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  1. Most of the things I'm trying to do don't benefit much from resolutions in this sense, but here's one: See a dentist with my brand-new dental insurance before something goes wrong.
  2. The letter keys can't be used to close the inventory because they're used to select items. There's not really any way to change it. I've always used ESC, it's rapid enough. There's some theoretical world where clicking outside of the opened windows does something, or using the inventory shortcut closes the window if there's no item using that letter, but we don't live there. Relish the opportunity to stretch your fingers, it's good for you.
  3. That kind of thing is more anthropology than history.
  4. This test doesn't ask for demographic information, but also doesn't give numerical scores. "Low" "About Average" "High".
  5. Yeah. Technocratic biotechnologist fascist-academics led by a Shaper Ring Council.
  6. Maybe it's not quite the kind of name the topic intended, but what's the word on Jeff getting the term "Shaper" from Schismatrix and the rest of the Shaper/Mechanist universe? Geneforge was originally going to be science fiction, after all.
  7. So I finished Lilith's Brood a couple weeks ago, and I'm sure someone else here has done the same, so: I have a question.
  8. I don't know that very much was surprising, but I laughed at the ridesharing section.
  9. If that had been a required question with only cis and trans radio buttons, I would not have submitted the survey. So you tell me how much more useful data that generates. That is not close enough.
  10. This is only occasionally what transgender means in theory, and never all that it means in practice. Regardless: I and at least several other respondents are neither(not just "yeah i'm cis but eh") and I at least resent attempts at annexation.
  11. Calref: a place for low-class queer failures.
  12. FWIW, I was one of the responses that chose "I prefer neither", and its presence means a lot to me. Cis people not wanting a word for cis to exist is a thing, and surely the majority of those responses to the poll, but people that are clearly not cis and also clearly different from trans people are also a thing. Or maybe it's just me. Still though.
  13. I think it's clear that the survey was constructed in a reasonable way with a lot of consideration given to various priorities but that a notable portion of participants think two or three questions could use rewording or additional options. The minor issues people have had - really, mostly just the political categories being unclear or seeming misapplied to some - are not condemnations of the entire effort of survey-making and aren't calls for any kind of major restructuring or change in ethos. Like, the rationale you have supplied for these minor criticisms is reasonable and I think everyone
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