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  1. The Vlish community has not been represented. I predict many feisty tentacle slaps of pain over this outrage.
  2. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES If you could always dominate anything, I would agree. Then it would be more or less unbounded power, constrained only by (easily replenishable) essence and energy. You can't dominate everything, however. What happens when you face creations with 100% resistance to mental magic? Or for that matter, what happens when you face a Gazer with 70% resistance and you fail to dominate it twice in a row? Dominate the cannon fodder. Failing to dominate gazers really was only a problem later. In G2, you could pretty much bend anything to you
  3. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES I've said it before, and I'll say it again. DV, I have great respect for your ability to beat the game engine into submission and produce unlikely but functional builds. These are wonderful tactics. But you get swept away by your tactical creations, and you sell them with songs that distort the truth... first just a little, then a bit more, until finally you are convinced that an ingenious but suboptimal tactic is better than anything else. It's a great storytelling capability. That's what made your monograph on the battle magic agent in
  4. I agree with most of what you wrote Slarti, but it lacks fleshing out on a few finer points. G1, the agent could go places the Shaper had some trouble. Like places with poisonous atmosphere. Compared to the guardian, the agent really could do more damage to mobs. Dominating an augmented sholai was just to powerful. Essence orbs allowed mobs to be worn down faster than the guardian's one on one approach. The guardian was powerful, especially on the lower difficulties, where if you could reach it on your turn, it would die. But the guardian began to have issues on the higher difficulties b
  5. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES In Spiderweb games, mechanics are often similar or nearly identical between different games in a series. So as players of those games, we often get used to the idea that the same min-maxxed build -- or the same element of such a build -- will be effective throughout a series. However, this is not always the case, and G2 Parry is a case in point. It is certain possible to have a very, very effective Agent in G2 that does not use Parry. However, it will be just as effective -- and much easier -- to run an Agent or Guardian that relies on Par
  6. Very well then. Each point in parry destroys your ability to produce damage. Every point not spent in magical skills or intelligence takes away from your ability to blow stuff to smithereens. Dangerous things should never reach you, hence parry is un-needed. But, hey, what do I know. It isn't like I have a long history of playing Agents or writing the book on effective Agent tactics or anything.
  7. Parry is a great skill, I do not debate that. But building an Agent that relies on parry teaches you bad habits that will hurt you in later games. Receiving damage should scare the hell out of you and make your nerves all jittery. Teaches you a good and proper response to taking a hit. It is what will separate you from a mediocre player and turn you into a well played Agent. The Agent is the finesse class. I just took an Agent through G1 for nostalgia's sake. I kept trying to play like a Servile from G4 or G5 for some reason.
  8. If you are having trouble with the Agent, it isn't the character, it is you. Plain and simple. The Agent requires a certain level of deviousness and cunning, and should you lack these traits, it will be very difficult for you to advance in the game using an Agent. You must engage your brain and apply critical thinking skills, threat assessment, strategy, combined arms, tactics, and have a good working knowledge of ancillary effects, enemy resistances, and base knowledge of how the game works so you can manipulate the game, which is the Agent's prime ability in the earlier Geneforge
  9. I did something sort of similar, as I wanted to really push into the role playing aspect of the game. I created four sliths. Sort of a heroes of the horde aspect. Why keep four sliths in the army down in the castle food depot? Because people might have a hard time trusting them with the current crisis. Anyhow, I didn't want a free walk through the game. I didn't want big shiny heroes. I didn't want this to be just another run through the game on auto pilot. So... No elite warrior and no divinely touched. I figured I'd get through on cunning and spells. The first slith was fas
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