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  1. Just wanted to vent a little. I really miss the huge outdoors from the original Exile game. I was shocked *shocked!* when I first went outdoors in this new version how close together everything is. I well remember playing the first game with a big series of maps laid out on the floor at the foot of my desk to help me find my way around - and loving the huge world and the exploration of it involved in "filling in the maps." Sigh. Little vent over now.
  2. Originally Posted By: Dreadful Realm of Dynasty Think it'd be possible to merge the west Terrestia with the East side to make one big, complete map of it? The above is the entire complete Map of Terrestia for Geneforge 5. Are you meaning adding in other maps from prior GF games? If so ... perhaps someone else will do that. I don't know if they would blend in with the current GF5 maps. Mary
  3. Edited my above post to add additional map of entire area. Mary
  4. Originally Posted By: Drakefyre There's also the two Shaper Citadel areas, the Okavano Sea Caves, Inner Gazaki-Uss, and the two challenge areas. Thanks Drakefyre! (Geeeee it's been quite a few years since I talked to you ). I added them to the Maps. Some I had been to but they didn't "light up" on my game Maps. The Shaper Citadel areas I haven't been to and don't know if I can later or not. I also added the Control Core B to the lower Map. Mary
  5. SPOILERS!!! Here ya go. Maps both as they are in the game and additional ones with the locations labeled (BEWARE - SPOILERS!!!) I think I got everything labeled correctly. Let me know if I need to correct or change anything. These guys are large - 1000 x 751 Upper Map without location names labeled: Upper Map - no labels Lower Map without location names labeled: Lower Map - no labels ============================ Upper Map - location names labeled (SPOILERS!!!) Upper Map - Locations labeled Lower Map - location names labeled (SPOILERS!!!) Lower Map - Locations labeled ========================== 04-05-09 I put the two above Maps together and here is one big map of the entire area of Terrestia - locations labeled (Spoilers!!!) Terrestia Map - Locations labeled 256KB 1000 x 1376 Mary
  6. I am playing a Warrior (which is what I have always played in GF). I think where I may have messed up is in spreading my Skill points out over too many things, esp in the Magic areas. I am very well rounded but excellent at nothing I'm afraid. However, I am too far into the game to start over so we shall see how it goes. Mary
  7. Originally Posted By: Shareware: Demos for the people! If you're getting mauled by enemies it may also be time to turn the difficulty down. —Alorael, who thinks the game mostly has a sharp difficulty jump about halfway through. It can feel like hitting a brick wall (or a stone work, as the case may be). Oh you are really going to ROFLOL at this ... I am playing on Easy mode! And OMG I can't even begin to think what playing on Normal or higher may be. I even keep rechecking my settings to make sure and am always surprised to see Easy there. LOL! Mary
  8. Originally Posted By: Master Ackrovan (Just something I'd like to add) If you are having trouble raising your stats, you may wish to invest in Artifacts. (...snip...) To see a list of the artifacts and locations of the ingredients, see the Strategy Central topic at the top of the thread list (If you're to lazy to find them ). The Last Archon Thank again for your help and suggestion! I had to chuckle to myself at your little funny of if I'm too lazy to find them. It's the searching every nook and cranny, finding things and sorting out the story that keeps me playing. The battles are WAY down my list of fun things. Thanks so much again - I appreciate so much your taking the time to answer me! Truly. Mary
  9. Thanks Archon for your reply. Good to know about the "iamweak" cut off. Ya know, I could see no experience points for kills that are a walk in the park - like one whack and they are gone. But no experience points for ones like these that take several rounds to kill off, even at my current level ... well it doesn't seem right. *shrug* I seem to be having lots more trouble with this game than I have with any of the prior games - as far as being not able to keep from getting killed. Way more reloads than I have ever had before, along with uncleared areas. Frustrating. Thanks again for your help, Mary
  10. Hello! Long time player here of all these games back to original Exile series, but I don't remember if this has happened to me before. I seem to have started not getting experience points for kills (currently Glaahk in far NE fen). Also no experience points for completing missions (Oonk one). Also, the experience points cheat (by typing) doesn't work for me anymore. Why? (Yes, I know I am a wuss - but I got tired of my a$$ getting kicked seems like everywhere I go - not fun let me tell ya!) I am at Level 45 - can I not get any more experience points? Mary
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