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  1. I'm re-re(-re?)-reading Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber. It's interesting enough that I can read through it every few years.
  2. The chemist in me is really happy right now.
  3. I started watching the Star Trek TV franchise nearly two years ago. I just finished season 3 of Enterprise and will be starting the final one shortly. I've also rewatched / finished Buffy and am finishing up with Angel as well. That's Netflix. I also follow Agents of Shield.
  4. What do I have to do to also get all of the monitors?
  5. Inorganic Chemistry I Physical Chemistry II - Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Experimental Physical Chemistry I really should get back to my homework...
  6. I'm only posting a congratulations because it's easier than navigating through my profile to find my post-count.
  7. Sylae, hydrogen fuel poses a similar problem to current production of natural gas - low density and high flammability. That said, I'm pretty sure (not at all my area of work) that materials science and such is working on solid-phase "meshes" to trap large amounts of fuel gas for safer, easier transport.
  8. Um. I'm really not sure what the point of this post is, but I'd recommend looking a little more into the chemistry and energetics of what you're saying. In particular, synthesis of methane is hardly practical. Methane is very abundant, the problem is transporting it. Generating it from other fuels would have generally lower energy yields. One of the biggest pushes in "clean" hydrocarbon energy is the functionalization of methane to methanol, which, being a liquid, is much easier to transport. If you want some real reading on the subject, I can dig through some references to find papers published through ACS, although they're not written for the layperson.
  9. From a quick search, it looks like the fan is more-or-less open if you just remove the bottom panel. This is, of course, very different than actually removing the fan. Like I said, check for yourself and see if you're comfortable. Clearly my experience isn't universal.
  10. As far as accessing fans goes, taking apart a laptop should be pretty simple. Fans are large and require easy access between the inside and outside of the case. Even with Apple laptops, it's simply a matter of removing the bottom plate of the case. You shouldn't need to remove any internal components. I would recommend looking for simple teardown guides for your model of laptop. See what you're getting yourself into. If it looks too much, then pass.
  11. I assume you're referring to Excalibur's post. I think he's doing something productive with the term, certainly more productive than video games. And those courses may give him an edge over other graduates when looking at other programs or jobs.
  12. Physical Chemistry I - Quantum Mechanics Intermediate Organic Chemistry (the Chem department's equivalent of biochemistry) Statistics Lighting Design for the Stage. Two required classes, one good class, and one fun class. It should be a good term. Excalibur, the grad student I work with detested taking analytical chemistry as an undergrad. I hope it goes well for you.
  13. Please, none of the older members want a Spiderweb dating service. Do you know how complicated and cluttered the "who has met whom" web would get? A dating service would blow the doors to that exclusive club wide open.
  14. I've been thinking about doing one of the forum games for years now. If it's at a time that works well for me (so before October), I'd like to play.
  15. Goldengirl has been Goldengirl for a while now.
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