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  1. Thanks. It sounded something like that from the error messages, but I wanted to make sure before changing my town too much.
  2. I'm using Carbonized BOE, and I made a fairly large town in the scenario editor. Whenever I enter it, the text box (where it goes "Bug attacks Jenneke) displays a long string of errors like this: No room for graphic: debug 0 0 2647 No room for graphic debug 0 0 2347 and suchlike. Then when I walk into one of the areas with a cat, say, and I'll get a popup error message telling me that Blades doesn't have enough memory to display all the graphics. Graphics it "forgets" look like plain cave floor. It seems to "forget" random graphics each time. Is there any way I can fix this?
  3. You can look at them with a resource editor. They're in the Geneforge 4 Graphics file. Apparently Battle Alphas can reproduce also.
  4. I didn't have a leadership of five for this quest. I just walked in at the right time.
  5. There isn't a whole lot of point in using Alwan if you're going to effectively negate his existence in every battle.
  6. The reason, as I understand it, is that you would be able to kill children in the game if they existed. Apparently genocide of every living thing isn't as bad as killing one child.
  7. To go by A3 where they fight the roaches, GIFTS are surprisingly strong. Which may be a downside when you finally decide to kill it and stop the high-pitched, chirpy voice.
  8. And even if there was, sorry, but your suggestions sound like the typical "ZOmG! What if there were huge drakon/eyebeast mutants that could eat whole cities and they could shape and they would have laser eye beams and they would be like cool..." Taunt skill sounds like a halfway decent idea, though. EDIT: Oh, it's a typo.
  9. Quote: Originally written by ThirdParty: As it stands, rogue creations and such are a problem because power is in the hands of so few; the majority of people are not able to defend themselves. If more people were allowed to shape, then there would be more accidents, but they'd each be quickly contained. (Having an evil drakon or two wandering about wouldn't be a problem if every town had ten mages in it--some human, some drayk--capable of shaping, not fully trusting each other but obeying the laws because each is outnumbered.) The trouble with that is that humans (and genetically modified drakons, I suppose) are social creatures by nature. They would quickly figure out that joining with one neighbor would allow them to overpower another and split the spoils. Pretty soon, factions would form, and you're back where you started, except that armies of Shapers fighting each other can do a heckuva lot more collateral damage that sword-weilding grunts.
  10. Quote: Originally written by Spidweb: "Why aren't there any children in Geneforge?" Part of it is the expense of graphics, as someone mentioned. But, if you'll think on it, you'll notice that there are almost no children in any computer RPGs. A lot of the reason for that is tactics/cowardice on the part of people in the industry. It's already getting politically and legally tough for us. Nobody wants to open themselves up to someone saying, "Hey! In their game, it's possible to chop up little kids with a sword! Ban it now!" - Jeff Vogel Say what? I distinctly remember children in A2- they were a nice addition. And anyway, it's possible to go on a homicidal rampage and murder every living being in the Avernums and Geneforge. If the possibility of killing children was to cause outrage, certainly that would cause at least the same amount.
  11. It's interesting how the "mindset criteria" for becoming a Shaper varies. Greta expresses general doubts, and is immediately thrown back out. A mage in South End said he was thrown out for being too kind towards serviles. Yet Litalia tried to kill her master, and was laughed at and told something along the lines of "This is all part of the process, you'll learn in time."
  12. You can also destroy the spawner here and convert to the rebels later.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: You'll also have to think very carefully about how to make the special item take the party to another town in the first place; the only way to directly send a party to another town is a Stairway node, and you can't call a Stairway node with a special item. Not to boast or anything, but see here .
  14. Congrats, Bain! I am immortalized in a readme file! I can now die happily.
  15. Getting to the Testing Grounds without a creation is easy. Stealth through the large creation patrols, and get enough mechanics to beat the test easy.
  16. I was able to sneak around the other side of her.
  17. Hmm... looking at Snoflake's profile. "John Pringles" is an awfully suspicious name, but the man's got a website and an email address. Looks legit, sadly.
  18. This is either a) an older member having a laugh at us a new member with a highly developed sense of sarcasm c) death itself
  19. Fascinating. Apparently the graphics I was using were smaller than regulation size. They don't fit in the grid right. Maybe that's why they weren't at Pixel Profusion. Dang. Anyone got any good swamp graphics? Those were the only ones I could find.
  20. Multi-shot acid batons might be going a bit too far. I agree with Slarty; don't make him a clone of Greta, just pile on the armor. Perhaps let people upgrade his resistance to different types of attacks.
  21. That's alright. Quoting isn't that hard; just press the quote button on the post you want to quote and type your comments under the code. (And you really don't need that many line breaks.)
  22. In a scenario I am making, the custom graphics have huge white lines through the top. I have checked, rechecked, and started from scratch on the graphics sheet several times, but the problem persists. I am desperate. I'll email someone the graphics sheet and scenario if they want. Just provide your email address. Thanks in advance.
  23. Ummm... I think you were supposed to read the linked thread and look at the answers that people gave there. Just a thought.
  24. What... hairless dogs are somehow superior to hairless monkeys? Sound about the same to me. I loooove worms. Little icky things. Little icky, cute things. Little, icky, poisonous things too. As far as creations that you can actually make, I tend to cycle through them and therefore don't get very attached. I like Artilas, though. Has anyone else made a hard-hitting artila in the back of their party named "Artillarey" ? EDIT: Law of the universe: Wonko always makes at least one typo in every post.
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