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  1. This was the main reason I gave up on Avadon -- too much time spent walking within cleared zones. It felt like I spent the majority of my time reading something in another window while my character moseyed to the spot I had clicked. I didn't notice it much in the original G1, and G1:M feels far better than Avadon, but it's still a noticeable annoyance. Too bad the "exitzone" cheat no longer works, so I could at least use that to save half the walking time. Queen's Wish seems to do better, with smaller towns, fewer sub-dungeons, and a quick-travel system in a continuous world map.
  2. Thanks! For some reason I thought we might chat a bit more before the stabbing and burning started.
  3. I pacified the three lands, and got a Nisse key, but all the refuges seem to be deserted, and when I went to the first, I got a message that "The Calamity has returned, and it has even affected this remote place. The Nisse have withdrawn." I can use the key to get into their private quarters, but that just makes them mad. Did I take too long and mess up my game, or have I failed to do something obvious? Thanks!
  4. That's too bad. From what I understand, the (only? main?) problem is that 10.15 refuses to run 32-bit programs. As long as the game engines are written in portable C or some other high-level language, simply recompiling in 64-bit mode would allow them to keep running. I understand why this would be way, *way* down Jeff's todo list, but it's still a shame. I can stick with 10.14 for awhile to satisfy my occasional urge to fire up Geneforge or A3, but eventually I'll get a new machine or something, and be forced to switch to 10.15. I guess at that point I'll see how much effort i
  5. Congrats! A3 was a masterpiece of open-world combat tourism, and I'm happy to pay for the remix. Is "buy[ing] the game from our own web site" the same as clicking on the humblebundle.com button? I'd rather hand my $20 directly to Spiderweb, with no middlemen taking a cut.
  6. I didn't see anything in the documentation or on the forums about this, so does anyone know how "vitality lost to wounds" works? It doesn't seem to be a big factor -- 10% or less -- but it's enough to make it impossible to create top-level turrets.
  7. Bummer -- I was hoping I had just missed a non-murderous option in the Khalida quest, since she's a helpful member of my standard party (tinkermage leader + Khalida + someone).
  8. Do you have a decent fix to the bug where your party decides to run left? Reloads fix it for a bit, but once you catch the bug, it seems permanent.
  9. Check out Strategy Central -- I think there's a discussion of a Servile build like this.
  10. I found it helped to play with a book or magazine next to the computer, giving me something to do during long walks. Avadon's larger zones are cool in some ways, but the walk times can be trying, especially when exploring a subzone like Moritz'Kri's Tower.
  11. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity This is unfortunately typical for a lot of the moral dilemmas in Jeff's games. The games just aren't sophisticated enough to handle them fully. IMHO nothing short of a tabletop RPG with a human dungeon master can deal with the creativity necessary to solve moral dilemmas. You could try to raise the Slith eggs yourself, to be your own loyal army; or you could hard-boil them all and carry them as food. I agree, by the way, that the games' simplicity can be seen as a strength. If I wanted to confront and resolve hard, realistic moral dilemmas for aw
  12. Originally Posted By: The Mystic There are no thieves in the game, except maybe you. It took me awhile to fully "get it," but I came to love the way you can steal everything in sight (including "bump-stealing" from boxes in Avernum), then store it in huge piles on the ground, and no one else will touch it. Not realistic, but definitely amusing.
  13. I just reached the Castle with a singleton on Normal (roughly following Randomizer's Torment build), and it has been fun so far. On the one hand, you're insanely over-leveled, and simply crush enemies in one-on-one combat. On the other, you have to pay more attention to positioning to deal with swarms. It's a bit like being a Geneforge agent. I imagine Grah-Hoth and his summoned army will be miserable, but I have enjoyed most fights so far, and haven't been caught in any serious stun-loops.
  14. Originally Posted By: Soul of Wit I'm guessing there are already threads on the smaller parties. Right -- there's the usual "torment singleton" thread. It's usually possible, but a grind. I admire the people who do it, but don't really understand them. I was more interested in setups that were fun or unusual for the ordinary gamer, and not just possible.
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