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  1. The Vlish community has not been represented. I predict many feisty tentacle slaps of pain over this outrage.
  2. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES If you could always dominate anything, I would agree. Then it would be more or less unbounded power, constrained only by (easily replenishable) essence and energy. You can't dominate everything, however. What happens when you face creations with 100% resistance to mental magic? Or for that matter, what happens when you face a Gazer with 70% resistance and you fail to dominate it twice in a row? Dominate the cannon fodder. Failing to dominate gazers really was only a problem later. In G2, you could pretty much bend anything to you
  3. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES I've said it before, and I'll say it again. DV, I have great respect for your ability to beat the game engine into submission and produce unlikely but functional builds. These are wonderful tactics. But you get swept away by your tactical creations, and you sell them with songs that distort the truth... first just a little, then a bit more, until finally you are convinced that an ingenious but suboptimal tactic is better than anything else. It's a great storytelling capability. That's what made your monograph on the battle magic agent in
  4. I agree with most of what you wrote Slarti, but it lacks fleshing out on a few finer points. G1, the agent could go places the Shaper had some trouble. Like places with poisonous atmosphere. Compared to the guardian, the agent really could do more damage to mobs. Dominating an augmented sholai was just to powerful. Essence orbs allowed mobs to be worn down faster than the guardian's one on one approach. The guardian was powerful, especially on the lower difficulties, where if you could reach it on your turn, it would die. But the guardian began to have issues on the higher difficulties b
  5. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES In Spiderweb games, mechanics are often similar or nearly identical between different games in a series. So as players of those games, we often get used to the idea that the same min-maxxed build -- or the same element of such a build -- will be effective throughout a series. However, this is not always the case, and G2 Parry is a case in point. It is certain possible to have a very, very effective Agent in G2 that does not use Parry. However, it will be just as effective -- and much easier -- to run an Agent or Guardian that relies on Par
  6. Very well then. Each point in parry destroys your ability to produce damage. Every point not spent in magical skills or intelligence takes away from your ability to blow stuff to smithereens. Dangerous things should never reach you, hence parry is un-needed. But, hey, what do I know. It isn't like I have a long history of playing Agents or writing the book on effective Agent tactics or anything.
  7. Parry is a great skill, I do not debate that. But building an Agent that relies on parry teaches you bad habits that will hurt you in later games. Receiving damage should scare the hell out of you and make your nerves all jittery. Teaches you a good and proper response to taking a hit. It is what will separate you from a mediocre player and turn you into a well played Agent. The Agent is the finesse class. I just took an Agent through G1 for nostalgia's sake. I kept trying to play like a Servile from G4 or G5 for some reason.
  8. If you are having trouble with the Agent, it isn't the character, it is you. Plain and simple. The Agent requires a certain level of deviousness and cunning, and should you lack these traits, it will be very difficult for you to advance in the game using an Agent. You must engage your brain and apply critical thinking skills, threat assessment, strategy, combined arms, tactics, and have a good working knowledge of ancillary effects, enemy resistances, and base knowledge of how the game works so you can manipulate the game, which is the Agent's prime ability in the earlier Geneforge
  9. I did something sort of similar, as I wanted to really push into the role playing aspect of the game. I created four sliths. Sort of a heroes of the horde aspect. Why keep four sliths in the army down in the castle food depot? Because people might have a hard time trusting them with the current crisis. Anyhow, I didn't want a free walk through the game. I didn't want big shiny heroes. I didn't want this to be just another run through the game on auto pilot. So... No elite warrior and no divinely touched. I figured I'd get through on cunning and spells. The first slith was fas
  10. I know it is possible, but I wanted a fun game. Not a tedious game. Turns out, it was still a tedious game mostly.
  11. I completed a game with a torment solo char. First things first. I cheated. With rules. I was running a solo character, all by my lonesome, the alteration that I allowed was to use the editor to effectively double my level up points from 5 to 10. This made just enough difference to make a character that could survive. Character was a Slith. Elite Warrior and Divinely touched. In the end, I had all mage spells, all priest spells, a good number for tool use, was able to loot all caches, read all spellbooks, and I was the archmage that I set out to be. I didn't wait for tr
  12. I would have liked the G2 kill everything that moves, slithers, flies, or crawls option. Kill all the shaper council members, kill the rebel leaders, and then release the purity agent to destroy and purge creations that have clearly gone out of control and have gone against nature. At that point, the world could start over. I like G5 as a game. It is a good game. But ALL of the endings are really lousy. Honestly, they resolve nothing. Canisters are everywhere. There is no way to undo that. Another geneforge is bound to be created. For all we know, a drakon could have flown or
  13. Rouge shapers? Are those makeup artists? Do they put lipstick on fyoras? Moulin Rouge shapers? Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada?
