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  1. Quick somebody remove the completely inept disadvantage from Barak Obama.
  2. I found the knowledge brew item iformation and now it gives 3000 skill points. I just used two to deck out my characters in the demo. I also changed armor points and attack points of rocks and slings to do 3000 to 500 damage. This bypassed the editor and edited the items directly. I also found some scrolls and thought of adding magic data to rings but failed to get them to work the way I wanted them to.
  3. Transporting methane can be done by conversion into methane hydrates. Compressing methane gas with micro carbon structures or nano carbon sturctures it is possible to cram more gas in a space at a lower pressure.
  4. Chemistry of nano technology allows methane to be made rapidly from steam and carbon monoxide though costly making aluminum carbide from alumina may be profitable using cheap eletricity. Why the need for cleaner coal plants in America and Asia mainly china the one nation that dumps pollution by the jet stream on the US, It is simple by looking at the chemisty of exhaust from coal plant. Sulfur dioxide: makes acid rain. Methyl mercury: caused mental retardation and cuases baldness and other toxid effects by bio aculation in fish. Nitrogen oxides: makes nitric acid and come to e
  5. Remakes should be special additions with a few extra side quest or items. Idealy we need an item editor so you can make your own custom items and name them and pick a pitcture for the item and what type it is and it's stats for use. It would also be fun if you coulf actuly dig with some tools in tunnels to mine ores or just find hidden objects. If may be fun to make new things in the game and design new spells and casting and usable potions and new herbs as well as making new custom skills. Special skill Herb growing, If you find an herb and have a pot you can make a potted herb th
  6. If you downloaded Linix mint you can use the programs tool to down load wine. It will run old spider web games. You may have to download some extras such as the 64 bit package and it will let you know what other wine pagage you need to download. But you can find all materials for wine and pagages that are self extracting and installed in linux mint 17 and so on.
  7. 1. I am 32. But I don't post my age due to lazyness. 2. I live in my own little world isolated from reality. 3. I speek a form of English but sometime I say !#$!#@$%!#%#!$#% gibberish. And stupid stuff after I killed myself that time I was eletrocuted I should have died anyway. 4. Deleware and Cherokee and English and Irish and Alien. 5.Male but longing to become a machine like the Terminator. 6. I practiced witch craft and turned into a demon or space alien and killed my self a time or two and time traveled. But converted to Christianity after going to hell. 7. I migh
  8. My idea of a technocracy would be to have a Republic form of government but have AI quantum computers as assistancts to our politicians and to give recomendations and inform them on all new technologies and energy and things/ Kind of like artificialy smart advisers to senators and congressmen as well as the president and supreem court and to know everything about the founders of the republic and all contectual data for making informed decisions. Eventualy the computer may learn to advise so well the elected politicians may listen to the Quantum computer Artificial intellegence devices. We need
  9. Clean coal was made using the distilation of coal to make cleaner burning coke. This yeilded hydro carbons that were boilded off from 900 to 1200 degrees Farinhiet. This was combined with a high temperature steem heating process to also generate eletricity and it was profitable. It only competed with the oil companies. And it got locked up in red tape. Methane from coal can be made. Insitue coal conversion is less than successful though. But coke or carbon can be eletrolysed with Aluminia to make aluminum carbide. This make methane when reacted with water. The carbon monoxide made could be
  10. Travisbmoore


    banned hate speech against Islam. Personal beliefs banned.
  11. I seen the vid but not as stat driven like avernum but still a polished looking game.
  12. Travisbmoore


    If ebola became air borne it would be like that movie the stand.
  13. I had hoped it to be like Nether gate as well with a player able to choose a side such as spanish, aztech and Maya or Ican. You can then play to conquer or trade other sides or explore the new world. Stats if playing Spacish may cause a stat of sickness on native peoples in 1 of ten attacks. Also I would like to have some story based of the med who did the conquering and the native peoples perspectives though out history to make a more fun game. It would have to be base on facts story wise. But in the beginning you may play for a tribe or civ just exploring or defending from attack or
  14. “Conquistadors” “In The New World” Written By Travis B. Moore Reference: Microsoft Encarta “Conquistadors In the New Word” is a game suggestion based on the Spanish exploration of South America and the Caribbean islands. The goal of the game is to explore the new world, conquer or convert natives to Christianity by learning their language and using special skills to communicate these ideas to the natives. Other Goals include making landfall and colonies or settlements will be built by the Spaniards as time progresses from camps, to forts, than Settlements.
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