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  1. I was all for butchering and pillaging through most of the game, but stopped at the dragons. One of the best things about Avernum is how big it feels. When you start, majestic and terrifying creatures lurk everywhere, potent artifacts wait to be discovered, and the dungeons are fresh and full of mystery. But then you clear the place out. At times it almost feels like you're the Empire, out to enforce blandness. Killing the dragons would have taken the last bit of mystery out of the game. I left them alone.
  2. Does anyone know if there's a way of placating them without using cheats? I didn't think they'd get mad, since Lorelei never got mad when I (repeatedly) killed their skribbane-hunting guards. I've tried leaving them alone for upwards of 30 days, but still no change.
  3. The western nephil (loot) and southern rats will be a breeze, and so should the western ice worm (quest). You might still struggle with the chitrak infestation by New Formello (quest), the nasty worms in the eastern tunnels (loot) and the Slith villages by Erika (loot). And you'll probably need a good deal more arcane lore before it's worth buying the boat at New Cotra (spell books). It all depends on the difficulty though.
  4. I was doing the Filth Factory last night and picked up the large scales before getting into a pickle that made me reload. But the second time round I forgot to pick them up again before I incinerated the place. (I realised when I got back to Berra and he gave me an earful for having no evidence. I'm sorry Berra!) Is there any cheat to repair the problem? And if not, will I definately miss out on a lot of cool stuff? Is there any way to see the cool stuff desite my blunder? Thanks very much!
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