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  1. This is the easiest Spiderweb game I've ever played...but like the above person says, it matters heavily how much you pay attention to key mechanics. I tend to be careful. Other games have more random elements that make them harder for careful people like me. You have plan ahead more in this game. That's pretty much the difference between hitting a solid wall and breezing your way through.
  2. I don't remember what contract you're referring to. There's one where you get an agreement with the Mascha at their capital city. You agree to terms and agree to fight on their side and make a contract with them. There's something else where you can reap profits from an organization that buys and sells Owen. There's also an agreement to trade with the main Vol cities. I first took the agreement with the Mascha and told them I'd side with them, but then sided with the Owen anyway. I don't know if that damages your reputation or not. I also agreed
  3. I was convinced as soon as it was said that the Nisse lived underground, have grey skin (didn't the Vahnatai have grey skin?) and were harmed by sunlight.
  4. So, I posted two other posts about this game on here. I'm going to post a third now. I've re-built 6 of the seven fortresses. I still think the game should involve more freedom, especially in the beginning, but the plot contains some wonderful writing. I especially like the stuff in the Ukat areas. You do get more freedoms as the game goes on. Bloodletting of the Ukats is great for boss-fights, as it's cumulative. The Ariel have some phenomenal mind control abilities and mental defense resistance abilities. The Vol have some options that can let you be more evasive. I can imagine different str
  5. So...let's see...magical creatures were originally created in the Geneforge series. Dragons and drakes and etc. spread outwards to colonize the world. Next comes The Queen's Wish series, a proto Empire from the Avernum games. Its diplomatic, assimilation-based approach eventually conquers most of the known world. Avadon gets stick in there somewhere too. I didn't play enough of those games to know where. Next comes the Avernum games. After the Avernum games comes the new Avernum games - Avernum 7 through Avernum 22, which just keep being made forever. By
  6. So...I just finished the demo on torment and here are my thoughts. I've bought about half the spiderweb games and played the demos for about everything else except for the Exile series...so I'm a fairly large fan of these games. The Queen's Wish is definitely more forgiving than past games. Past games paid far less attention to what we might call "fairness." Humans in the early Avernum series had more or less no advantages. In the remakes they were kind of broken and there was little reason not to use all humans. In Geneforge, the guardian class was horrible pretty much all the way
  7. I completed the Demo on Torment. 3 points: #1. The stun skill and the terror spell are extremely useful. #2. The only good healing spell is the one only your main character can get, but it's very useful #3. After most fights each of your characters regains 1 energy, but no more health.
  8. I've been very impressed with the writing. My favorite games had been Geneforge 5, Avernum 5, and Avernum 6 and I recommend everyone at least try those. I've been a bit disappointed with the way things have been going ever since then, with the simplification of the character design system. I loved the interesting spells in the Avernum remakes...but Avadon seemed to lack those and the Queen's Wish doesn't seem to have many interesting spells so far...but it's still early. I would like one of these series letting you cast mass madness on level 1 goblins. I do get the imp
  9. Try playing as a sociopath. I just started a game like that...insulting the queen and my siblings and demanding to be sent home and complaining to the locals about how my character doesn't care about their rotten little trash-heap of a nation.. Right now, my character is a raging narcissist. My idea is she'll learn to become more Machiavellian and subtle in time so that the "herd" will give her more things she wants. You'll have the opportunity to flog a war hero for complaining in the early part of the game. I haven't done much yet, but given how much your speech and behaviors appear to affe
  10. it worked just fine on my windows 10 32 bit laptop, full graphics and all. Mine's an HP computer, by the way.
  11. Oh...I get what you're saying...going back to your comment: It recommends 64 MB of vram, with 32 MB required. And it requires 32-bit color depth. These are both different questions from processor bit architecture, which is not actually mentioned. Soooo.... who knows.
  12. Here's where I looked just now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1058130/Queens_Wish_The_Conqueror/ Minimum: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Vista or Later Processor: 1.2 GHZ Memory: 250 MB RAM Graphics: 256 MB VRAM Storage: 400 MB available space Maybe I didn't look around on that website enough. That's where the steam link from the Spiderweb page sent me though. Nothing about 32 bit options there, at least.
  13. Also, if you think about the height of many of the monsters - wolves, giant lizards, giant spiders and such, and you think about their average eye and more importantly, mouth height....
  14. Yeah, I saw that just now on the Spiderweb page. I had only checked the Steam download page, where it only mentions a 64 bit processor. The Spiderweb page recommends 64 bits, but says it can work with 32.
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