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  1. Kay. Thanks for the clarify, Randomizer ... for future reference, is this where I should post stuff like this?
  2. In Avernum 2, there's a random pack of mobs that are hostile Empire soldiers (rogue mage, archers, etc.) near Patrick's Tower. There is zero dialogue above the two options of 1. Leave or 2. Attack! Upon their defeat, the dialogue option of 1.OK pops up. Mods, feel free to move this if it's not in the proper place. I wasn't sure where to post bugs, etc. on the forums. Thanks! MissSea
  3. Lame post, I know, but I found my name in Avernum! Commander Lori, in Fort Remote. It's not exactly a common name, nowadays, so it's always fun to see it in stuff. I started playing the Avernum series with the second trilogy (the dreaded A4 -- that I LOVE!!!), so I missed out on the earlier ones. Now I'm curious as to whether or not Jeff knew a Lori when he was designing, or just liked the name. BTW, thanks, Jeff, for immortalizing my name in A2!
  4. ROFL ... this is my exact party make-up, except instead of dual wielding, I'm using a polearm. Call me crazy, but too many hours playing WoW and dungeoning have warped me into believing that a sword-and-board tank, a polearm user, a hunter and a ranged caster are pretty much THE perfect raiding team. I've been handicapped a bit because of the split between mage and priest spells -- it's forced me to have my other guys pick up the slack with stuff like Arcane Lore and Cave Lore. But I'm walking through most things. Oh, and bows? My hunter regularly one- or two-shots most everything. Of note: I'm not doing Torment, at least not this run. I like to explore and enjoy first ... then comes torture.
  5. Ah, the Orb!! I remember that one from the later games! I started playing after 4, and TBH, I'm spending more time "aww"-ing over seeing iconic characters as bright-eyed, bushy-tailed newbies to the Underworld, than trying to remember where all the useful stuff was. And every time go into Mertis and see it thriving, I get so sad ... lol Many thanks for the info.
  6. There are TONS of unexposed parts of my map, and my OCD is driving me nuts over them. In particular, there's a spot beyond the Lava Dome that's just BEGGING to be explored. I remember in past games you either walked across it (ouch, ouch!) or you could level up a trait or a protection that allowed you to cleverly "navigate" the lava. Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks!
  7. Yeah, my priest level isn't high enough to buy it. Anyone have any idea when you get to buy level 1? I've searched it and the particulars aren't coming up in searches. Many thanks!
  8. So I read in a post that you can learn level 1 of Move Mountains in the Nephilim Castle in a room southwest of the Feasting Hall. The only thing I can find there is a spellbook that teaches Unshackle Mind. Anyone know where (besides Blosk) you can learn Move Mountains in the game? Many thanks! MissSea
  9. MissSea

    Steam Key

    So I figured it out ... was too excited to wait five minutes for HumbleBundle to process my payment and activation, apparently.
  10. MissSea

