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  1. I feel you. When I was a kid I only played the demos, but I played them to death. I played a ton of video games when I was young, but Exile was probably the only game that I consistently played throughout most of my childhood. Since becoming an adult, I set up an emulator and went through each game multiple times. I still go back to it once in a while; especially the part in Exile II where you can endlessly fight Empire platoons.
  2. I'm not getting into a pointless debate with you about who has the better strategy. You have your method and I have mine, and you were asking for combat strategy so I provided mine. I believe my method is far superior to yours and you believe yours is far better than mine. As I said before, Exile is not a difficult game at all so one does not need to overthink strategy. If you ever were to try my method I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the outcome (I've never had a problem with those ostensible flaws), but I'm not going to get offended if you think my method sucks. Keep in mind though that I've played the game using a build similar to yours as well as mine, while you've only played the game using your method. And by the way, I always kill my allies in encounter fights
  3. Read my last line; that was the entire point of why I posted my party creation. Early on use fireball to kill everybody, then once you get firestorm you can use that. You don't need a defensive strategy throughout any Exile game if you have a powerful offense. By the time I really need to use a healing spell, I can already cast Avatar. Not to mention every character levels up much more quickly and evenly using my method. I tried using the default party build a few times and leveling was disastrous.
  4. Here's what I do every Exile game. It gets pretty cheap, but then again if you're looking for a challenge you shouldn't be playing Exile. These stats vary slightly from game to game, but overall this is my build. Create every character with 5 strength (so they get a decent amount of health leveling up), 10 spell points, 10 intelligence, then put the rest into mage skill (minimum 3 so every character can cast fireball from the outset) and if you have any remaining skill points dump them into intelligence and spell points. Because I have such a high level of intelligence from the start I typically end up with around double the initial spell points when the game begins. Once I start leveling up I max out the mage skill and intelligence categories. Once those are maxed out, I'll max out the priest skill and spell points. By this time, you should be able to easily farm enemies to make extra gold and buy knowledge brews or skill potions from the random item vendors. In Exile I and II I'll max out item lore for every character (don't really need this for III), then start maxing out dexterity and pole weapons, then finally strength and health. If I max out all of those for every character, I'll start dumping into assassination and finally luck. If you have this build, you probably won't need any strategy for combat through the rest of the game.
  5. Vexivero

    2015 Movies

    That was Snoke, and he was in holographic form like Sidious / Palpatine in the first 6 (which is why he looked like a ghost). There are a few theories in circulation about who he is. In my opinion, the most likely theories are that (1) he's a completely new character or (2) he's Darth Plagueis (the Sith mentioned in Episode III that could prevent people from dying). The theory behind that one is that Yoda, Qui-Gon, Anakin and Obi-Wan preserved their consciousness after death, and since Plagueis was even more knowledgeable than them in that regard he somehow brought himself back to life and waited for the right moment to make his return. There's also a third valid theory that he's Jar Jar Binks (as he was the original slated antithesis to Yoda before Lucas chickened out), but I don't think Disney would run the risk in doing that that as it could ruin the entire franchise. I also don't know who V-bomb is. If you mean Vader, it's definitely not him.
  6. Changing the colors worked! Thank you very much! Very weird considering I've played all of the other Exile games and no color problems never occurred. And just for closure, the bars were showing up with the demo of the old version as well.
  7. Here's a brain teaser for you: I remember that name It's skribbane by the way. I played the avernum 1 remake and the leveling system was completely different from any other spiderweb game I've played. I didn't like it, but if I have more time in the future I might buy the full version and give it a proper try.
  8. I'm getting these weird bars during popups in Exile II. Whenever I try to make a party, pick up items, cast a spell or read a special I'm inundated with this inconvenience. I downloaded Exile II from the main site and even tried the older version [with the different graphics and sounds] and the same thing happened. I copied the misc.dat file from the newer version over so I could play the full version instead of the demo, so it might be something within that file that's messed up. Anybody have any ideas as to how I might go about remedying this?
  9. Vexivero


    Haha I missed that one XD Lol..even the most successful people can't predict the future Looks like a lesser version of Subterra
  10. Vexivero


    Anybody else heard of / like that game? You can get it here: http://www.digger.org The one I'm using is windig on the d/l page because it lets you play without an emulator, but I haven't figured out a way to change the controls. I used to play it as a kid but recently found it again and I've been addicted to it the past several days. So far my best score is 232,250 and I've gotten to level 5 (only once), but that game gets insane!
  11. Yeah, his games are something else. I used to download hundreds of demos when I was around 7 or 8 and just play games all day. Exile, Avernum, and Geneforge were the only games I kept coming back to throughout the course of my life. It's not even the writing either; I've only started noticing the superb quality of his text in the last year or so that I've played many of his games. For the first 17 or 18 years that I played these games, it was the overall storyline that got me into it. A pit that rejects get thrown in was just fuel for my imagination as a youth or individuals that can shape anything out of spare parts; can't put a price on galvanizing the mind of a child.
  12. Vexivero


    So I've been playing Exile the past few weeks and I stumbled on this gem in the Nepharim fort Anybody else find it hilarious to think of the Nephilim / Nepharim putting on underwear? Even the graphics for their race look nude XD
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