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  1. I'm glad to see that people have still found my scenario(s) useful! I give my permission to modify and distribute my scenarios under the GNU GPL 3.0 licence. (I'd release new versions if I had the time, but unfortunately, at the moment, I don't.)
  2. Rpgmaker is what I've also considered for some time. And now I noticed it's discounted on Steam, so I bought it. On the first try it seems a lot like Blades of Exile, with dialog box choices. I like it so far.
  3. I just noticed that my newest laptop with Mac OS High Sierra can't run any of the Blades of Exile or BoA editor versions that I could find. I wonder if I should move on to more modern alternatives. Are there any former BoE/BoA scenario designers here who have later designed games (or something like that) with other programs?
  4. Hmm, I almost got a virus when I tried to go there. I hope that Jewels answers...and that the contents of the valuable site are safe somewhere.
  5. 1. When I found the delivery job board in Krizsan for the first time, there were no jobs there. When I returned two days later, none had appeared. Other job boards that I've encountered work fine. Is this a bug, maybe? 2. When the game tries to find a path for my characters in combat, it may go over the town borders, and this takes the party out of the town. This accidentally happened in Delan. I downloaded the game through gog.com. It's version 1.0.3. I have Mac OSX 10.13.4.
  6. You can also put the wandering monsters somewhere the player can't see or go to. The other problem sounds strange. Maybe you have accidentally put two "s" specials on the same spot?
  7. Quote: So I thought I would use the idea. The party in my scenario pulls a lever, activating a timer that makes increasing waves of monsters to attack them until they die, in which case they are ressurected and the monsters are gone. Nephil's Gambit (a very old scenario) does something a bit like this... But everything is explained in a dialog box. The party members have to try the battle one at a time, and the battle happens in a dream. So, I guess that your idea would require some "cheating" - an animation sequence or dialog boxes - in order to work. (For example, after fighting for a while the party is killed with a node and then resurrected.)
  8. I think I've used num lock for that purpose.
  9. I'm entering New Market City BoE Small AND War Preparations BoE Small I'm Milu.
  10. New Market City has been updated! Version 1.1 is available at The Blades Forge , again.
  11. Alright. I hope this also applies to items that are "made" and placed with the Mac version scenario editor in a scenario that's played on a PC. (If you all understand what I mean... )
  12. I've noticed that the "Stinking cloud" item ability actually makes a large sleep field. Is this mac-only or is it in windows BoE also? (This is why, for example, the "gem of sleep clouds" in my New Market City now claims to cause stinking clouds...)
  13. Themed Party Builder by [*censored* - the author doesn't want the name to appear on the internet], says the Scenario Editor. I've never seen it before.
  14. Quote: Originally written by The Almighty Doer of Stuff: I'm about to send you a report containing problems I noticed. Thanks! I'll try to fix them in the near future.
  15. A new utility scenario, New Market City, is available for download at the Blades Forge . It's for wasting money between scenarios and level raising. You can train whole parties or single party members to any level.
  16. I've uploaded it to the Blades Forge .
  17. Rebels, maybe. I find I support the rebel humans' cause (more or less) but I'm against their tactics in Geneforge 1-4. I'm against the Shaper rule and I'm against their tactics. Quote: No, their actions unintentionally lend support to the Shaper cause. Likewise, the Shapers' cruel actions unintentionally lend support to the Rebel cause. I'd rather compare the Shapers to Feudal lords than anything newer. On the other hand, no rulers in "real" history have so completely created their own subjects. (And I'm happy that Geneforge leaves room for imagination in this way. I'd hate to play something that resembles too much just a political statement on wars.)
  18. I'll enter War Preparations and New Market City. I'd put them on my site but I've forgotten the passwords, and it will take a while (at least a couple of weeks) before I'll get new ones. I guess I'll send the scenarios somewhere else meanwhile. EDIT: War Preparations is now released and available for download on the Blades Forge!
  19. When I use my old Mac Classic, I use QuickTime to open BMPs.
  20. I find this thread very useful. Maybe it should be in the forum header?
  21. Quote: More to follow later. Are there more details on this contest somewhere? Is the deadline still two weeks away, and where can I send the scenarios?
  22. Quote: I think it was the Special Class field? No, it's the Type Flag field, I think. When you put 999 into it, it changes into a smaller number.
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