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  1. Oh, thank you so much! There was a portcullis preventing entry to a set of stairs right next to Gemni, and since those stairs were so close and obvious, I thought those were the stairs I was supposed to climb. I didn't even SEE the southern stairs, since they were around a corner. Color me embarrassed, and thank you very much for your help! :-)
  2. Yes, I got her to say that she'd open by gates by threatening to go to the head Mascha and complain. And yes, I have moved! I've gone over to stand in front of the portcullis, just in case it didn't go up until we got there. I've saved the game, exited, and reloaded. I've wandered around, giving it some time. NOTHING makes the gate open, even though I threatened her and -- as I said above -- she told me that she would open the gate.
  3. I'm siding with the Owen, who want me to destroy the Thabhen Gates. I've talked to Gemni and arm-twisted her into opening the way to upstairs. She SAYS in conversation that she'll open the gate to the upstairs, but the metal portcullis is still in place. Is there something else I'm supposed to do to get the portcullis up? Is this a bug? What am I supposed to do? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply! I did that and nothing opened up, but then when I quit the game and reloaded, some trees had disappeared. So I'm unstuck now, though still a little uncertain about how it happened. :-)
  5. I'm working my way through Ahriel Thicket. The passage behind me closes, so forward is the only option. I went forward, stepped on a pentagram, and a few trees moved out of the way so I could continue. After that, I went forward, stepped on another pentagram, and ... nothing happened. I've cleared out the monsters in the building. I've killed the spiders and wolves in the woods. There's no way forward and no way back. Where am I supposed to go? I probably missed something obvious, so I'll blush in embarrassment in advance. 😕
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