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  1. I think you are mistaking my point, alhoon. I'm not trying to say that the Shapers are as good as they can be, or that they don't need reform. I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiments that Shapers need significantly more oversight even once they become Shapers, and I quite like many of the ideas you've put forth on that subject. My point of disagreement comes in making the standards for becoming a Shaper more lax. I think it's contradictory to the premise you need if you're going to justify the greater oversight that you are championing. They are truly two sides of the same coin, and a sho
  2. So I think we all can agree that the lore isn't super specific regarding how essence pools work (among other things). My interpretation of events is somewhere between Sudanna's and alhoon's. There's obviously some difficulty distinguishing between lore and game mechanics, but my understanding of how it functions is something along the following lines: -On the one hand, and in agreement with alhoon, a Shaper with a well-fed essence pool has nearly limitless potential for creating hordes of creations. At least in theory. -In practice, however, there are natural limitations that have to
  3. I fully agree with this. I know why Geneforge 1 is considered the best of the series by a large number of people, but I personally never found it as engaging as especially the last two games I think for this very reason. I'm pretty sure I recall such Serviles in Stonespire, as well. I'm fairly positive there weren't any such serviles in Stonespire, and I don't recall any in the game outside it either. The entire rebel route in this game is "we'll let you atone for your people's crimes by helping us, but don't expect us to like you any more for it." There is arguabl
  4. I could wrap my head around the rebel route in Geneforge 4 from a role playing perspective... The kind of person who is willing to undergo being altered by the Geneforge probably doesn't have the risk-aversion necessary to shut down the project. It's all worth the consequences from that perspective, and, frankly, it fits with the pattern of behavior that the rebellion set in Geneforge 3. Or just play as a servile... when you have that much more to lose, you'll win the war at any cost. Geneforge 3, however, really only made sense from Shaper side. It would be cool to see
  5. Thanks, Sudanna, for clarifying my post. It isn't about justifying the Shaper order, it's about validating the Obeyer belief system and pointing out that, ultimately, all three servile sects on Sucia Island are essentially different "religious" responses to the same information. One of my favorite small but poignant moments in the game is: And thank you Alhoon for giving me a lot to think about as well! On a few points: There's a lot of room for argument here. There's plenty in this world that receives "worship" that probably doesn't deserve it, but how do you qual
  6. Geneforge 3 was my first Geneforge experience. Without the other games to compare it to, the island system actually brought a more immersive environment to the game, at least for me. It was a sort of limited linearity that worked well for that specific storyline, but doesn't compare well with the rest of the series. The pragmatic issues that the boat system creates are a pain, but I never really noticed them until I moved onto other installments in the series. In my blissful ignorance, I probably played through that game more than 20 times before ever experiencing any of the other Geneforge ga
  7. And, to your last quick note, Alhoon: I also morally side with the Awakened. But knowing the power of Shaping... I believe the Shapers are the way to go. Funny how that works.
  8. Hey Alhoon! It was a busier week than I was anticipating, so I apologize that it took longer to reply than I would have preferred. Thanks for your thoughtful response. I'll confess, I don't often agree with your posts on this board, at least in their conclusions, so we might occasionally bump heads on these issues; but I do always appreciate the vastly different perspective from my own that you bring to the table. There's a lot of value in seeing someone else's thoughts on these issues. My views in short, if you're curious: My first experience with Geneforge was actually the third installment,
  9. I’ve been a lurker on these boards for over a decade, but this is finally the thread that has managed to lure me into actually engaging in the conversation. Sorry for reviving the conversation a few weeks late, but this has been on my mind for a while. Sorry in advance for the length, but I’d love to engage with anyone’s thoughts on the matter. I’ve always been a sucker for the philosophical threads regarding the moral quandaries presented in Jeff’s games, but the Geneforge series in particular intrigues me for its ability to deal with questions of a cosmological (on some scale) an
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