    Steam Key

    Wow! Spiderweb's coming up in the world! I'm used to buying the games on the Spiderweb Software Web site, and now we've got PayPal and Steam support! Woot! With that being said, I'm confused as all get out on 1) where my Steam key is in my confirmation email from PayPal and 2) how to get Steam NOT to charge me for another game, when apparently I have a key! Anyone got any ideas? I like running stuff through Steam -- it helps my friends know what I'm playing (and to get them to buy Spiderweb products!!). Many thanks, MissSea
  11. Another "yea" for the hated darkness rooms. They especially blow when you're looking for those foolish hidden switches. Grr ...
  12. Thanks for the info ... these darn hidden switches are going to be the death of me!
  13. The ominous warning that pops up after killing her has me pausing. I haven't done the Assassinate the Emperor quest yet. Does it make things worse? Thanks, MissSea
  14. Cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get out of this trap. I saw the other passage behind the Altered Giant, but I got to a bridge that started to collapse from my party's weight. Went back and entered the Cave of Summoning. Read the note (this is your last chance). What do I do? Find an old save? Thanks, MissSea
  15. Originally Posted By: MissSea Put it this way, when I explored the area around Formello, Fort Draco, Motrax's caves in A4-6, it could take me many HOURS to fully map all that area. I indicated A5 in the dash. I just feel that when you go from the larger characters in dungeons and towns to that small four person party perspective, it makes the game actually feel smaller. Just my opinion. As Slarty mentioned, I miss the overworld interactions. On that same point, I also miss going into ruined cottages and invading unsuspecting individuals' privacy. Especially when the comments as you move about the place say things like, "Go away" and "Get out!" :::chuckle:::
  16. See, I'm a player who enjoys over-leveling. I'll grind out a couple of levels just to make sure I've got enough gas in the tank to get through the bosses with a minimum of fuss. But I guess that's what the editor's for.
  17. I really liked the option of raiding slith villages (or not raiding, in my case) when I got to the Slith Lands. I guess I wanted some more level-up baddies in the Eastern Gallery to make the bat cave a little easier to take on. Storywise, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense -- most of the forts/towns can deal with the raids, barring a few dungeons. But I understand Jeff adjusted, or is adjusting, the bat cave in the update. I remember trying the demo in A3 and getting my butt handed to me when I was relatively close to the starting point. There was the aforementioned pressure of time to complicate things, but I felt I needed to grind (a lot) in order to be ready to face anything. I guess I'm feeling that need now, and there's not enough stuff to grind on.
  18. You're probably right, Slarty. But then why did all the enemies go away? When you start pining for neverending hordes of chitrachs ... And the twisty thing makes sense -- as noted in a previous post, Avernum's just been discovered, so to speak. Its walls have yet to be exposed to 100 years of clear-cutting to make room for mushroom farms. But it doesn't change the fact that even in A5, I felt like, "Wow! This place just keeps going and going!" :::shrug::: Different strokes for different folks, yes?
  19. The indoor/outdoor thing irritates me as well. I feel like when you adjust the sizing of your character from small to large, it does make the outdoor map seem smaller. Why did Jeff do that again? If it was a sentimental nod to the original game, I think it was a poor choice. Put it this way, when I explored the area around Formello, Fort Draco, Motrax's caves in A4-6, it could take me many HOURS to fully map all that area. Days, if you look at A6 and the carefulness of movement required in that area. I mapped that whole area in about an hour this afternoon in A:EftP. You can really see the difference when you enter the dungeons. And in all fairness, it does feel like there are more dungeons in this game. But perhaps that's because so many areas have been converted to dungeons.
  20. I guess I always thought this was "par for the course" when it came to running any sort of large-file application. I mean, I remember running (or at least attempting) two Adobe programs (specifically Photoshop and Illustrator) at the same time. It wasn't pretty; I normally took a break when the tower fan began making ominous wheezing sounds. Now it's the laptop or iPad for easy surfing/reference and the desktop for the heavy lifting. Good advice about the cooling mat, BTW ... MissSea
  21. Does anyone know who G261 and G262 are? In the story, it's Kyass and another woman. Those are obviously pictures of real people. MissSea
  22. I'm sure he would ... college ain't cheap, and who knows what ungodly amount they'll charge when Cordelia hits the dorms.
  23. So I did all this bass-ackward. I saw Khoth, killed Sss-Thsss, defeated Drath, met Erika, recovered and repaired Demonslayer ... THEN went and found the Orb of Thralni. Anyway, I immediately jetted over to that tantalizing looking fort across the big empty hole south of the giant lands. Went inside, disregarded the signs and stepped into the portal. Killed the first Guardian Hellhounds, looped back and killed the Hellhound Shades. Rinse, and repeat. Does this ever end? What am I missing? Thanks! MissSea
  24. I genuinely felt bad when I paid only $10 for this game (having received the aforementioned Avernum discount). Looking back, I shouldn't have said I had other games -- $20 is a STEAL for a game this involved and intense. And considering the fact that I guilted my in-laws into getting my husband a new laptop with the thinly held belief that he needs it for school and "why don't you get him a MacBook because Macs are SO much better" JUST so I could play this game now, instead of three to six months down the road, I should really be giving Jeff twice as much. In the interest of giving back ... and swinging the karma meter back my way. MissSea
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