9. Originally Posted By: Akharri Blaze Pure-steel blade rules Originally Posted By: Triumph The Omnicharm (+1 to all four major stats without taking an equipment slot) was also pretty cool. All true, but let's not forget the quicksilver(mercury, lol)armor and Guardian claymore of GF4, please
  10. If I were a Shaper, I would probably end up doing something involving takeover and Obama...But I have found that some people are NOT pro-republican, and i don't want to start a political debate.
  11. Why: I play because I sometimes get bored with Call of Duty 4. And also because I have loved the games Jeff makes since GF2 came out. How: Mostly I start off with a party of four, an archer, sorcerer, priest, and a berserker. All human, after a tragic event involving an overpowering army and my slith([censored] Empire mage that I couldn't see on the screen.) Recently I made a party of two. An archer and a hedge wizard. I made a third custom character as a "packhorse" after I remembered about the storeroom in the fort. Ka-ching! I ended up getting that guy Falko after I killed the slimes
  12. Hmmm...I have used a PC laptop, and unless your laptop is [censored], I am quite sure you can use the regular arrow keys. No number pad is needed. If that isn't true about your lappy, try pressing 2 arrows on the numpad at once. And an ulimate failsafe- get all of your files onto a flash drive and transfer them to a laptop WITH arrow keys.
  13. Okay. In GF4, I'm stronger than I last was when facing them. But still, I want to kill those hellhounds and throw them in the dumping pit. What is their weaknesses?
  14. Originally Posted By: Unbound Draykon no i uninstalled geneforge 4 to get rid of an editor and i downloaded from the first link instead of the second one then i checked the gf4itemschars script and and looked like a mess. also i found out that the second link version works with the first link version and vice versa. or they just updated it and the old gf4itemschars script works with the new one Can you send me one? Originally Posted By: Unbound Draykon now for the fun of it i will have people make their very own(drum roll) creation ok here's mine- Name-Overmind Template-101 Max He
  15. I had put in a character editor that got messed up so I could'nt get past it without it making me cheat. I fixed it by re-downloading another GF4 and taking that zone's script from it.
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