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Windows version estimate?


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Has there been a moaning and whining thread for windows users recently?


I want my Spiderweb Game fix. frown Windows versions have ALWAYS (I exaggerate knowingly) been March-releases!



While I'll cry to myself over here, watching the development for the iPad version, I would like to have a little love and information in the meantime.




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I noticed that RPG Watch is listing the release for May 30th (http://www.rpgwatch.com/show/release?release=2) and I wanted to know if they are wrongly informed regarding the release or if Spiderweb Software pushed the release back from early May to end of May?

Does anybody got inside informations they can share with us? :-)

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Originally Posted By: Angelo85
Yeah May 2nd is confirmed now through the press release from Spiderweb Software.
Damn, I can't wait until it's Monday now laugh
And on Monday I probably will go mad, waiting for the next Weekend so that I can finally start playing ;-)

yay, that means i get to play avadon on my birthday.
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Originally Posted By: Overwhelming
I think you should remove that link, or are we supposed to have access to the hintbooks?

When you buy a hint book it's not a pdf you get but a physical hint book, a little cheap, but well done and a real object.

It's public site but in many country you don't have the right to download if it's not authorized by the legal owner. In this case I don't know.

I feel it is handy for people in hurry to try it until it's not on home page. If there's a problem I don't know it, a mod will remove it if it's a real problem, but seriously it's easy to lock access to some folders on a ftp site.
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Originally Posted By: Micawber
Yay! It's officially out (link is now on sw homepage). Pity it didn't come until after the bumper crop of public holidays we've just had, but still very exciting. grin

I know. On the other hand, I had essays to do then. Now I don't. tongue
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Well I just downloaded the windows version of Avadon but the graphics wasn't displaying correctly. Luckily there was a DX version in the support pages and that worked for me. I recommend adding that permanently in the installation like Avernum 6 instead if just leaving it in the support pages where people might not bother to explore.


Anyway I am eager to try it but I have to go to work now. Zzzz.

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I downloaded and installed Avadon, and played around with it a bit last night/early this morning. The game works great thus far, but I have two minor complaints with the install file:


1) Norton treated the install file as a threat, and I had to redownload. This has already been mentioned elsewhere, so I won't elaborate; also, I've already worked around the issue.


2) The install automatically puts a shortcut on my desktop. I don't really mind this, but I'd prefer to choose if the shortcut should be created. (I've been meaning to mention this with other Spiderweb games, but I just never bothered. And yes, I know I can just delete the shortcut.)

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