  14. Astoria really isn't part of the rebels. She's more or less the revived embodiment of the Awakened.
  15. The ultra rogue status is new to me. I didn't know it could happen, and I don't know if it is a bug. It first happened with a green rotter-thingamajig. No int added, I was running on auto pilot, and it took a strong eye tyrant blast that did something like 300 damage or something. It went rogue. I tried casting that cure affliction spell, you know, the one that fixes mental status effects. No effect all. I could not remove the rogue status. Had to kill very dangerous creation with JACKED stats. It happened again, also with a creation on auto pilot. A wingbolt, out in the wast
  16. You can't do it. At least, I don't think you can. You can not attack your own creations and have this happen. Something has to hit them. Like, an Unbound hitting something for about half of its life, with no int added, it can cause it to go rogue. Or a golem whomping something and taking off 1/3rd of the creation's life. But once it goes rogue, if you kill it, you will get absurd experience. Well over a hundred or more in some cases. And there are times when something goes rogue and nothing you cast on it will return it to your control. I found that out. The hard way.
  17. It is true. It happens more often when you have creations with no intelligence running on auto pilot. They don't even need to be near death, a single good solid hit can cause a creation to go rogue. Killing that creation can give you some major experience.
  18. I've done the challenge area. On torment. Alone. And I wouldn't want to do it again. Servile who could shape through items. But I found out quickly that my creations didn't last long in the first area, the one with the trap and the drakon and such... They died to quickly to be useful so I just went at it alone. Build was high mental magic, high combat skills, with battle magic mostly gained through items, although the only battle spell I really used was acid shower. Weapon was the Oozing Blade, augmented with a steel spine. Also a compliment of batons of various types.
  19. All kilts are skirts, but not all skirts are kilts. And not all my kilts are tartan. Some are solid colours. You do know why it is called a kilt though, I would hope... We done kilt everybody who done called it a skirt.
  20. Originally Posted By: jlsgaladriel Tek's spectral dirk is available to rebels as a quest reward from Denna in Zephyr Oasis. edit: I checked the dlg scripts, and can't see the dirk given as a quest reward other than for Denna's quest. That doesn't mean that it's not available in a hidden room somewhere, just that there's no other instance of reward_give(84) in the scripts. Similarly the claymore isn't an outright reward anywhere: there's no reward_give(79) . I must have a problem then, because I can't find anybody named Denna in Zephyr Oasis, and I've never found the spectral dirk.
  21. So, it is time to load up on the vapiric items, thirsting gloves, etc, and work up a shoot and scoot character who specialises in batons.
  22. Originally Posted By: Thuryl Yeah, this has happened since at least Geneforge 4 and maybe earlier. It's an incredibly inefficient way to heal yourself, though. In G4, you got the message, but I never noticed any actual hit point gain for non damage spells. In G5, you can pull in some considerable hit points. I can't figure out how the game is determining how you are leaching so much life. It feels... Buggy.
  23. If you equip the Thirsting Knife, (awesome weapon for shaper types and casters, +2 creation strength, +1 dex) and other vampiric items, and then you go and cast, say, Dominate, you will drain life out of your victim even though you are not doing any damage to them. So you can get a devoted servant and (depending on the vampiric items equipped) a noticeable bit of healing. It shouldn't work, but it does.
  24. Not only are clawbugs formidable in the beginning, I've discovered that you can beat the game with them. Plated bugs are poo for this purpose though. Slarty mentioned something about clawbugs getting a bonus to combat skills. Well, I started off a game with a Shocktrooper and was puttering along, battle shaping kept going up. I would up keeping 4 clawbugs alive from the beginning, raised the stats, (cheap!) and just kept them. At game end, the bugs were doing over 200 damage a strike in physical damage. More with essence blade and blessing. I did hit a midgame hump with them
  25. The acid does full damage... But the physical damage is very, very low. Some of it is absorbed through armor values or protection or whatever is causing some of the damage to be negated. What is left is low damage rolls. The roll might be 21 damage with 12 absorbed. I've also been noticing that things haven't been getting their full action point value. I can't say for sure how many action points they are getting, but there are moments after being slammed with multiple vlish bolts that enemy monsters appear to only move what looks like 4 or 5 tics of movement and then stop before th
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